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laura vegas

omgoodness! i always love the commentary that you have, to go along with your awesome photos! this one had me laughing more with each photo! you have such a great family :)

teresa b

hilarious!! Looks like another fun year!!!


Looks like a perfect day - you made me laugh agagin. Love seeing pictures of you Karen - you look great!

Susan Bowers

As usual you make me smile (laugh). Thrilled you are getting in front of the camera more. I, of course will not do that until I am as small as you...

sasha farina

Jesse Ray, you're HOT! tell him that Karen. ROFL.

Jennifer Camplin

Thank for lot of laughs...

Definitely fun family you have!!


That looks like so much fun.

Jill E.

wow, that ALMOST makes me want to learn more about football! :) looks like fun and i love your comments, reminds me so much of my family. and you look awesome girl, good for you!!

jill in mn


Karen, you are looking AMAZING!! I was going to ask how the triathalon training was going, but the pictures tell it all!!! GOOD WORK! :)


Your family is so great... thank you for sharing your fun with us! You look amazing, Karen!!


you look amazing Karen, keep it up on your training!

misha leigh

These both made me laugh and get a big emotional lump in my throat. They are incredibly sweet and really funny. Love your commentaries!


This post made me realize I have been reading you for a year! I remember this from last year! Great job as usual!

Suezi Gurzi

LOVE IT! What a great tradition! Hoping your chi chis are feeling better. :)


Love that group photo at the end... Good job by your step mom!

nancy in ks

Gosh I love your family. Love these pics too. I love that you played ball instead of always being behind the camera. I need permission to do that.


Just looking at the photos had me laughing so loud, at my workplace with my co-workers starring at a mad woman! LOL! Love your family, they're such a bunch of fun people! :)


Well hellooo Jesse ;)
It's okay, I'm eighteen, I'm allowed to say that...
Right? (:

Looks like SUCH a fun game! We don't even have thanksgiving where I live, let alone traditions like this.


Your hair is really pretty even when you're playing football on a wet field. I'm a little (ok a lot) jealous.


Love it!
The best part: Josh Down's shorts pulled up!

Funny Love Quotes

Great action shots of a family at play.

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