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Cathy Swandal

WOW!!! I think I am going to be the first to post on your blog today...I feel like I won the lottery :) Great pics as always. I got my camera out today while my 5 yr old son was using the computer. I tried to be sneaky, but he wasn't having it. I need to go back through my folder that you handed out at your class (at Sisters in Billings, MT). I know I have forgotten more than I have remembered. Great job on your triatholon training. I started playing hockey a couple of weekends ago....well we will call it "playing hockey" but really I'm just trying to not fall and learn how to steps! :) Glad you got your blog groove back, I love reading your stories. Well I'm off to clean the kitchen and do some more laundry....I was going to say, "Off to shovel some more snow," but I'm sure the other list of things to do is much more glamorous!
Happy Thanksgiving!
:) Cathy S.


I have tons of those "we handed our camera off to someone" blurry photos. for some reason, i like those just as much! Great pictures as always!


Love the self timer photo-love the group blurry shot. I have a few of those myself-it's hard to say no even though you pretty much know what the result is going to be.

Mary Ann

Never untimely or annoying photos for me! I love seeing them all. Love the one of Annie running and Coley right behind her with the wheel barrow.

Nancy Wyatt

Love all you share and girlfriend you are looking awesome!! Meant to say that in the post you did on your trip with your mom & sis ;) hugs from conroe, tx!

tara pollard pakosta

I just posted our trick or treat ones the other day!
not too behind LOL!
love these!!!!!!


I have read your blog faithfully for probably a year and never commented.....until now. Crunchy bangs is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. I laughed so hard when I read that. Just had to let you know that I was thoroughly entertained even if the pictures were from October.


are you kidding me? - i am thrilled to see you back on the blog. when i pull up on my google reader - yours is the first one i read when i see new post! the tractor driver taking the blurred picture is hilarious. ya'll captures some fun memories. happy thanksgiving!

Judy Webb

Love the group shots, to me, they are the most important.


Love these pics - thanks for sharing! Pumpkin pics are my favorite . . . I get to display the ones we didn't carve for 3 more days. I can't believe how many Christmas decorations I already see out - I'm NOT ready:)

Manon Keir

yay, she is in blogging mode again!!! Love it :)

Ute L.

Those pics are.....brilliant! Could you send me one of those orange pair of tights to Germany ;-) My little girl loves orange! Annie looks so cute in her dress!


lovin' annie's tights!


When I look at your photos it makes me want to purge everything in my kid's wardrobes and only buy solids and coordinating clothing.


I put your advice to good use when we went to the pumpkin patch. If you can't carry it then we ain't buying it. Loving the pictures as always!


Untimely or not, you are still an inspiration!


I absolutely love the family shot taken with the timer. I tried that and came out with a blurry mess! Courtney Lee is changing before our very eyes; she is beautiful!

Joy Anslemn

Loved Annie's little dress, tights, and boots!


I love those pictures. Even the blurry one. Thanks for putting them out there even if it is almost Thanksgiving. I love pictures anytime and yours are always so much fun to look at. When I was a little girl I had braids and my Mom used to double the up like you did Courtney Lee's. Thanks for the memory.
I hope you and your wonderful tribe have a great Thanksgiving.


OMG - I laughed so hard at that last group shot! That is ALWAYS what my group shots look like! Never. fails.

Erika Melnychuk

ME TOO! Laughed at that one - same thing just happened to David and I when we were on our babymoon in San Fran. Handed the camera to someone, and the whole city is just LOVELY and in focus...can't even see us! hahahaha!


I don't care how untimely, just love looking at your photographic skills!


I had to LOL at the blurry out of focus one because that ALWAYS happens to me if I ask someone else to take a pic....even my family! Love your pictures as always!


I can't get over how grown up Annie is looking !! Such a sweet young lady ! You should be proud of your beautiful family.


I love the pictures of Courtney Lee. She is turning into a beautiful young lady!


i'm with you karen.. it just wouldn't be right without your trip to the p patch


I love, love, love Annie's tights! She has the best wardrobe. The picture of Courtney Lee with the folded braids is so beautiful! Timely or not, I love looking at pictures of your beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!!! What a blessing!


LOVE the family shot (with the self timer!) That's the bad thing about our awesome cameras... others are intimidated by them and rarely do you get a good shot from a stranger. :) Courtney is really looking like a young lady these days. And Annie.... wow. I thought it was just MY children that were growing like weeds! :)

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