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with tears in my eyes I saw that you got the PERFECT picture.....

Just between God and Coley...

You must be so proud of him...

Thanks for sharing.



So wonderful to hear this story -- God Bless Coley and what an awesome time for all of you!

tammy t

Incredibly beautiful. Congrats Cole.

tammy t


This post and iphone picture brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful story.

Jen I.

That was an incredible story... and EMOTIONALLY PERFECT picture... I have tears rolling down my face. What a rare and remarkable experience for him and for all of you!


What a beautiful spirit Coley has! He's such an inspiration and I'm so proud of him! Thanks for sharing the link - the message hit home with me as well.

cindy b.

AWESOME!! I only wish my church inspired me that much. That Coley is a special little boy!!


Love him! He is such a sweet soul!


I just don't know what to say. Such a beautiful and touching story. Thanks for sharing.

carrie hicks

Thank you for sharing this AWESOME story. God bless you and your family!


I'm crying buckets here reading about can teach us alot can't they?!
Blessings and hugs to you and your family.


This story has truly touched me and I'm crying like a little baby here at work. Please congratulate him for being strong and taking charge for what he so strongly believed in. It's not easy for children to take the leap of faith. Congrats to you and your hubby for instilling such wonderful morals in him.

Donna Boucher

And the angels rejoiced :o)

God bless Coley.


You've moved me to tears as well!!! How wonderful that the spirit moved so strongly in Cole. How often I pray that my children will have a faith of their own, not just their parent's faith, that will draw them to a closer walk with God. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us!!


I seldom leave a comment; (yes, I guess that makes me "one of those lurkers"), but this was such a beautiful, real story I wanted to thank you from my heart for sharing your heart.

God bless to all---(and it's good to have you back)


God Bless Coley!


That was the coolest post and I'm so glad you shared it!


Wow. What a fabulous son you have. I, too, have joined the ranks of the teary-eyed, excited to hear what's in store for Coley (and your family!)


That's amazing!! :)


Wow, what an amazing moment in his life and yours!!!! May we always think like children!! And the photo is just amazing!!!


This is absolutely beautiful. All of it.

Nina Diane

just beautiful.....

Cori Turner

One more for Jesus!!! :)


AWESOME!! Thank you for sharing that story. It is exciting to think of all the things that a young man with a heart for God can do!

Nancy Wyatt

OK, I'm at the office in my cubicle with my eyes full of tears and my heart full of Joy for Coley!! What a blessing that god spoke to him that night and that he didn't let it slip by!! hugs from Conroe, TX!


Okay - I am not religious at all, but that story and the look on Cole's face in that picture is making me cry. He truly felt something and he took action on it instead of trying to rationalize it away. What a brave boy.


Fantastic story! Congratulations to Coley for making such a wonderful & powerful statement of faith by getting baptized. Courageous too for going up even though it was "officially over" & requesting it.

I'm so glad you're blogging again, i enjoy reading about how you & your family handle life.


What a sweet, lovely, happy, story! Coley is such a great kid, and you Karen, an awesome mom!


Happy Dance :)


What a lovely story. Congratulations Coley!


wow. this is a really awesome account (and thank goodness for the iPhone!); i'd love the know the reactions of family members. what a big decision for a little guy and i love how he just went for it. good for you, cole! congratulations. :)

kimberly minyard

i am reading this and getting chills and well it is the most amazing story. Karen i am actually going to pass it on to my sunday school teacher. WOW.


Beautiful, charming story! Pass the Puffs...

Melissa Priest

This might not be your technically perfect photo, but it is definately an emotionally perfect one! Congrats!


Your boy is growing up and making his own decisions. What a beautiful story. Obviously, Cole is ready to start his life without further delay.


This is just beautiful Karen...thank you so much for sharing. I had chills & tears reading it...the Holy Spirit called you to that church, that Saturday night for a reason...for Coley. Isn't it amazing how the Holy Spirit works in our lives. Have you read the Shack? Oh, I just love the Holy Spirit in that book!! Congratulations Coley...May God Bless you and keep you close to Him always. And Karen...the picture is perfect!!


That brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful story!


How blessed you are! I pray my heart out for my 5 yr old son to have a heart like HIS. What joy you must have knowing you are assured a place in eternity w/your babe!!!

Tammy Mellish

This I believe, is the most beautiful thing I've read on your blog. I've felt God with me today. I'm glad he is also with Coley, and with your family. Congratulations Coley. You are an amazing young boy. And that is an incredibly beautiful image!! I'm in tears!


Thanks for sharing this story with the world. An awesome step of faith in itself. I loved reading it.

I, as a 32 year old, was just baptized. I let myself believe all the enemies lies as to why I shouldn't do it. I didn't want to look silly, get wet, or appear as a "new believer" even though I've been a Christ follower all my life. Hands down it was one of the best experiences (and decisions) of my life.

Amazing what we can learn from the faith of a child....Congratulations Cole!


Oh wow! I'm in tears... thank you for blessing all of us by sharing that story, Karen. Truly. I'm feeling the Spirit moving! Praise the Lord.


You made me cry! I'm so happy for your son Cole. It's so awesome!!

Kim Tan

How strongly and differently God moves! I am choked with emotions reading your post. And praise God for Cali's iphone! Often times, the best photos in our lives aren't the perfectly taken ones. They are usually blurred, with some parts cut off, but full of emotions and memories that we hold dear to our hearts.

Julie in Australia

Oh Wow Karen...I'm not of your faith but this story really got to me...loved all of it. Got a little teary I did! And might I say....that is one of the best photos you have taken. I almost felt a bit intrusive...its such a really personal and spiritual moment...just Cole and his else in their little circle. Thankyou for sharing that moment with us Karen...

Jennifer Bergamini

Praise the Lord! What a great testimony and so proud of Coley for listening AND obeying. You are an amazing woman too, don't ever forget that!


I'm bawling! Love the picture! That's so amazing.


Absolutely amazing. God knows exactly what He's doing when He orchestrates these moments. Perfect timing and Cole listened. Love the picture. Congrats to Cole!

Anita Guthrie

Love, Love, Love that story...brought tears to my eyes. You have such an amazing family and how great is it that you found that church and Cole took that step of faith.

Erika Melnychuk

I am crying!!!! This is so beautiful - thank you for sharing something incredibly personal with us! CONGRATULATIONS Coley! Baptist is such a wonderful demonstration of your love for Jesus - I am so proud of your courage to do something very bold and genuine :)
Your Sister in Christ,


and that is why you (YOU) blog.
I love this story & how it all played out....your honesty is comforting to a faux world. Thank God for iphones ;)
~Ada in Coastal Cali


I stalk your blog all the time, but this time I must comment. This is one of the most beautiful stories you have ever shared. And that may not be a technically perfect photo, but this is definitely one of your most emotionally perfect photos I have ever see. Cherish it always!

Gena - MI

Welcome to the family, Coley! May you always have a tender heart to the things of God and listen to His voice.
Reading this brought tears to my eyes!



amy emery

So awesome. He'll always remember his 10th year. Thank you for sharing this here.

Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

Rhonda P.

I'm just sitting here reading this and such a flood of for Coley, delighted you got the shot. I'm in tears! Such a wonderful story!


Truly a wonderful story. I both laughed (at your seeking out the camera lady) and cried (tears of happiness for Cole) -- thank you for sharing!


That is the emotionally perfect picture...I am so crying right now. Wow! God is so great!


That is amazing. God bless


WOW. What an awesome moment. God Bless Coley and you're family.

Elise Liptack

I hardly ever comment...but this brought a huge smile to my face and tears in my eyes. Way to go Coley and the i-phone photo captured the moment perfectly!!!


Congrats to you & Coley! The most important decision in his life & you were there to bear witness. I was already cringing for you about the camera but I know neither of you will ever forget it.


crying happy tears for Coley. "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him."---Prepared to be amazed, Coley. Blessing on you and your family Karen, and thank you for sharing such a personal moment we us.


I'm touched and inspired. What a great story to "happen upon" the night before Thanksgiving. I use quotes, because I soooo needed to hear a story like this - I don't doubt for a moment that I was guided here. God is good. I will be joining you in Peru this coming March. I have been excited to meet you primarily because of the beautiful pictures I see on your blog, but now I am also excited to meet you because of your beautiful heart. Happy Thanksgiving!!


Awesome. May God bless Cole - and you!


Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment in your lives. I love the photo -- it's perfect with your retelling of the story.

Tammy Graves

What a great story! And so neat that he wanted to write of it later so he would never forget! So thankful he answered the Lord's call to him that night! When the Lord calls, we shouldn't glad you brought them there! You were obviously answering a call as well! Got teary reading your account of the whole thing! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with us! Blessings!


Oh my gosh! I've been working my way through your blog little by little each day. Loving your blog, by the way :). I come to this post about Coley's baptism and cried. What an awesome experience for all of you! Love, love, love the photo too!

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