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What a beautiful story! Congratulations Coley indeed - when the Spirit moves it is best to follow!

Suezi Gurzi

I have tears running down my face! Cole will forever remember his story and it was the perfect day for him! Priceless! Thanks for sharing!


That is a absolutely wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it. And congratulations to Coley for following his heart....


I remember my baptism... on Valentine's day in my final year of high school alongside my favorite cousin who was also my very best friend. My mom didn't have a camera either.

Brenda Weaver

oh my goodness, this made me cry! Congratulations, Coley for taking that step of faith and listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Kim Rosengarten

I have to say that I was extremely moved by Cole and must admit that picture is one of the most beautiful you have ever taken.

Beth S.

What a story to remember.

I looked up from my computer and read, "God not only loves you very much, but also has put his hand on you for something special." I Thess. 1:4, The Message

Praise God for making Coley the special guy he is with a special purpose just for him. Thanks for sharing. It was so uplifting and encouraging to hear!


Good for Coley in knowing what he needed to do! I think every part of this story is absolutely wonderful (my thoughts would have also been the same regarding built-in flash and wanting to wait until Dad & camera were present). And now you have your own written record

Kristi B.

Karen, that is so exciting! I got chills and tears in my eyes as I read Coley's story. How cool that God moved so strongly. This is when journaling will be enough and you will never forget the picture because the moment was so sweet.


beautiful story - and that picture speaks so loudly of his conviction. amazing!

Deanna M

What a precious story! Wow! I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing, because we all need the reminder of what it truly means to have (excited) faith like a child! Thank you!. And congratulations Coley!

Val from Down Under

I just want you to know that I'm sneakily reading your blog at work and trying my hardest to hold back my tears! Cole responded to God's prompts, he heard God's voice telling him "I want you". That's so amazing!

Congratulations Cole! Know that Jesus is right beside you all day, every day, watching over you, supporting you, taking care of you. He loves you soooo much!

Karen, you have such an amazing way about you, that you would reach out and at the first suggestion to your family of going to church, that they go, because you asked them! You have inspired me to keep asking my friends and neighbours to come to church with me because NOW is the time to introduce people to Jesus because time is running out. My own daughter hears that message and laughs it off (she's 21 years old and is not a believer - yet, but God is doing amazing things in her life. She makes excuses to come to church LOL! Thank you Jesus!)

Bless you Karen, for also listening to God's prompts to go to church and take your family with you.


SO Awesome! I remember the same thing happening to me one Sunday around his age. Glad you did get a picture and am glad you decided to post it.


Congratulations Coley! I'm so proud of you, buddy. (:

God bless you all!

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

Thanks for making me cry at work!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Coley's story gave me goosebumps. Talk about being moved by the Spirit! Praise God!

Jessica Beaulieu

I never leave a comment mostly because I know you have so many followers but this story truly did touch me and I am so thankful that you shared it. Congrats to Coley and thanks for sharing such a sweet and wonderful story.

Tracey Hespe

What a beautiful story and a wonderful experience for Coley and for you - something that you will both never forget. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Sauer

What an amazing and powerful story. That is spirituality in its purist form. Thanks for sharing!

Mary Ann

The faith children have is amazing isn't it. Oh to be more like them. Congratulations Coley, you have made so many people proud of your strong conviction.
and the picture Karen, is perfect.

W Mak

crying tears of joy. congrats Coley! the picture is perfect!


yep. made me cry!! This is so what I want for my children...for it to be their choice, not a decision we make for them. Congrats Coley

Jo E

What a moving story. Sitting here with tears streaming down my face - for all the right reasons! Thank you so much for sharing this story. It has really touched me.


I am so proud of him! What an amazing young man you've got there! :)

Jenni Carlisle

I'm bawling and appreciate {so much} that you were honest and didn't 'fluff' Coley's story...because while I learned a few things from Coley in this post, I also learned a few from his Mama.


seriously. I'm all choked up here in my classroom ...

God is at work in your family ... and this story ... well, Coley - get ready!! The adventure with God is amazing and I'm so happy you "went for it!"

Blessings to all of you ~


Wow! Love that he has a heart for God, and wants to live his life for him! I want that more than anything else for my kids.


Such a wonderful way you have of telling stories, Karen. And thank you for sharing this very special one with us. Congratulations to Cole and to you all as a family for seeking after God and sharing with others.

Carrie P

So glad Coley was (is) listening to God's voice. What great things God is doing in your family. Can't wait to hear what is next!


Praise the Lord for i-phones and that IS an emotionally perfect photo!!! What a poignant story and loved that you shared it. So many blessings!

mandy friend

karen, I am totally crying right now. i am so proud of coley, of you, of josh. i hope my aiden chooses that too. please call me one of these nights when josh is gone and you want to go. i know aiden and cole get along, bryn is the same age as courtney, and conner is annies age. i would so love to take my kids too. blessings to you, after our talk, and reading this, i know God's amazing testimony is coming to life right in your little home. love ya girl.


Very cool for Coley.
On the parent note, I brought my camera, took photos and when I got home I was going through them and accidently deleted the whole thing. Not one single photo. I was a mess. Excited that you got a shot and with an iphone. That can't be easy.

teresa b

awwhh your such a wonderful mommy karen! amazing..i'm all choked up with tears in my eyes..thank you for sharing!!

Denise~Paper Ponderings

Oh my...seriously sitting here with tears. That's just incredible and one of those stories I'll remember and ponder over and over and over. Thank you so much for sharing. Way to go, Coley!!!

Colleen Barron

Karen, I am such a fan of your blog, your pix, your family.....I just had to tell you that THIS is my favorite picture. The meaning behind it is priceless and your story about Coley's baptism moved me to tears. Thank God that Coley followed the Holy Spirit's call - we should all do so.


Congratulations Cole!!!

Cindy Welch



wow....the faith of a child! that is such an amazing story, Coley is inspiring! I too have been wanting to be baptized, and so often I let 'adult' things hold me back. I can definitely learn a lesson from Coley!

tara pollard pakosta

oh man, that's just AMAZING!!!
so proud of & HAPPY for COley!!!


Congratulations Cole! He seems like the kind of kid who does things with his whole heart!

Sally Davidson

Alright, I'm not normally one to get emotional when I read blog posts. Really. I'm not. But this one has me all choked up and I was ready to cry when I was reading it. Cole is awesome.

This just made my night. I can't imagine what it's done for you.


What a wonderful story. As a photo lover I was thankful for the iPhone photo at the end, but it wasn't even really necessary because your words painted the picture so beautifully. Congratulations, Cole.

Michelle Lanning

what a wonderful story - so poignant at this point in my life:) Way to go Coley!

Kristin Young

awesome, awesome, awesome, karen! way to go, coley...for being in tune with the Holy Spirit and his boldness. there are some things that will last an eternity that we do not "need" our cameras for. can't wait to see how God is going to use coley. hugs to you!


Amen. Beautiful story and I agree with Jenni Carlisle....I, too, learned from this story. Thank you Karen.


in tears here...thanks for sharing this beautiful story.


So glad that you shared this story! God is SO good and has a way of getting His message across whether we are listening or not. We recently made an unexpected change in the way we worship after a long time of "standard Sunday" services and it was a little scary but God is at work in our family, too! Praise the Lord and keep sharing those kind of stories.

BTW-the part about the fire was pretty funny the way you told it!


Oh, Karen, that is so awesome! And the picture is just as God wanted you to have it!


Oh Karen! I cried tears of joy throughout the reading of this story! What an amazing story he has to tell!!! God certainly spoke to him that night! I love the photo that you did get- it's very special.


What a great story Karen I LOVE IT and seriously have tears streaming at this point LOL. Congrats Coley welcome to the family with giant hugs!!!!


What a special experience for Coley and an insightful lesson for mom!
I tweeted about the amazing photos from your mother's 60th birthday, but I didn't know your Twitter handle -- do you have one? If not, just wanted you to know how much you inspired me with those pictures!!


this story made me cry and i have goosebumps from reading it! What an amazing thing God did for him...the part where you said he threw off his shirt and said 'im going mom'...i had it totally pictured in my head!! beautiful story and what a great kid!! congratulations cole!!

julie in ohio


Wow...what a post! And, it's the best picture ever.

Robin Welch

Tears of Joy for your family!

Libbi M.

that photo tells the most amazing, beautiful story. would love for you to share the name of this church. congrats cole!

Robyn :)

That is wonderful that Coley felt so moved by the Spirit. Congratulations :)


Thank you for sharing this. Last week I wrote about my faith for the first time. I was nervous to do so but it felt right. Congrats to Coley - what a way to start the next part of his journey.

Jenny Spires

Oh my gosh, I've been reading your blog for a real long time and this is my first comment. I know..lame. I'm sitting in my chair with tears pooled in my eyes at the courage and the faith that Coley had that night. What a wonderful example and reminder to all of us Coley. Thank you.


Karen, this is just beautiful! I actually have tears in my eyes reading this. So happy for Cole. I met you during your class at the scrappy boutique in talked so much about your family, I feel like I know a little about them. May God continue to Bless you all!!!


That is absolutely amazing. I am typing this with tears of joy and fulfillment.


Nothing like conviction and I am so proud that Cole did what God placed on his heart. What an amazing story. Thank you for sharing (and I would have been disappointed I didn't have my camera too)!!


Congratulations Cole and welcome to the Forever Family! :) Remember to always seek Jesus with the same vigor every day because he loves you and wants to be your rock. Thank you, Karen, for sharing this wonderful evening with us. What a special day!


What an amazing story! I have tears in my eyes! The picture is great, you can see the connection between the pastor and Coley. It's not always about the best camera, the right settings, etc. Sometimes you catch a moment and it makes the picture beautiful!


I just got chills. What an amazing story. So glad you are back! I need to be reminded of what's important and Coley's journey was right on the money.

Elizabeth C.

Absolutely beautiful. I have chill bumps after reading that. The photo is perfect. Congratulations to Coley! What a mature young man. I am amazed and a little inspired that you decide to go to church when you have a free Saturday night. What a genius thing to do. You are setting such a wonderful example for your children.


Tears for me too. It's a beautiful picture, and couldn't be more perfect. And even though I've never met your son, I'm so, so happy for him. Way to go Coley!


Wow, that's an amazing account of such an incredibly important event in his life. I LOVED reading this!


That is absolutely awesome and amazing at how God works in mysterious ways isn't it. Congratulations to Coley and all of you as you begin this new journey together. :) Big hugs and love to you and your family! xoxoxo


This is the Holy Spirit at work - it it's best form. Coley's story brought tears to my eyes. And I think the picture is perfect. Like the Holy Spirt itself, there is something mysterious about it.


I think that's why God gives us we can lead them back to Him!!!


(and I was CRACKING UP at the rest of the story....blaspheme!!!)


Wow. I have chills all over. What an amazing experience. I hope he keeps that fire burning. Mine has burnt out and been re-lit several times, and is currently on embers, but there's hope for me yet, as Coley's experience and enthusiasm stirred something in me. thank you for sharing such a personal experience.


Wow! This made me cry. How beautiful and the photo is perfect!

Robyn Clark

Made me cry Sunday night when Cali shared this with me from her perspective... made me cry again when I read what you wrote, and saw Coles exression while listening to B. I felt that same stirring as a 4th grader, I also remember laying in bed with my big sister that night, and her reading MY bible book, I so desperately wanted to fill my heart with. That is the same place Cali was baptized when she was little ~ So precious ♥ Love that little boy Cole!


Beautiful. And sometimes you can document with words and make it just as meaningful. Brought tears to my eyes.


Awesome, Awesome! What an amazing opportunity to experience with your son.


You need to preface this post for a need for kleenex....teary eyed and all goose bumpy over here! SO SWEET and exciting! Congrats have learned what it takes many of us a long time to learn.....go where God calls, when He calls!!

joanne smith

Coley, way to go!! Congratulations! And Karen, thanks for sharing this... it reminded me of our pastor's service just a few weeks ago... make the most of every opportunity...


Praise the Lord for another believer coming to Jesus!!!! I know that not only are we all smiling, so is the Lord!

amanda june

i teared up. so beautiful! so happy. praise the Lord for moving in Coley's heart :)


So amazing to see God work in a child. Even more amazing their free spirit and unconditional love for Him. Congrats to Coley and to you for being such a great mom!


AWESOME story, Congrats and God Bless, Coley!

Tami B.

That's faith! And...that's a great picture! Congratulations young man!


what a beautiful story, karen. congrats to cole. :)

Kelly Koesters

Beautiful story.


I'm so glad you're blogging again Karen :) I'll say that like we know each other even though we don't :) What an awesome story and amazing photo. You've just (unknowingly) sprouted a new phrase in our home...pulling a coley or a coley-ism. Which means, when in doubt, GO FOR IT!!!!! In certain (and many) circumstances overthinking can be our own worst enemy, you know? I'm oscillating somewhere between chills and bawling ;) (which reminds me of what was it? ah yes...labor. LOL). Thanks??? Just kidding :) So cool. Heidi in Ontario


and I'm crying! God is great and it's beautiful when he touches someone in such an amazing way!

Jen R.

So. beautiful.

Alicia Fry

Welp, congratulations Karen... my first blog cry (and blog comment.ever.) What a BLESSING!!! Way to go, Coley! Also... your cell phone picture gives me goose bumps! (The Holy Spirit might have a little something to do with that, though!)


You have an amazing young son Karen, Congratulations to Coley.
And thanks for sharing this beautiful story Karen. Have a wonderful day.


First, that picture is priceless!
Second, I'm crying like a baby...beacause I nEED that passion and rush of emotions that Coley felt.
I love how he is staring at the pastor. Ahh. Thank you for sharing that story.

Manon Keir

That is so beautiful Karen, it brought tears to my eyes. That photo is probably going to one of you favourites!!
Congrats Coley!!


thank you so much. so excited for Coley. i love how God works. much love to all of you.


Congratulations Coley!

What a beautiful post and so very moving. Thank you for sharing this.


Shewwww....I am trying to catch my breath!

God has great plans for that boy!!


beautiful..and the picture is PERFECT!


Thank you for sharing such an amazing story!! Truly inspirational and so many lessons learned. :)


What an amazing story. It reminds me of when my husband decided to get baptized before our wedding. To truly be in the moment and that close to God must feel wonderful. As always I appreciate you sharing.


What an amazing story!
So proud of you, Coley!

Mandy Smith


Lovely Cee.

one of the best story youve ever shared, karen. thank you


I love how he went all the way into his belief and never looked back, it was very admirable for a little boy, he is so determined! Congratulations Cole! As a mom i can sympathize with the agony of not carrying your camera on moments like this, but hey you got a wonderful pic!

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