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Annie's hair is really long! What exactly is she mixing up? And love your sink you area a lucky girl!


Welcome back, hope you recover quickly. I have wanted a sink like that for a long long time, maybe someday.
Glad you're back to blogging, we were missed.
I'll keep dreaming about the sink....


Such a cute photo..I am sure your kiddos were very happy to have you return. Glad you are feeling better, take care! Thanks for the info about the hard drive...I had no idea! Enjoy the crazy weekend!

Mrs. Dunbar

Glad you're feeling better.

I had to do a double take on the shot of Annie, I thought she was standing in the dishwasher at first glance. Cheers.


You know what else corrupts it? Carrying your laptop around in your bag while it's sleeping. I figured shutting the lid was good enough... nope.I got the big, fat "Told you so!" from my husband. Now I listen :)

Tammy Mellish

I would have taken one look at that sink and counter top and scooped up that house as well! Wishing I'd also scooped at that dress this summer at Target.. the one your darling daughter is wearing! We got the the little brown floral one instead ;-)

Glad you're back and feeling better, 'puter, too! Will be 'there' Monday night. Hope to make the class! Finally feel like it's time. My guy and I just celebrated our lucky 13 and we nearly escaped unemployed (he got a call for a new job the morning of our anniversary; It's nights.. long nights, so it's the perfect time for me to take a class. Now I cross my fingers. And if not this time, another time will be perfect too :)


Sooo glad you are back, and blogging again - you have been missed ;o) and I bet your kids are happy to have you back as well.
Ă€nni lookes so cute as always - her hair is getting really long now.
Have a great halloween weekend (looking forward to seeing your pictures).


So sorry that you got sick on your trip --- but really glad that you came to Fla. I was in your Orlando class and wanted to tell you that the light bulb came on with your explainations and instructions. Thank ou for the best photo class ever!


So glad that you are back and feeling better. I have missed you. We are in the middle of another big move (from Florida to northern KY, to then SC in less that 9 months) I have not been online much the last few weeks but I have made sure to check your blog to see when you were coming back. This made my day to see you again:)

Lisa Bosch

Wow! Good computer tips girls! Thanks for the heads-up!


Why is it that we have to learn the hard way??? Love the pic of Annie I remember when my kids used to do that. They loved "washing" dishes!!

Tina G.

Good info to know...I've been shutting my external hard drive off without ejecting it...I think I'll change that habit!!! Thanks for sharing that tip!!

Kristal Jones

Thanks for the tip & glad you're back. When I am running myself ragged like that, I start taking Airborne & drinking more water. Seems to help.


Even not feeling well, you take a great photo! I can't even do that on my best days. Hope you're feeling better day by day.


Please post Halloween pics! Hope it's a good one-we are all still here!

Helen Tilbury

This is filling me with dread & you mean that switching your EHD on & off & not clicking "safe to remove hardware" was the problem? If so I'm in trouble as I've been doing that for 2 years with mine because it is permanently plugged in so I checked with my hubs & he said it wasn't necessary to do that! Oooops....please clarify so I can sleep soundly again ;-(


Yes, please. More clarification, por favor. I unplug my external from time to time--more, now that I have a laptop and not a desktop. What do I need to do first? How do I save my sanity? Everything is on that hard drive and corrupting it would mean I would have nothing left to live for.


holy crap, nobody has ever told me that. nice. which was corrupted, your external or your 'c' drive/regular computer. I have been having problems for the better part of the year- bet I know the problem now....

Tonya Poitevint

Thanks for the tips! I adore this's priceless!

K de ron

sorry to hear you came back sick but I am so thankful you did it for us here in Florida had the best time and learned so much from you.
Love you tons
Kathy de Ron Florida


Good to know about ejecting, I have done the same thing you did a few times. I won't do it any more.

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