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Have a great time in Florida. You teach a great class and I know that they will learn a lot.


Computers... who knew they had great timing just like cars. Have a very productive trip. You're a mom to four I'm sure you have the art of winging it down to a science.

Sasha Farina

bring on the blogging spree!! hope your computer will be back before you know it!

Kate Brockmeyer

Oh good... I need you to have a blogging spree! I LOVE your blog! I admire the way you capture your kiddos, your use of lighting in fact I check my reader for your blog first. There is something about the way you write that makes me feel like you're my neighbor and I love it! Thanks for opening your window for all of reader to jump in! Enjoy Florida I am insanely jealous!

Nancy Wyatt

Have fun! Saw their post on you on their site, such a cute place!! Love the photo, they are so cute together!


Have a great time.My Hubby maybe be booking us a trip to Florida today from the UK.I am dreading my computer failing,hasn't happened yet.
I started making a scrapbbok of all the images I took for my workshop assignments.They look awesome,so thanks.


Man I miss you!

Weird I know...but you are an amazing human being! You make me proud of one person has ever done that for me!

HUGS have fun girl!!

Valerie (no I'm not dead)

Naomi Chokr

Wooooohooo! Just so happy you are coming to FL! Im excited to meet you tomorrow!


Sunny skies and girls and giggles await.....dang computer problems. Hope you enjoy the weekend..and what a darling photo of Cali and Ross. Safe travels!

Cindy Welch

Have Fun, I thought these things did not happen to MAC's Oh Well have a super duper time!!!

Tammy Mellish

Safe travels, Happy trip! I found so much humor in you *snaking* a photo from Cali's computer to post.. make me laugh out loud! Super cute!! XO!


Am I the only one who thinks Ross looks like Josh? Safe travels!


What an awful way to kick off your Florida weekend! Sounds like you have things under control, though - have a safe and wonderful time, and I can't wait for the blogging bug to return :)


You will love the girls at Whims.....I wish I could have been there. Next time?


Karen, thank you so much for a fantastic class today! My poor brain hurts, but I'm ready to give my camera a serious workout. So much new information, but so inspiring.

I'm considering crashing the class in Orlando tomorrow. Kidding, kidding.

Kate (the one in the back row with the toddler that crashed the last 5 minutes of class.)

Brooke - in Oregon

I hope your flights to and from Florida are smooth and fast :) It was really wonderful to run into you the other day. Silly as it sounds I have missed seeing you :) Hope to see you in the Spring (if not sooner) so we can help you get some life in the yard!!

Carrie P

Love the photo, hope they are doing great, and this weekend went smoother than the start.

Corry Whitteker

I second, or maybe third....bring on the blogging spree!!! Gosh, I miss your posts. Feel like you are my highly productive creative friend that keeps me on track, striving for more! Enjoy your time in Florida. Look forward to your posts when you return. Glad to hear Cali and Ross are still together (i'm assuming, since you are using her computer :) She appears in your photos as a girl with a kind heart and beautiful soul.


Great photo, you must be passing the photo gene along!!! Hey I was wondering where can we buy your digital photo overlay designs these days?


Thanks for traveling all the way down here to the sunshine state. Your class was beyond awesome.

Phyllis R.

Whoo hoo! Spree to your hearts content:)


Chill out girl....***it happens! We "heart" you and anyone who has followed your blog, know that you go to the moon and back to deliver. It's all good!

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