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I can never get over how fun your family is. Great photos...emotionally perfect. :)

teresa b

Looks like a great time!! Words not needed!!!

sasha farina

what a beautiful family.. i'm in tears.

Olivia C

I am sitting here laughing at pictures of a family I don't even know. Glad my husband isn't around to make fun of me. :) What a fun family you have! Wonderful!

Heather D.

Pictures of your family make me happy! No words needed! Thanks, Karen!


Your family get-togethers always look like so much fun! Love all the people pics! I was smiling all the way to the end!


Okay Karen - it is official - I think your family has to adopt me (and the rest of my fam). Your get-togethers always seem to bee so much fun that we all want to join in. Love the talking into mouse picture again.... have a wonderful day!


That looks like a fabulous Thanksgiving! I love that long table shot!


Karen, these are great pictures as always...your family makes me smile! My two favorites are the one with Cally sitting at the table and Annie across from her and the one where you're dancing with a guy on either side...not sure if it is Josh or not! :) Your face gave me a good smile!!!


Your poor grandfather (or was it your uncle?) - he is never going to live down the talking into the mouse thing. That's one of those family stories that is going down in history, and now it will be remembered forever because you have the photos to show it. Being an only child with a SINGLE cousin, I am always amazed by these gatherings. Much joy to you throughout the rest of the holiday season!

(PS - I'm not teaching at the university this semester, so if you need that back-up editor... I'm able) :)


Now that is something to be thankful for! I can feel the love pouring out of these pictures - no words needed at all. Thanks so much for sharing your world.


Looks like quite a Thanksgiving!!

Now how did you get a table that long???

Mandy Smith

Please adopt me!!


Looks like your sweet family had a lot of fun! Happy Late Thanksgiving! And hey, sweetie - we still want to see those Greece pictures!!!


I love how all of you sit at one big table!


What a huge crowd! This makes me long for our big extended family celebrations of the past.


I love the fact that your immediate family is nice and dressy for the holiday :-)


Now, THAT'S what I call Thanksgiving!!!!!


love Love LOVE the photos. it's an amazing story of love, evident in the photos you share!

Libbi M.

i totally have to agree with Olivia's post. i too am sitting here laughing at a family i don't even know. my husband would so give me a bad time that i'm here reading about a family I don't even know other than through a blog. i'm loving the photo of your uncle with his ripped shirt. i guess santa has an idea of what to get him for christmas this year.


Looks like you got sandwiched in for a dance or something. Love the pic cause they tell the stories.


This looks too good to be a real Thanksgiving. We never have dance parties in our kitchens. :(


Your family's like my family...always laughing and cutting up. Love these!!!

p.s. are there a few new faces in the group? ha.


You don't even need words... but, can I join your family??? :)


Can I come and join your family. Y'all have the best get togethers!


Looks like a happy family having a good time together--what else would you want on a holiday? Glad you enjoyed.

Angie Ladeau

I love that you give me hope that eventually I will be able to capture the emotions of a family event. You have nailed the zaniness (sp?) of your crew in these pics. I just want to be you when I grow up (photographically speaking of course!!!). Thanks Karen!!

Gretchen C

I love the lighting in your photos~could you post a pull back to show us how you achieve such awesome-ly lit photos???


Love the pictures!! I want to be adopted also!! So much fun!:) also, where did you find the red and white stripe tights. I can't find a pair for my daughter ANYWHERE!! thanks

Tess S.

Do you use a flash for your indoor photography?

gorgeous photo's, as always. your family is so lovely.


fourth picture down from the top??? that look is ALL YOU Karen Russell ;)


You must have the most fun family ever!


You always capture your family in the most beautiful ways! I love the long table shot of Josh sitting at the head of the table....what a happy man he must be! Love Annie's new hairstyle....she looks so grown up!! Lots of dancing takes place in your kitchen! I want to party at your place!! :)


So, um, Karen, was that a DUCK fan throwing up O for real or as a joke? If so, I love him :)
ps: I don't have anything against the Beavs, I just love the Ducks more, sorry lol

Kim Stewart words needed! the love and fun speaks through the photos. I love the picture of Ross's GF (is it Cally?) sitting across from Annie. Looks like she's having a grateful moment! and the one of Josh Downs at the head of the table.... Awesome.


now that's what I call an old school Thanksgiving ! Good for you ! Nice to see everybody had so much fun. I can even imagine how everybody overcrowded the kitchen just to have fun :)

Katie Johnson

I so want to come to Thanksgiving at your house sometime! Your photos completely capture the FUN, the love, and the family vibe. SO cool!


Just to warn you: I turn 18 in three years and I am saving to buy a plane ticket to Oregon because I have to be a part of this family just once on Thanksgiving.

You only have yourselves to blame for being so darn fun!


I'm definitely hitting your house for Thanksgiving next year. There's too much fun there!


I want to come to your house for Thanksgiving next year!!!

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