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Absolutely love all the colors in these pictures! Can't believe your camera survived that ride and tumble and soooo loving all this blogging of yours:)
Again, HaPpY BiRtHdAy to your mom!

Terry D

Love seeing your pictures again Karen! As I was reading about your camera all I kept saying was Oh @#$/@%!! So glad it survived!! Happy 60th Birthday to your Mom!!

Nicole Ellison

I laughed so hard about the hand sanitizer!!!!! omg..I would have pee'd my pants! My dish soap bottle keeps doing that to me...and squirted green right on my white shirt! I was pissed...wasn't laughing at that one, but I'm sure if someone was here they would have! Love your pictures!

erin cobb

What an amazing weekend. And, girl, your look FAB! Love what that tri training is doing for you. I'm sure you feel amazing too!


oh my gosh, i would have died to see that happen to my camera. sadly, i would have been freakin the rest of the trip. but you didn't and had a great time and still took great pics. good for you! lovely entry. lucky to have that time with your mom and sis.


One you look skinny Minnie. Two sounds like the best weekend ever. Three love love love love that you are blogging again.


glad you had a great weekend....the camera on the roof of the car....heart palpitations!

teresa b

karen you look great!! sounds like a fabulous weekend!! and i laughed at the shooting hand sanitizer! hahaha sounds like something that would happen to me!


I seriously got sick to my stomach to hear YOUR camera (the tool you do miraculous things with) had an accident. That could happen to me anytime-- and It made me feel sick to hear it happened to you. I am thankful it still works-- and YOUR amazing work will still be here to see. You did good in celebrating your mom and having fun after that happened. Thanks for sharing.

teresa b

Oh and I had the same reaction as your sister! Totally said it out loud as I was reading!


Love all the pictures and I am glad that you had a fun weekend.

Jennifer S.

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so frightened for you and your camera! I gasped out loud and I think my heart stopped! That is one AMAZING piece of machinery!!!!

David Macaulay

wow - you were lucky - judging my the shots, this looks like a great camera

Christine Edwards

What a wonderful time you had with your sister and mother...making me miss my mother (okay, my sisters too). Ah-maz-ing about the camera. I'm a bit miffed at your general email sent out about the D7000, because now it's going to be even more difficult to score one. (sigh!)

mandy friend

i cringed even knowing where that story was heading.
Your sister and you sound like me and mine.(my grmmar was just all over I know). Next time take me!! Do you know I've lived in GP since I was 12 and have never spent any time in Portland. Visiting Sellwood is on my list of things to do this year, seriously, TAKE ME!!!!!:) and the pump stuff shooting? I would have been hysterical !


Can't believe your camera made it! Amazing.

You were totally in my neighborhood! I live 4 blocks from that hotel, and Besaw's is one of my favorite breakfast places ever! I am always looking to see if you are coming to Portland for a class, but no, just Florida and cruise ships. I guess I'll just have to look for you next time I'm wandering around the neighborhood! So glad you had an amazing time. I hope my 60th (someday) is that good!


ok -
1) the camera story TOTALLY made my stomach HURT :(
2) the hand sanitizer story TOTALLY made me LAUGH! (we have a similar-ish story of being at one of the Disney waterparks in Florida and an unfortunate incident with one of my 7yo boys, a packet of ketchup, and a not-very-understanding (and DEFINITELY NOT amused!) innocent bystander!)
3) totally jealous of your fun girls weekend, what a great thing to do for your mom!
4) still giggling over your "Freudian slip" of a typo where you say that "just to clarify, you KNOW what it's like to be on a good acid trip....." hehehehee.....aah, we all KNOW what you meant, but it is a pretty dang funny slip!

so very glad to see you back online!


Amazing about your camera- scary! I just got a D700 too. I LOVE it. I actually got a D7000 and mine had soft focus issues, so the store sent it back. I am thrilled to have a full frame now instead!
Your weekend sounds wonderful- I want to plan a sisters/mom trip!


What a fun and funny trip!! I love how you guys all match! My 3 kids all match too - they don't look completely alike, but you know they go together. You are so blessed to have such a great mom and sister!! Scary about your camera - I'm glad it was ok!!

Stephanie Keeler

Some things never change! What really surprises me is that you didn't get lost! Ah, and Ruth's you!!!!!

misha leigh

a. you look gorgeous!
b. that made me nauseous with stress for you!

Kathy Aylward

OMG...reading that first bit about the camera I could not believe it actually worked after that. I'm sure that will be the last time you rest it on the car!!! (you are a quick learner aren't you). LOVED all the photos you really captured the trip and your relationship with your sister and mother. I dropped my canon AE1 (my first camera) from a seat to the floor and the shutter mechacism broke and I couldn't bear to throw that camera out for at least 5 years even though it didn't work. I'm kinda sad that I actually did through it out now after all that time. I'm so glad you could still photograph your trip and share it with us. Kathy, Brisbane


I'm so glad the camera survived! I can't imagine how ill that made you feel. I don't want to imagine it! But what a fun trip and great photos!

kelly s.

OMG! Everyone who reads this blog was afraid of the worst with that story! So glad you saw it fly off the roof, would be alot worst if you had lost it.
Quick question about the camera updates you sent- Would you buy a 60d or a rebel with some new glass, (I currently own the 30d and need an upgrade) I've thought about switching to Nikon (bc I want to be just like you ;) but I like what you wrote about staying with what you know. WOuld love your opinion on this.
Have a great weekend and hugs from Germany!

Betsy Addy

Just wondering...your white balance always looks so awesome. Are you setting a custom WB, even with these candid shots? Or are you on Auto? Or are you tweaking it PP? Just wondering, because I am trying to get better with my white balance SOOC.


Oh my gosh I got sick to my stomach when I was reading your camera on the top of the car story. So glad it was a happy ending. I'm thrilled that you, your sis and mom had a wonderful making memories weekend. This will be so good for all of your spirits. Take care...and hey next time hang the camera around your neck as you are unlocking the car!


What an awesome time it sounds like the three of you had together. :) I love the pictures and am sorry to hear about the camera but glad to know that it wasn't totally demolished and could still take pictures of your trip. Hope you get it fixed soon! Have a great weekend with your lovely family! xoxoxo


So glad you camera survived!!
LOVE love love Nikon.

You blogging again makes my just may be my very favorite photographer. Ever.
And I'm pretty sure I follow just about everyone. :)


What a wonderful story, and how FUN to have these memories...I cannot believe the camera...oh my!! Something that sounds like could happen to me. Wonderful photos, wonderful memories and 3 of the coolest "girls" ever!!


You and your camera have had some adventures! I almost starting sobbing when you said you put it on the car roof. I knew what was coming.
Sounds like you had a great time anyways!


I can't believe your camera survived that accident!!

Wow! You are really looking great with all of that training you are doing.

Thanks for the email about equipment. I am now drooling over a D7000, even though I just got a D300s back in June.

tara pollard pakosta

all 3 of you are looking FABULOUS!!!!!!
great story about your Nikon!
send that story in to them!



Ok, so I started groaning as soon as you talked about the noise on the roof. Amazing that it's ok!!

I also laughed out loud about the hand sanitizer! It's good that you're "back"! I've missed reading! :)


I'm so glad your camera's okay and I was LOL about the hand soap squirting out 15 feet (although I'm sure it wouldn't be too funny if it were ME that it landed on!). What a great weekend. I could only with for a weekend like that with my sister and Mom (my Mom passed away in 2004).

cindy b.

Love everything about this post!! ;-)


i'm glad you got your camera back. that's how i lost my first camera. :)


I think you should call Nikon and tell them the amazing story....they might want you to do a commercial! ha.

What a fun trip. You couldn't have planned that last pic any better--beautiful!!!


I love how you tell stories. Cracks me up.
I would also like to know the answer to the above question about your photography.

Jen Spain

I was almost afraid to read the camera story, but the hand sanitizer story was HILARIOUS! Hope you have a great weekend!


What a great weekend for you all. I can hardly believe your camera wasn't damaged more. It is sooo good to have you back blogging and enjoying your photography :)

Joy Anslemn

I dropped my camera once once the concrete floor of a parking garage....I just stood there with my mouth hanging open and my friend runs over, picks up the camera, and is trying to hand it to me and asking me "is it OK? is it broken?" My camera was OK, thank goodness and I'm glad yours was too! I guess they are stronger than we thought, lol.

Love the pic of your mom and sis walking to the coffee shop with all the leaves on ground!

Kristal Jones

OK...where do I start?

When I started reading about your camera, my hand came up to my mouth and I found myself saying, "Noooooooo!" & my youngest asked me what was wrong. So glad that your camera & attached lens are ok. Definitely something to be grateful for.

Love, love, love the photos and the story of you 3 celebrating your Mom's special day. The leaves are so gorgeous. I really appreciate you sharing those Fall shots. I live in Louisiana and we don't have those beautiful colors. So, so jealous of the reds, especially.

You look fabulous! You looked fab b4, but you are even more of a skinny minnie.

So loving that you are back at blogging. You've been missed. :)

Lovely Cee.

for about 10 seconds i died and went to hell.... NO WAY!!! wow... im speechless about your camera, Karen.....


OK...I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the hand sanitizer story!!! Jimmy just looked at me like I was crazy!! Glad you camera is ok...considering what could have happened!! What a fun weekend!!

Danella Perkins

simply... you are SO funny! Thanks for sharing and for the laughs...(they make tears in my eyes!) and of course... your photos! again... I SO wish we knew each other... we'd surely both be laughing SO hard all the time!


no way.
that camera story would have made me throw up.
that is terrible.
i hope everything stays ok with your camera. that is a miracle.

and look GREAT karen!


God you are a nightmare to please! but what a cool weekend :-)


OMG - first, Karen - so glad you are blogging again. Second, Karen - YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! That running thing is really paying off! Third, @Kelly S. Do not get the 60D It's not worth the money - read the reviews. If you want to stay with the crop frames and Canon, I'd go with Karen's 7D recommendation.


What a wonderful photo documentary of your special weekend!!!! Thank you for blogging again - thank you for sharing what it means to document the special people in our life with pictures! We've missed you!


...In shock over your camera..I hope you have it insured.


If you ever need a 4th wheel on another trip be sure to give me a call! It sounds heavenly - and though I'm not a morning person I do love antique shopping (and I can be won over very easily with a vanilla latte).

Happy birthday to your mom. :)

Erika Melnychuk

Great story - loved hearing all the details. AND SO GLAD YOUR cam is okay! My hubby dropped mine a while back, and the lense had the same problem: slower with focusing (I have the 55 mm 1.4). FORTUNATELY, it sped up with use, and is fine now...a self-healing lense I guess ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MOMMA!!!!!! Tell her she did a GREAT job on you ;)

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