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It always makes me feel so much better when the clutter is out of my life. I can breathe and think better when my external life is in order...thinking of you and hoping all of the unnecessary extras are easily discarded. hugs

Jamie V

Amen... I'm so with you on this, I'm totally looking for simplicity in my life right now! Let's do-this-thing!!

Tiff M

Aaaah, feels good to just let it go, right? Glad to see your back, i think i checked in every day you were gone to see if today was the day. Sounds like an amazing trip, tell us all the gory details. and WELCOME BACK. you've been missed.

Sasha Farina

you're inspiring me to 'throw stuff out' ;)


look to for support in simplifying.
I love it.



hey sweetie!!! why don't you come on down to SF area and clean out MY garage!! you seem like you're getting pretty good at that type o'thing!! wink!! so good to see/read you again!! glad you had a good time in Greece and made it back safe!! smooch!!


Did that myself a few years ago - FELT SO GOOD! Happy you are making this move for yourself! You've given to others SO much, time to take a little for yourself and be totally OK with it!

Cindy Welch

you go girl!!!!!


Hooray for you. Meet you next week when you are lighter.


Take your time! Have the garage sale on Sunday, Oct. 24th, because that's when we will be driving thru!

desiree chandler

awwww. I would LOVE to see the stuff that you are putting into your garage sale... I wish I didn't live so far away.. :(


I for one am just glad you're back! I (we've) missed you!


I am all for decluttering. We are moving (again) from northern KY to SC and our home is going to be smaller. I am going to sell things on Craigslist and online. It makes me feel so good to get rid of stuff and have everything organized. You will feel better too.

Can't wait to see the photos of Greece.


Good luck on the decluttering. I've been inspired to do more of that myself lately. I can't wait to see your pictures of Greece! Welcome back!


Hi Karen, it must be in the air because I have been doing the same. I think the clutter really gets us mommy's in a funk. I had a garage sale and I got rid of tons of stuff. I'm embarrased to say I still have a bunch more to go through but it's mostly Christmas decorations I want to purge. I'm also having a scrapbook garage sale in Dec to declutter that part of my life as well. You can see a picture on my blog. Good luck on your to do list. Can't wait to have you back on a regular basis in blog world. No pressure ok.


Have fun, but glad to see you back. I love your posts! But taking time for yourself and your LIFE is SO important.

teresa b

Oh man I wish I could drive up to Oregon to come to your yard sale!!! Even though I hate yard sales!! hahaha I wish you well Karen Russell and love seeing your post!!

Carmen King

When you find some simpicity...why don't you pack a box and send it to Arizona for me, oh, and some Autumn too. I can't seem to find either of those ANYWHERE here!


You will be so amazed by the feeling when you are done. A friend followed this advice, then I did. Total purge of everything I did not need. I did not even have the time or patience to have a yard sale, so I donated it all to a shelter, local school or anyone who wanted it. Once my mind was made up, I needed it out of sight. I am now only a collector of things very important to me and things that do not clutter my life. Good luck Karen. Missed you terribly. Kiddos look great. Missed them so much too.


awesome - good luck! way to put your plan into action. look forward to your return to blogging and post on Greece pics! you have been missed


Oh I did miss those cute little faces! They sure are day brighteners and my little girl will be so happy to see Annie's pics again. I'm on a declutter kick too! Our town won't let us have garage sales, but it's gotta go. Good luck!

Ellen Patton

I wish I lived near your garage sale!

Mary Ann

Good luck with the garage sale, sure wish I was closer!


That's funny! I just blogged bike pictures yesterday AND my mom and I just finished putting in a whole new closet system for me. Not sure if you've ever been to my blog, but I'm on a quest for simplicity & organization also.

I'm reading a GREAT book on declutterjng right now. It's really motivating me and giving me great ideas!!!

Tammy Mellish

When Chloe started school 5 weeks ago, I thought about all the wonderful things I would do with ALL of my time. It is after all, the first time I have been home in 11 years without a child during the day! (I still do work from home as a Developmental Home Provider, but she has an agenda of her own, and is often times my mojo!). Anyway, I deviated from that 'dream' a bit. For so long I've just been skimming the surface of all that has needed to be done here and now I've a real opportunity to 'get it done'. So I am. I'm catching up on all that 'not so fun stuff'. And it's actually proved to be rewarding.

Kathy (kathyb)

Lovely to have you back blogging Karen :) I too am decluttering - it started with a major bedroom re-organisation and has continued. I haven't finished yet and am so looking forward to the clear head that decluttering brings.

Shelly VanWormer

I am going through the same thing. Realizing that things are just bringing me down. Some may recognize this...

Something That Undermines Family Fun


Something That Undermines Financial Freedom

Karen (kphike)

Love it! I've been purging like crazy and simplifying too! ....and planning less than 29 hrs of tasks in a 24 hr day and guess what....I'm getting more done and smiling :) Good luck with the garage sale...wish I could come snag a KR vintage piece :)

♥ Debbie

Wish you lived closer so I could rummage through your treasures!! I am the Queen of Clutter......inherited that pack-rat gene from my Grandmother! This year I chose the word simplify and have done a very poor job implementing it! Good luck with the Garage Sale!

Susan Byrd

I am on a similar journey trying to simplify life. I spent this last weekend with a long to do list. I was able to get 90% of it done between Friday night and late Saturday afternoon. It felt so good. Some of the things I had been wanting to do for years.


I too feel better when I declutter. When life feels out of control, I either clean a closet or paint a room so that some where in my life I have total control. And the process helps me think through what is out of control and in the end I feel better. I hope this process also helps you in your journey to finding simplicity. :~)

Gena - MI

When you're all done, would you care to help me? ;)


So glad you're back, Karen! Thanks for the motivation to simplify!


Have missed you! Enjoy your time, and your cleaning/decluttering/simplifying!


I'm just glad to surf over and find something other than 23 things...ha.

Jamie K

You WILL find it! I was laid off at the beginning of the summer. I spent July and August playing with the kids. Since they've gone back to school I have spent every day cleaning, organizing, decluttering and donating. I found bottoms of closets, freed up shelf space, and created a much easier home for all of us. It is wonderful. Everything with a place, everything in its place. Now when I do get back to work I'll have a clean and organized home to keep me sane. I wish you the best of luck and have fun with it! :)


AMEN SISTER!!! It feels so good to declutter & organize. I have a big cut out sign above my frig that says...SIMPLIFY. I see it every time i walk into our kitchen. Good Luck with your garage sale!! I'll be scrapbooking friday and saturday at a retreat...woohoo!! Nice to see you back!

Kim Bolyard


was excited to hear you will be teaching at of my good friends, Naomi, is taking the class...I wish I could but still not in the day I will....I promise you that....I may stop by to say hello if I can make it up there...Have fun

Kim Bolyard

Robyn Clark

Did it last week and week end...... ahhhhh feels so good, and $2000.00 richer! Still got the bug in me and want to clean out more! :)

mandy friend

I'll be there with bells on...Cali Rae already called and told Robyn I must:)


I am SO proud. Loved getting to hang out with you again. Don't forget about my wish for you :).

Phyllis R.

Welcome back! (From Greece and to blogging!) If I didn't have two weddings to shoot this weekend, I would so drive four plus hours to your garage sale:) Good luck decluttering! It is amazing how weightless you begin to feel when you let your stuff go. No regrets as your things go to new homes, 'kay?

Erika Melnychuk

take your time, Karen - we'll be here waiting for you :)

Kathy (kathyb)

Hi Karen,
I am decluttering too.
Can I ask what you do with your childrens birthday cards? Do you keep them all or create something with them?
I'm looking for inspiration and I know I can't keep them all.
Many thanks.


Hope your yard sale is a hit.. Sure it will be.. Just wanted to let you know about this book I found a year ago and totally helped me weed through crap and get rid of junk and helped me stay on track... it is called
"It's all too much" it by Peter Walsh.. It is awesome...


Just cleaned the kitchen cupboards I walk back in the kitchen and admire them!! lol!!!

Enjoy your ride!


So glad you are back and simplifying! I so need to do that. I wish I were close enough for your yard sale, I know you have fantastic stuff.
I just got home from a trip to Idaho, was so thrilled to find some scrapstuff of yours I didn't have....
Greece? WOW! so fun and well deserved. and no I don't feel sorry for you at all. You have it together!


I bet there were treasures in that storage unit of yours... so glad I missed the post before hand or I might have had to jump on a plane or train to Oregon.

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