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I love you even if you don't blog. I do miss you though. You sound like you're doing well and I am glad:)

teresa b

I second that


Oh I get so excited when I see you in my reader! We are starting the lovely age of 4 today. I'm sure it can't get any worse than 3 though so we're looking up! lol

mandy friend

Hey!! Did you end up having any extra scrapping stuff????I'm kicking myself for not getting more! If you do, I'll buy it from you:)


I am so happy you are blogging again, i love your work and your family is lovely. My little girl, Kylie, just turned 5 in the summer and ive gotta say it just gets easier and better and she is still as charming as can be. :)

Carrie P

so glad that things are better, missed you when you were gone.


i am totally on a clean out the house kick! although my love of a good estate sale does get in the way of that :) i have a four year old too and it truly is a beautiful age! glad you are well! susan


thank you for making an effort to blogging. i miss your posts mucho much!

lia b

Love your posts and miss when you are gone.
Sounds like you had a great yard sale!


Wow! You must have sold small children to get that much from a garage sale!


so wish I had a camera that was worthy of a trip to Whim's. Love that store, and you! The restaurant next door to Whim's is da best! can't remember the name if it, but it's right next door on the corner.

Kathy Aylward

Fantastic news on the garage does make you feel good decluttering and ending up with some cold hard cash in the process. Well done!!!

I was on a blog the other day of a girl that did the classes in Greece and there were some nice pic's of you, Ali and Jenny on there...ooohhh I loved those 2 islands.

Victoria Hassink

You sound like you are in a good place! Keep going with the Tri training, I just did mine yesterday and it feels so amazing when you cross that finish line.

Stay strong,

ellen patton

Congrats on the successful garage sale! :) I've been doing a bit of organizing myself tonight.

Mary Ann

miss you when you are gone. happy to hear all is well, and i LOVE that sweet pic of Yannie. (does she still call herself Yannie??)

Ashley S.

So glad to see a post from you. No pressure, but your posts are wonderful. Thank you for sharing pieces of your life with us.

cindy b.

HOly crap?! $2000 at a garage sale?? GO KAREN!!! I agree with a previous pressure but I sure do love reading your blog posts. ;-)


That is one fantastic garage sale! I can't imagine how many pictures you took in Greece, can't wait to see them!


It okay if you don't blog. I will miss you, but it's not necessary. Your photo workshop is another story. Very necessary! Thanks for blogging.

Libbi M.

love this precious sleeping beauty photo.

Tammy Mellish

XO, Karen!!


WOW! I've been to Whim So Doodel in 2008 when my husband and I were on our honeymoon in Florida! I can't believe that you will be there, in a place I have been to once. You cannot imagine how very much I'd love to attend your workshop...... BIG sigh. It's such a fine place, The Doodle. Have fun!!!
Love from Germany! Anne


Love the shot of your 4 yr old sleeping doll. I agree there is nothing better that staring at an angel like this!


love that picture. sleeping kids are the sweetest.


i wish i could have gone to your garage sale...i would have gladly contributed to the $'re a celebrity!


Wow, that is a great garage sale haul! So glad to see your posts show up in Google Reader... no pressure though! :)


I SO wish I could have shopped at your garage sale!! I thought about training for a triath as are you training? Following any guidelines or just getting out there and doing it! Good luck to you! Praying all is wonderful in your world! :)


Hi Karen! Love reading your blog posts. We just got back from our trip that started in Mykonos with your course. I am so thankful for meeting you and for all of the great instruction. My pictures from the trip are so much better than they would have been.



I seond four is a great year! Enjoying my own little princess and wishing I would pull out the camera much more. Great to see you blogging again:)


Hey these "pop ins" are great!!! Are we going to see Josh up in Seattle this weekend for the UW vs OSU game? He will have to find our tailgate in Husky territory, we will certainly be a good host but give him a bunch of "crap" for being a Beaver!
Glad that things are going good. Hope all your family drama is settling down and to your liking.
Take care!

K de ron

yes I did it I signed up for Sunday cannot wait to meet you in person loved your online class I am so READY see you Sunday

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