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okay, my favorite is your grandpa speaking into the mouse!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! These are priceless memories!!


#1 - You look stunning in these pictures!
#2 - Your pictures made me tear up. What wonderful, beautiful memories. I love that your children get to experience the beauty of family celebrating these events and laughing together. How lucky you are...


these are great and capturing today's technology very well.


You look amazing Karen! So glad you are back!


I absolutely loved........the picture of your grandfather speaking to the mouse.
Those pictures are priceless.

Jennifer M.

Where did you get that 3 tier tray?!? I love it.

Oh...and the pictures are great too. ;)


You are very lucky! And you look fabulous.


Your family looks like so much fun! It makes me excited to see my own family for Thanksgiving.

Love your blog and your stories! You inspire me.


Your grandpa speaking into the mouse is the cutest!! And completely PRICELESS!!

Account Deleted

Such a beautiful family!


You are blessed with your family. The pictures say it all.
And your grandpa with the mouse...PRICELESS!!!!! And also your uncle imitating him as well. I LOVE IT!!


That is one very cool necklace you're wearing. Where did you get it?? :-) Hello from Raffia Sisters


This is truly honest, as I looked at those photos, I assumed it was your younger sister until I realized it was actually you! You're looking good!

Crystal F.

I LOVE the picture of your Grandpa! So adorable!


You look amazing. :) I love your pictures, as always.

jodi lansink

THE PICTURE OF YOUR GRANDPA IS PRICELESS!!!!! Seriously, I love it!!! I love how my grandparents refer to ANYTHING that has to do with a computer....."the e-mail"!!!!!! Those little things make me smile, and I LOVE how you captured that to have forever!!!!!! Awwwwwwww!


You look amazing Karen, so nice to see some pictures of you as well. Love the picture of your grandpa speaking into the mouse - that made my day LOL. Lots of fun ;o)

Leonie- Australia

Oh goodness I laughed so hard when I saw your Grandad talking into the mouse, that is so funny. Thanks for sharing.


I just love how close your family is! They sure look like a fun bunch!


These are so great! You look great! You definitely are slimmer (not that you were heavy before!) and you look so happy here. And Grandpa with a mouse? PRICELESS!

joanne smith

priceless, no doubt!!
how fun! thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Camplin

FUN family!!

Hey pictures are beautiful!! even you mentioned bad light..
Love it with snapshots!!

Love last one!!

teresa b

PRICELESS!!! Technology is awesome!!


I love how much your family shows each other. your last post about Coley had my eyes filled with tears. Beautiful. Xoxo


Your pictures are amazing! I'm so hoping to get to take your class in 2011. Your stories are usually amazing, too. I've loved "getting to know" your family thru this blog and have "missed them." Ross reminds me of one of my favorite nephews and am hoping he is having a great college experience.


One thing that always strikes me when you post your family photos is how clear it is that you deeply love one another. That is such a blessing! You always look like you're having so much fun with one another. May that never change! (Ps- love your shirt!)

Nicole Ellison

Love the last picture! Love that your grandfather was talking into the mouse. that made me laugh! You have the best sense of humor!


You are so cute!


Such great stories (esp. Grandpa with the mouse), but what I really want to know is what are you going to do with that coconut? I've never seen anyone have an actual coconut before and was just curious.


LOVE Grandpa talking into the mouse!! soooo funny!! You look so good! Not that you didn't before but I can definitely see a difference! Keep up the great work!

Louise Murr

Karen, you are so beautiful! You definately should use that self timer and get in the pictures more. And your grandpa, now that is just so sweet and priceless. Bless his heart. Don't you just love those grandpas...So fun to read your blog again. Your family is very blessed to have each other.

Take care.



Talking into the mouse.......still giggling. Thank you.

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