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Kim Bolyard

I cant do the class...but I am going to try and get to Whimsodoodle to say friend Naomi is in the class...I know it will be great



Oh, you won't even be home when I stalk you as we drive through on Sunday or Monday!


Oh, if you get a chance...go to the beach there! Gorgeous white sand and blue water!!!


Glad you've been having a great time with your sister this week. I had to tell you though - one of my sister's name is Christy Lea and we have ALWAYS called her LEA LEA! LOL xoxoxo


Wow...there is no doubt you guys are sisters, you look very similar. My Sissy is 4 hours away and I miss her but I get to at least drive on weekends to go see her. Glad you got to spend time with her.


Maybe you have done this before, but I think it would be awesome for you to do a 1 day work shop in Seattle and you can visit that wonderful sister you have :)

On another note, I think I have only ever commented on your blog once but I read it all the time and I think your photography is great!


Enjoy your sister...they are a gift from God!

naomi chokr

ahhhhh! See you at whimsodoodle! im so excited to take your class! i thought i would never ever get to do that.


Your daughter has changed so much! I love her dress...I admired it at Target all summer...I never met a polka dot I didn't like! :)


Your photos are beautiful as always.


And I love the both of you! Cant wait for Thanksgiving!


wow annie's hair has got soooooooooooooo long! she looks so cute!!


How lucky for everyone about to take the class. Just one question...when are you coming back to MONTANA my photos so need "Karen ROUND TWO" Glad to see you back at the blogging...we've missed you!!!! (hope your spare time found some scrapping!)


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