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This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Yay! I got an auditing seat! I got an auditing seat! :D

Nicole Reid

LOVE that couch!!

Kristal Jones

For anyone on the auditing will not be sorry if you do it!!!


I wish I could curl up in that chair, it looks so cozy!


Taking Karen's workshop was the best photography related purchase I've ever made!

Kristi Bowman

Oh oh oh, do I wanna just Audit?!?!? My hubby bought me a new Nikon D3100 for Christmas, I hope it's a good one! Don't have it yet but I really want to learn how to take amazing photos!!! Guess I better decide fast!!


I saw on your site that you have access to the message board/ post board for a year after taking the class. So if you did the auditing class, you'd have a chance to do those assignments over the course of that year? Just checking.

Karen Russell

Sarah - Each class runs for 10 weeks and I make myself fully available to students during that 10 weeks. After the class is over, the message board stays open for 24 months so you'd continue to have access to the site during that time except I am not available to answer questions after the class ends. So yes, you could continue to work on your assignments at your own pace but again, I do not evaluate assignments for auditing students so if you wanted your work evaluated, you'd want to schedule a telephone consult with me when you were ready for it ($150 per hour.) Hope that answers your question!

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