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You have made my day. Love the costumes. I think the Queen of Hearts is my favorite. So great they agree to do a theme. Looking forward to more.

teresa b

Love it!! You all looked so cute!!


Looks like the kiddos (and big kiddos)had a fun time last night. As always, thanks for sharing.


These turned out great!!! What a beautiful neighborhood!

kim bolyard

amazing photos...that is all I have to say...


Love the Dweedledum and Dweedledee too!

I dressed up as a RANGERS's FAN!!!! ANTLERS were UP!!!!!!! GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

(I'm being obnoxious just in case Josh Downs is a Giants fan...ha)


Love the pictures Karen - looks like you all had fun last night. We also did some trick or treating here - or "knask eller knep" as we say it! How much candy can a kid eat..... ;o)

Kathy Aylward

Hi Karen I have been waiting for your stunning Halloween photos a day after Halloween in Australia although it is not as big over here as the USA but first time ever our local supermarkets had huge pumpkins in the store for carving. We have always had a few decorations but nothing major. Anyway your photos did not disappoint, they are stunning and I had to laugh about the "fighting" because afterall sometimes the whole adventure does not have it's downfalls where kids are involved. Just amazing pics, thanks for sharing (Kathy A, Australia - recent past student). xxxx

Kathy Aylward

one more question...was the "white knight" used or the 24-70 f2.8?


Dude... you're back with a vengeance. Incredible images!!! Nice to have you posting again - the whole fam looks great!


MORE than magical. I am totally in awe! Words can't express how much I love these! Good luck with registration tonight.
Would love love love a photo 2 class, and I know that there are "hundreds" of others that feel the same way!
Thanks again for the over the top cuteness Halloween photos.


these are really REALLY great shots.
like a fantasy night in a movie. :)



ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I could only wish to take photos like this. I am hoping to learn from you this upcoming January. Thank you for sharing your Halloween adventures with us. Your costumes were so original and really cute!

Courtney Gates

Your Halloween pics are so beautiful, so full of color! You inspire me :)


Lovely, lovely photos . . . you are GOOD! Thanks for sharing . . .

Tonya Poitevint

Love the storytelling effect you portray with your camera and great eye! Great pics! What lens did you use for the majority of these? Thanks in advance!


in. love. with. these.!!! And loooove the tweedledee/dum addition to the set! The mad hatter was my most favorite costume of the year! Awesome, truly, your pictures are gorgeous!! :)


Love the costumes! And as usual, great shots!


Love your halloween photo's such cute ones. I would love to win an auditors spot! Keeping my fingers crossed :)


Great costumes, looks like you had a lot of fun! Lovely pictures too! My favs were #1, 5, 13, 14 & 16!


Thank you for posting these pics. My parents have a house on one of the side streets of this street. So it takes me back (almost) to when I was younger and had many late night drives on this steet trying to get home before curfew. I miss it.

Karen Aldrin

My how they have grown over the summer.Awesome photos as ever.


seriously?! those costumes are *fabulous*! amazing, as always!


Fabulous costumes and adorable photos as always. That neighborhood is wonderful!


Your Halloween photos are so amazing! And, I know you use NO FLASH so your night time ones are so awesome Karen!

Would absolutely love for the opportunity to take your online class...thanks for the chance and for inspiring so many of us!

S Johnson

Love the Halloween costumes and photos. My kids were lame sauce this year and I didn't even bother to photograph them. Hmm, maybe I am the lame one. :) I've had "register for Karen Russell's class at 9pm" on my calendar for months. We've had a lot of unexpected expenses recently so I would be forever grateful to win a spot to audit the class. Thank you!!


Karen your pictures are amazing!!! Love the ones at night with the lights on the fence and need to do a "Making the Shot" class on your halloween pictures ( and Christmas shots!! ). The costumes are perfect!! Love them!


ahhhh...i've missed you and your photo-rich blog posts!:)and I'm mad that your camera handles high ISO's so well. and i hope you're doing great:)


these are absolutely terrific! Looks like a fun halloween for everyone!


Wicked awesome costumes and really amazing pics! Thanks for sharing these and for the opportunity to win a spot. Happy November!


oh my gosh, what a great idea!! they looks so cute!!


OMG! Awesome photos! I love them! Your kids are just adorable.


those should be in a book.....

glad you are back, you inspire me...


awesome - love what you captured! thanks for inspiring us all.


I'm going to die from cuteness!! Thats it we're flying out next Halloween - that neighborhood is beautiful!!! Outstanding pictures as always. Thanks for coming back to blog world missed you terrible!! ;) PS that Josh Downs is a hottie usual love the costumes!!


Love the pictures as always! Great theme for Halloween!


Love those costumes. Love those photos - my inspiration is back! thanks for posting!


Looks like you had a great halloween. I got myself a treat for halloween - the nifty fifty. You convinced me at Scrappy Boutique photo class. I would love to win an auditing spot in your online class. Thanks for the chance and the wonderful pictures.


Hey there Karen...just stopping by to say "hi"! Your Halloween pictures are always so magical.


Amazing pictures (as always!)! Where did you find those awesome costumes?

lesley Bryant

Hi Karen love your photo's they made me laugh, you all look so cool. I love the family shot of you all. Love your blog, I am from New Zealand it is starting to take off over here. we only had one trick or treater very quiet this year.

Carol Flowers

Amazing shots and adorable costumes!


Those pictures are just wonderful! LOVE the costumes and can't believe how Annie is growing up!


Love the costumes and great photos! Annie looks perfect w/ her new haircut as Alice!

Lori Craig

Glad you are back! Have missed your beautiful pictures!
Your Halloween costumes and pictures are amazing!


Love it when you post your photos! Great costumes and great pictures!

joanne smith

how fun! what great costumes... and of course, great photos!!

Christine Edwards

How can the cutest kids in America get any cuter?!?! They all look absolutely the Alice theme...just perfect! Your photos are perfect (I'm sure you have issues) but they tell a memorable tale of a wonderful evening. Thank you for sharing!


Amazing pictures, beautiful children, wicked great night! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the chance for a spot in your class.


Wow, the costumes are all so adorable, the kids look amazing! Loving Annie's new hair cut and the fact that you and Josh got in on the action; I think it's so great when parents dress up! (:

Julie Pilch

Loved your Halloween photos!!! We went with the Wizard of Oz theme in our house, I had a Dorothy, Good Witch Glinda and the Tin Man (even though it was a tin girl) and I was the scarecrow! Would love to know where I could possibly get the Queen of Hearts costume. My middle dd is having an Alice in Wonderland birthday party and I would love her sister to have the Queen of Hearts costume! Lovely to see you back xx


Beautiful photos Karen! My daughter and I really enjoyed your one-day class in Orlando. Hoping beyond hope to win that free auditing spot :)


Would absolutely love the opportunity to take your online class. Great Photos!


Oh my gosh, your photos are stunning as usual! And, I love all of the costumes - - super cute! Looks like everyone had a great time!

Heather Casper

Holy WOW!!!! Absolutely amazing photography, awesome costumes and wow do you feel the love in your photos. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


Absolutely stunning photos. They take my breath away, esp. the night shots. Sigh.... What I wouldn't give to have shots like that:) Thanks for sharing. Your work totally inspires me and your way with words is equally enthralling. Happy Halloween!


I love your photos! I looked at the photos of the years before and the photos of Annie as a pumpkin made me melt!


I so love your photos. Great shots. You have beautiful kids :). God bless your family

Anita Guthrie

I love all that color!! Great costumes and wonderful photos. Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us Karen. You Rock!


I know that you take amazing photos, but looking back at these and the years past...the difference is amazing....
I can't decide what it is, Nikon vs. Canon? post processing? Whatever it is, your photos are stunning!
I hope that some of it is post processing and therefore, can't wait for Erin Cobb's Clean Color DVD!

Erika Melnychuk

love the cute family theme! how fortunate that everyone was willing to cooperate :) AMAZING pictures!!!!!!

Louise Murr

WOW...your pictures are so abSOlutely amazing....And it looks like everyone had lots of fun.



Karen, Loved your Halloween shots! The Alice theme reminded me of another photographer in my area (camas wa) that did a wonderful Alice shoot. I think you'll appreciate it. Her name is Lara Blair......I'm sure if you do a search you'll find it easily.


Awesome costumes! Great pictures! We drove through your little town! Stopped at Walmart.


I love your blog. I recently got a blog award, and I wanted to share it with you. You can find it on my blog.

misha leigh

These are ADORABLE, and Annie is so grown up with that sweet haircut! Love having you back!

Earl Flournoy

Those kids are so cute! I remember my children in Ohio. They love attending Halloween parties, too! Even if they're grown-ups, they still attend Halloween events every year. Just last year, Liz and Cher imitated Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. They wore Tony of Beverly wigs.


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