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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Carol Fleming

I would LOVE to win the auditing spot!!!!!!

Annie D

I loved your Halloween pictures. They are beautiful. I hope to take your class sometime in the very near future...sticking to a budget can be such a pain :)

Brenda H

I would so love to win the auditing spot! I love the way that you
make me want to be a better photographer!

Gloria L

So happy you're 'back'. I'd love to win an auditing spot. It would more suit my needs (in terms of time). I would like to take more photos and I would like them to be much better. Can't wait to find out the winner - hee hee. Thanks for the opportunity! :)


ooh Karen I'd love love love to win an auditing spot! thank you so much for the opportunity!!


Hi Karen, I was in your last (amazing & fabulous) class as a regular student but I'd love, love, love to audit this time!!!

Helen Tilbury

I'm sitting here at my pc - it's 1.23 a.m here! Am staying up until 3a.m especially to try to register as a regular student! Hope I have the time difference correct & that I manage to make it in ;-D


Oh my goodness, I would love to win an auditing spot in your next class. How very generous! Everytime registration comes open I have some other financial commitment that prevents me from registering. I am hoping that the July class in 2011 is my time! Thanks and happy day.


That photo of Annie is so cute!
I would love to win a spot in your class!


I would love to win a spot. I am not quite ready to be a "regular" student due to time. Hopefully in the future!! Love your blog by the way!

Jennifer L

I've already taken your class but never got to finish and quite honestly I need to take it again!


Oh, how it would make my year if I won a spot in your class! I can't afford to take the class right now, so winning would be a dream come true for me! Thanks for the chance to win and it's good to see your blog popping up in my reader again! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!


Great picture of Annie! I love Bella Union, they have the best food. So glad to see you posting again. :)


I'd LOVE an opportunity at an auditing spot .. I know all of your classes are so highly coveted! :)

Megan K

Thanks for this opportunity, would love to join the class!


Thanks for the opportunity to win an auditing spot in your class!

Theresa Grdina

Love your halloween photos...I have missed your blogging. Thanks for the opportunity to win an auditing spot. Way cool.


Glad you're back to blogging! I would love the auditing spot! Pick me! Go Beavs!!!

Tonya Poitevint

I would love to win the spot....have been wanting to take a class for a long time! Thanks for the opportunity!


Oh my goodness! I would just love, love, love, love, love to see the things you have to say about photography!

Shaylee B

I would love to win an auditing spot!


I loved the kids costumes!!!! They were fabulous, especially tweedle dee and tweedle dum! Hilarious! I would love to win a spot in your class. Thanks for the opportunity!

Karen Aldrin

I would love to win an auditing spot to help me get to grips with my new Canon 7d.I would be dead chuffed if I won.

Manon Keir

Keeping everything crossed!!!!!


I am counting down the minutes till registration so I hopefully don't miss out! I would LOVE to win an auditing spot! Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

Leonie Neal-Dawson

thanks for the chance of a spot in you auditing class, would be over the moon if i won!!!


I'm glad you're posting again--miss you when you don't! I would LOVE to win a spot to audit your class:)!!

Grace Waters

I would love to win a spot! I followed a thread over from Clickin Moms and they were raving about what they learned.

Charlotte Nolen

I love your blog. I love your photography style; but also love reading about you and your beautiful family. Thank you for the chance to win a spot in your class.


I would love to win the auditing spot!


I am going to keep my fingers crossed for an early Christmas gift...winning an auditing spot in your class. Come on, Santa!!! ;)


I would love to win an auditing spot! I'd love to register for the whole shebang but I don't know if I can commit to 5 hours per week. Pick me!


Love that picture and I'd love to be chosen for that auditing spot! I'm hoping for a new camera for Christmas so this would be the perfect companion! Thanks for the chance!


I've been missing your updates...and with two kids under the age of three, the auditor spot would work perfectly for me. Crossing my fingers!


I would love to win the auditing spot. I've been on the waiting list for a long time but just can't swing the class right now. Auditing would be a dream! Hopefully this is the lucky spot. ;)

Kristi Saeger

I hope, hope, hope I get into your next class - I've been an admirer of your work for a long time and finally treated myself to a DSLR. I hear you about getting priorities in order - I'm going through that myself. That's why I'm planning on being an audit student if I can get in - I don't want to create more pressure and stress on myself by having to get my homework done each week :) Life is too short to have so much stress in an increasingly demanding world - especially when it's something you enjoy!!!

Megan O

Really excited! Thanks for the fab giveaway!


Love generous of you!
Those costumes are adorable. Perfect shots. :)


Would love to win an audit spot! It would make my YEAR! And man, is that Annie cute - all your kids are cute - but she is freakin' adorable!

brianne Sheppard

I am seriously crossing my fingers, while jumping up and down, while rubbing my belly and head at the same time. It;s not cute, but if it will help me win, it will be worth it! THANK YOU so much for the opportunity!


i need this spot! getting rusty!

heather jacobus

That would be awesome to win but right now I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I get a spot!

Debbie vds

Would love to win a spot!!! Here's hoping......


This is very generous of you. Wow!! Can't wait to register.


OMG I would love to win an auditing spot...thanks for the chance to win!!


waiting to register and would love to win the auditing spot!!!


I would love to win a spot in your class!!


I would love to win a spot. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for registration. You're teaching us all by letting us peak at your blog. Missed you, hope you got everything accomplished that you needed to get done.

Stacy Guthrie

I cannot wait to take this class!!!!!


I'd love to win an auditing spot- thanks for offering one!


I would love love love to win a spot in your class! I love your work, it's so inspiring.

Jill scripps

Toss my name in the hat! I need a kick in the rear to amp up my photography! :)


I really want to win a spot! I've been wanting to take your class, but alas the inner-city ministry budget doesnt include a photography class! :-)

I would love to take your class!

Colleen Stankiewicz

I love your photos and can't wait till mine look like yours.

Candace Lish

I would love to audit your class!


I need to win the spot so I can relearn everything from my class last year! All this moving has made me put my camera down and I feel like I have forgotten a lot of it:(

So happy you are back!

Michelle Harris

been sitting ready since 6:00 and never got a registration link to come up, sooooo bummmed. Would love an auditing spot. Wonder why I never got a registration link? I swear I didn't hit the refresh over and over :-(


Soooo excited to start your class in January!! I was the airhead who logged on at 3pm Pacific time and thought the website wasn't working! Haha! Luckily, i was able to register the second time around :) Yaaay!!


I already took the class but I would love to audit it again! Thanks for a chance to win!

rebecca keppel

I really really really want to take the class but it is not in my budget this year. I'll just keep my fingers crossed :)


Oh, I'd love to win an auditing spot as well--I've been following you for AGES!!!!


Thanks for the opportunity! Looks like I was too slow to register online.
*fingers crossed*


glad you're back to posting! I've missed your great photos...I think my fav from the halloween pics is the one of Annie's feet and ruffles from her skirt ;) too cute!


Would LOVE to win an auditing spot, since I didn't manage to type fast enough for a full registration spot. Your photos make me want to take more of my own, and your blog makes me want to blog more!!

Heather Topich

Oh, Karen... I'm so glad you are back to posting. You post the most perfect pictures. That's why I would love to win the auditing spot... to take great (I would say better, but my pics are crap, so I'm aiming high) pictures of my kids that they'll really treasure when they are older.

Loved your Halloween pics, BTW!


Thank you for the awesome giveaway! I would love to win an auditing spot.

PS - Love, love, love your Halloween pictures!

Elizabeth C,

I just took your June class, but I would love to win the audit spot to help me be motivated to focus and practice, practice, practice!

Teresa Victor

Oh how I would LOVE to win a spot! Geesch, I would gladly pay for the spot! :) Totally missed the registration tonight while getting caught up in bedtime baths, photos and routines after an extra long day at work...someday I will take this class...crossing my fingers! :)


I would so love to win an auditing spot! I have sooooooo wanted to take your photography class for years....but even with the best laid plans, have always come up a bit short on money just around registration time.........arggghh!


I'd love to audit the class!


The Halloween pictures are so fun! That neighborhood is dreamy .. perfect for 'Trick-or-Treating'.
Happy All Saints Day!

terri bonnette

any spot would be great! i hope i get one!
terri bonnette

Beth P

I would sooooo love to audit one of your classes! Your photographs AMAZE me!!!


I SO wanted to register tonight, but used wisdom and restraint with my budget. I would love to win an auditing spot!


I would love to win a spot in your class! Thank you.

Nikki M

Hi Karen...would love to win a auditing a past student and want a refresher :)


I'm so happy your back blogging again!!! I love your halloween photos the kids looked so cute!

Kathy C

I would love to win an auditing spot. I could sure you the help! I always feel so incompetent behind the camera, but I don't let that stop me. My kids will thank you if I'm picked. Thanks for the opportunity.

whitney burton

I've been so inspired and moved by everything you've shared personally and professionally on your blog. Thanks for the opportunity!

Angela Martinez

One of these days I will get in. I would love an auditing spot.


Me me me! Pick me!! I am starting online college classes in January so can't afford the photo class, but two of my friends took it this year and can't stop racing about it!! I would love this auditing spot!!


I registered to audit... but I'd love to win. :) Maybe I'll get lucky? :)
Or if I win my bff could take it and we could BOTH have a great time in your class! :)


Hi Karen,

Any plans for any more Making the Shot issues?

Take care,


Pretty pretty choose my number.
Pretty pretty my number come up.
I would really really like this spot.

Double fingered crossed and hoping...............


What a great giveaway! I would love to win an auditing spot!


A spot in the auditing class would be fabulous, thanks for the op.


Your Halloween photos are amazing!! What a fun crew you have.


i would LOVE a spot!!

Aimee Westcott

Ooh, thanks for the chance to win an audit spot! :)


Been trying and trying...thanks for the chance. Those Halloween costumes were great!

jennifer Compton

Pick me!


Oh I would love to audit a class! Money is tight, winning a spot is the only way it will happen for me!!!!


that would be a wonderful new year's gift! thanks for the chance :)

Amy N

I'd really love to fill the cold, empty auditing spot in your online class! :) Thank you for blessing one of your readers with the opportunity!


that would be a wonderful new year's gift, to be able to actually use my camera :)
thank you for the opportunity!


It would be a thrill to get to audit your class. Thank you for the "shot".


ooooh! i'd love to win a spot! so excited to see the new site/branding!

debbi g.

Wow!! Winning a spot would be a dream!! Your Halloween shots are amazing..maybe you caould just be my personal family photographer..then I know they'd be good :)
Good luck to everyone.

Ashley S.

What a generous give away!

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