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Karen the lighting is beautiful and that B&W is stunning - who cares about wonky lighting, it truely captures the moment. LOVE the bunting....always makes it festive. xxxx


Thanks for posting these cuz! Its really bumming me out that I live so far away and miss things like this, but I CAN'T wait to see you guys in 2 DAYS for Thanksgiving! Let the football and party commence! Love you!


I love these pictures - I would love to just have a small portion of your photography skills Karen. You are truly a great person. I really appreaciate that you are blogging again - I always start my morning at work with a cup of tea and your blog, and what a great start that is ;o)
Have a wonderfull day.

Michelle Last

what wonderful light, makes me yearn for summer. So glad you are back in blogland x


Great pictures...I love them all, but really love the last one of Ross holding up sweet!


These are stunning pictures! I'm so glad you're back! Looks like fun and that moss covered tree add a nice touch to the photos!


I'm so glad you are back! Is it wrong to miss people you don't even know? Because I did. Love the window in to your world even if it makes me sound weirdly cyber stalkerish....

Beth S.

Loved the use of the comics! We still do that :)


Wonderful photos as always.. and smiling at the Toronto Blue Jays hat on your cousin!


Karen your photos from yesterday's post and this post are amazing- the focus is so clear, have you changed the way your doing something? There is such viberancy, very nice!


I can't believe how warm it looks there as I sit here in snow and -15 degrees.


Great always looks like so much fun!! Love the banners...did you make them?


Coley is "almost" as cute as Josh Downs. Have a great holiday!

Jen Spain

It's been SO nice to read your blog again! I just have to ask, because my oldest is about the same age as Cole and also an avid reader, what books did he get, and did he like them?


Love seeing you post again. I usually don't comment (I really should) but HAD to when I saw the Toronto Blue Jays baseball cap on the big birthday boy. I live an hour from Toronto and can't believe he's sporting one. (And a vintage one at that.) So cool!


I very, very, very seldom post a comment; but we have missed you in blog land. Thank you for "catching us up". My oldest is getting to come home the Friday after Thanksgiving, and these pictures of you and your family might hold me over until our family can all get together. Thanks again!

Mary Ann

I love the b&w shot of Ross and Cole with the banners. He looks so happy!!
Thanks again for sharing Karen. I love coming here each day to see what's new :)

David Macaulay

wow - your pictures really have an ethereal quality.

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