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so cute:)


Love your story, love the way you are able to turn a "bad" day into a playful wonderful day - and love the way you look at your true. And as always beatiful pictures Karen.

Irina Klassen

good for you Karen. Great shots.


i'm SO glad your posting again! love josh's attitude too and as always, love the photos!!

Kristal Jones

Ain't it the truth? Things don't always go as planned and that can be extremely frustrating. But sometimes, making the best of the situation turns into a great memory. And a lesson for our kids. :)


way to see the glass as half full! Love it!


This is something I so need to work on....lately I have been going home defeated more often than not. Thanks for the these photos. The first is me fav.

Kathy (kathyb)

Great photos as always, Karen.

You missed my question on your Mum's 60th post. I was asking what books Coley is reading these days? Always on the look out for ideas as we found "wimpy Kid" and "Spiderwick" from your blog. My eldest is 9. Thanks in advance.

Kathy C.

Love it! ;)


you all are too cute! glad a bad day turned into a good day. It's a great lesson to teach the kiddos too...

teresa b

good idea!


That's plan B, sweet girl.


Love the pictures!
On our trip to California, we used your quote quite a bit. Expectations reduce joy.

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