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Welcome back...I'm sure it was an amazing trip!


We've missed you too!
It seems likes such a wonderful time, and I hope this doesn't sound creepy but you look so beautiful in that picture! (:


Hurrah! Good to see you


Karen - good to see you again. I'm thrilled I didn't see your TP roll. Can't tell you how dissapointing it was to see that everytime I looked for you.


Nothing like the sunshine and a cocktail to put a girl at ease. So glad you fed your blog.


You look amazing in your photo!! Such a happy photo, & btw, Im not saying you dont look amazing in your other pics, LOL!! Looking forward to hearing about Greece!!


WOW....2 weeks in words for that. so glad your back safe and sound and that you had fun!!

Jenni Hufford

KAREN! Welcome home! I had SO Much fun with you in Greece!!! xoxo


Glad to see you back!!! I know you had a wonderful trip...Missed you...I didn't realize how I wait for your has become a regular part of my day...

Marilyn T

SO happy to see you are home, had a great vacation, and are blogging again. I have missed your blog and beautiful photos so much!


So glad that you are back! You look wonderful.

Tammy Mellish

You look absolutely fantastic! I have missed you and your posts sooooo much! Glad you are okay, and living life welL!! XO!

beth p

Soooo glad you're back!! Glad you enjoyed that amazing trip!!!!


I have been reading your blog for several years. I found it by accident, but found it so interesting that I kept coming back. Everyone needs breathing room from time-to-time, so take the time you need.

Barb Putt

So glad your back. Have missed your posts!

Lisa Bosch

I've missed you too!!! Glad you're back!!! Can't wait to see the pics from Greece!


welcome home. i have missed you. glad you are feeling happy!!


We've missed you too Karen! You guys look so happy in that photo..and you look stunning!


So happy you're back!


Happy to hear that you're feeling refreshed rather than defeated. xx

Terri Paulson-Sasaki

I can't think of anyone who deserves the break more, okay maybe me, but I am so glad you had a great time. I can't believe that Josh Downs would miss the beginning of football season, giggle.


That is my favorite picture of you EVER Karen! You look AMAZING. Greece is good for you:-) Sooooooo glad to hear from you.

Kathy C.

yeah! Glad you are back! Glad that Josh Downs went with....Greece for 2 weeks, awesome, but there is no place like home! ;)

Kelly Jo

glad to see you back!
I definitely don't feel sorry for you since you were in Greece- good for you!!

Sasha Farina

i have missed you! and look at what you have done now.. you make me come out from lurkdom! lol.

Amy Mason

Glad you are home safe and sound. Greece was so much fun!!! I am so glad I got to go and take your class and spend time with you! I have been home for a week and the jet lag is JUST now going away. Thanks for helping to make a fabulous trip even better!


So glad to see you on your blog again. Really enjoyed spending time with you on Mykonos - you are one in a million. And delighted to hear that you are refreshed.


What a darling photo. You look so tan and the two of you look like you are on your honeymoon. You've been missed and I am excited that your time was wonderful. Hope your jet lag recovery is smooth!


Glad to see you posting again! I knew about the Cocoa Daisy trip (sigh! SO wanted to go!) and I knew you'd love Greece (and I bet Greece loved you right back!) There is something magic about the water, the air, and the light there, isn't there? Pics please! lol!


So glad to hear that all is well. You were greatly missed but surely deserved that wonderful trip. I hope we'll see more pictures from Greece.

teresa b

Good to see your smiling faces!! You both look amazing! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!! and hope your recharge keeps you going when the clouds set it!! Miss you!!


I've missed your blog. So happy to see you looking radiant!!! Must have been an awesome trip:)!

Kim Bolyard

Greece is the photo...

Kim Bolyard


Welcome home; you have been greatly missed.

Cindy Welch

This picture says it all. Love it. Loved the time with you in Greece. It jumped started me as well. Enjoy your sunday, as my blog stated I was up at 3 am Ugh.

Alicia Sharp

So glad you and Josh got a vaca! You deserve it! I was hoping to take your class in Fla. but not going to be able to! Hope to see you somewhere else soon tho! Glad you are back, I hav missed your blogging!

Heather Casper

Oh yeah!!! So glad to see you back with a short and sweet update!!! I bet Greece was absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to see some more photos. Look forward to you getting back to your regular blogging self ... miss you tons!!!


Karen, I am so glad you are coming back to blogging soon, I have missed you!


Yay!! You're back! I missed my daily dose!


And I've missed you :-). You two look gorgeous! I'm glad that he got to join you in Greece what a wonderful time of refreshing that must have been.

Mary Ann

missed you, glad your back!

Karen Aldrin

Welcome back.We all missed you.x


great to see you back! can't wait to see pics. Greece is so colorful

k. chock

I've missed you as well! So glad you are back and feeling better!


Woo hoo! What a great surprise to see a new post. You look so peaceful and happy. Yea!


I'm glad you had a great time. So, did you work with Ali Edwards? The two of you are great inspiration to me creatively! You have been missed :)


Karen, you two look adorable! you have been missed... alot!


I dont' care what time you blog, I'm just glad you did! Made my morning! You guys look great in that picture! Glad your trip was wonderful! Missed ya!

Deanna M

Yay! So glad you're back to blogging! Looks like y'all had a fabulous time!
Welcome back! :D :D :D Missed you too!


you look amazing! welcome back on all fronts. :)


Welcome back! I hope you had a fabulous time. I've missed your blog!


WooHoo. Got giddy when I didn't see the Toilet Paper when the page loaded! Glad you got refreshed, even if it was in Greece. ;)


Welcome back girlie! Mojitos are one of my favs too! This is a great picture of you and Josh Downs and how wonderful to spend 2 weeks in Greece - someplace I've always wanted to visit. Can't wait to see the pictures from your trip. Now go kiss those babies and get some sleep! :o) xoxoxo


So glad you had a great time in Greece! You look fabulous. And as you can see we are patiently waiting for your blogging return!


It looks as if you got a refersher. So happy to hear from you (and Josh Downs)


Sausage, least you look like a "model" from the waist up!!! ha. Can't wait to get back to reading what's been going on with you and your family!!! YOu've surely been missed!!! :)


Yea!! You're back!!


You guys look great! Missed you, so happy you're back!

Irina Klassen

Great pic of you and Josh Downs:) Glad you are hopeful and refreshed.


That's an awesome glad you had a such a great time. Happy to hear that you're feeling refreshed & hopeful!! Welcome home!


Glad you're back and that Greece was wonderful!

Anita Guthrie

I feel so blessed to have spent a week with you in Greece. I can't tell you how much I learned in your 2 day class!! My new camera has never been on auto and never will be!!! I am sooo excited about all I learned and I have been taking pics every day since I returned. I am so glad that being in Greece has left you feeling renewed and glad that you and Mr. Downs had such a wonderful time and made it home safely. God Bless You!
Anita G.


So happy your got the chance to explore Greece I have heard it's lovely. We have all missed you too!

Diane W.

Glad to hear you had a great time in Greece and that you're feeling refreshed. Welcome back to So. OR!


You look so amazing in the photo posted. I hope you can keep that glow for a while and continue to stay in that peaceful moment. Keep well. Miss the kiddies too!


Glad you made it home safe, I'm still pinching myself that I was in Greece two weeks ago taking a class from you!


your energy radiates in this picture....glad you are coming back...

lesley Bryant

Hi karen ,I have missed reading your blog, wow two whole weeks in Greece you lucky gal. glad you are back.


Have been missing you also. Glad to hear you had a great time.

Manon Keir

Missed you too!! Good to see you are refreshed and got to spend 2 weeks in gorgeous Greece!!
Looking forward to your writing :)


welcome back!

Rhonda P.

missed you too!! you look awesome and so "refreshed" in this shot. Great pic of the two of you.

Corie in Indy

Missed you, too, Karen! Sounds like two weeks in Greece was just what you needed! :o)


Oh how we have missed you too! Glad you are feeling and looking fine can't wait to see more refreshed photo's. Welcome back!!!

Jamie K

Miss you too!

♥ Debbie

Welcome back!! You're looking radiant!!

Misty Willis

I know that I have never commented...I have just silently read over the last year or so...and admired your photography from afar. I just figured it was time I popped in and said hi...and it is good to know you are well! And what a FABULOUSLY lucky girl you are...2 weeks in Greece!


Welcome back Karen! Can't wait to see pictures from your trip!

Jen Spain

Good to see you -- you look gorgeous!

Cindy Johnston

Welcome home! LOVE the photo! You look so happy and *FAB* in your swimsuit too! :

Wendy Molnar

And we missed you! I am so glad you had a terrific time in Greece. Wish I was there too. You look beautiful and so happy in the photo....


I was worried so glad to see your lovely smile again. Hope the kids are good too:)


welcome back, karen!!! i have missed reading about you and your family. looking forward to seeing your greece photos!

Lisa V.

So glad to see you back, Karen. I've missed you and your sense of humor. Glad you were able to get away and can't wait to read all about it.


Hi Karen - it was so nice to spend time with you in Greece - you rock girl! Hope you had a wonderful time with Josh Downs after we left Mykonos. Greece was good!

Julie Pilch

What a gorgeous picture, so glad you are feeling refreshed!


I'm so jealous! Though.....I've spent a total of 7 weeks in Greece on 3 trips and would go back in an instant. Swimsuit? Too funny but fully understand. At least now its not quite like the 80's where any 'respectable' person on a beach in Santorini wore NO swimsuit! So pleased the time away did the trick to get you feeling refreshed and hopeful - now you know the 'medicine' required when life gets a little too much.

Young Nanny

Hey, we have missed you so much! So glad you're feeling refreshed - you look relaxed and well. Hope to see you soon - in blogland of course!

Donna W

Have missed you too and can't wait for you to get back to regular blogging! Greece is spectacular - am glad you loved it!

Sharon Peters

Welcome back, Karen. I, too, have missed your blog! Glad you had such a lovely time and you look so well too. Great to have you back!


Glad to hear that you had a wonderful vacation! So glad you popped back in here for an update...

Marilyn Johnson

Glad you got a much needed vacation! Good to have you back!


Thrilled to have you home again. :)

Gena - MI

Welcome back! Glad you had a wonderful time!

Julie in Australia

Karen...thats brilliant. I hope you both had an amazing and truly memorable time together...hope we get to see just a couple of the touristy shots...just a few...just enough to make us all drool all over our keyboards a little!
Smiling for you...glad you had a bit of an escape...especially in such a romantic spot.
Good to have you back...hugs from Oz


So glad you are back! I have missed you!


Missing you too! I love that picture of you two. So glad you had a wonderful trip and can't wait to hear more!


Karen you look amazing and I hope that is just a reflection of then way your heart is feeling now. :) I saw your new post and it was like the Hallelujah chorus started singing! SHE'S BACK and there's her smiling!!! "HALLELUJAH!" An even better treat to give us an update with such a great picture. I know there's so much for you to catch us up on (like how you ended up in Greece) so we'll be here waiting on you. Thanks for the update and the picture.


You look fantastic!

Dianne K. Nelson

I am glad you are refreshed, hopeful and tired. My SIL just moved to Grants Pass. I referred her to your blog for things to do in the area. Thanks for being you!

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