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Sooooo happy to be on (auditing) your next class! and now for that 50mm that's waiting for me to go get it .... Happy New Year, Karen, Josh & beautiful children.


looks like a great night with all those characters...keep em coming (the photos that is) now that you are on a roll......... 1st time EVER I took my camera out to the seaside (beach) without the CF card in it (ooops). Luckily for me it was high tide, no beach to walk on and windy so wasn't too sad. Kathy A (Australia)


Looks like a very fun time!


You really are on a roll Karen. Love it and good for you! And way to go Dad. I'm from the East Coast too and am told I have a wicked Boston accent.
Love the Family pictures. Can't wait for Erin Cobbs Clear Color cd to get better at my editing....especially after your class:) Happy Day !

Tess S

your candids are amazing. just stunning.


Yeah, Boston! East side -represent!

Hope your dad and step-mom get back to Boston safe and sound and without too much delay - 2 feet of snow arrived the day after Christmas on the South Shore of MA.

Happy New Year!

Julie in Australia

Love it when you are on a roll Karen...great candid shots. You know what...this is the kind of stuff that I've learned from photo blogs over the last few years and has made me so glad that there is always someone like me at family occasions when the camera is kept busy. Because of photo blogs like yours I/we dont feel quite so alone and 'fussy' about taking 'sooooo' many photos! We always knew it was a 'just a passion' of ours and we knew we were meant to do it...and indulged ourselves...a lot...but just quietly tolerated the comments from some family members who often mumbled things like 'oh no..not she goes with her camera'. Yeah guys...I'm here to stay....!

Happy New Year you, your gorgeous family and all your readers from all over the world, Julie in Australia wishes you all everything you dreamed of achieving in the New Year...stop wishing about it and make it happen! That is goal!


Nancy Wyatt

Loving it! And oh my gosh Annie looks sorta grown up in the photo below the one of Shelley! Love meeting your family via the photos, are they ok with you blogging their photos? I guess they are huh? I try to always ask my family/friends if I can blog them when I do which isn't very often :( Happy New Years!!


What a fantastic time you appear to be having. Keep them coming :}


Such great lighting! Looks like fun!


Hi Karen! Long time reader, first time commenter :) Just wanted to say that I'm loving your posts and glad you're back at it! Someday I'll be able to afford a good the meantime, I'm learning a lot by looking at your great shots :) Thanks!


My m-i-l says "worsh" (wash). Drives me crazy!!!!

Waterene Hole

The lighting at your home is so perfectly white light, is that in the editing or do you have special lighting for your home.

Judy Webb

Loving your Christmas photos. Your children are building Great Memories. And your Mom, Dad and step-Mom having fun. No wonder you are so nice!!


Karen I just have to say I love looking at the photos you post of you and your family! (both immediate and extended) You can totally see the love you guys have for each other and how much fun you guys have together! :)


I am glad that you got the photos edited. They are all beautiful and I am glad that you shared them with us.


That little baby bed for Annie is adorable!


I love your photos and I am so happy I am taking your class this month because my Christmas photos don't look like yours! Maybe next year.

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