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Well at least you guys got the time to carve them. We missed out this year and mine are still on my porch waiting to be dumped in the trash can. :(

joanne smith

love the updates karen! and the photo inspiration!!
i'm taking pictures and am glad to know why they've been
blurry (shooting in aperture mode!! phew!)
quick question... i know the d7000 is very hot...
and while i love my discontinued d70, i'd eventually
like to upgrade to a full-frame camera...
still a good idea? the d7000 isn't a full-frame, right?


Oh my, why do I think you will see a lot of that look in the fifth photo? :) My teenagers look like that all the time. Don't feel bad...our 40 pound (uncarved) pumpkin is still on our front porch.


I love the faces of each kids pumpkin, they completely suit their personalities.........hiliarious!! Keep those photos we missed coming....we love them. Took the plunge and ordered the 7D yesterday. Have to stay home all day waiting for the will be worth it. Miss your course. Kathy A, Brisbane

Jen Spain

Our pumpkins have gone now because it's below freezing outside and they'd be buried in snow, but I love your porch. I dream of having one like that one day...


Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. I'm inspired, as always!

Pamela Tetreault

we have two on our porch that are nasty as the day is long! I told my son last night that he needed to go to the shed and get a shovel to get them in the trashcan.

Happy Thanksgiving

blessings, Pam


They're....composting. Yeah. That's it! :) Love the pics!


Holy Moly your photos are fab! Is it the custom white balance, the post processing or both that's made them look a bit different?? Thanks for sharing. Loving reading your posts again.


laughed SUPER hard at the fact they are still on the porch ;) if i am being honest that has happened in this house more times than I would like to admit ;) Super cute photos Karen Russell....they made me smile :)

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