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Shauna M

things will figure themselves out eventually.. even if its not the way you wanted them to, or as quickly as you would like.. Also going thru some re-arrangments of 'life' here and not exactly enjoying it.. but trying to see the 'bigger picture'.. and hoping that I'm making the right decisions getting there..
it was good of you to send a quick post.. its odd when I pop on here (and I do almost everyday) and I don't see anything written from you..
take care xoxo


Oh Karen, I missed you so! Hugs to you and the fam! And WooHoo to you for training! That's awesome!


24. I love you. tons and tons. and I'm super glad we are friends.


Your blog was the first blog I followed...I've missed your updates, glad to hear from you. Take care, God is always good, even if situations and life aren't...I've learned that lesson the hard way...Take care, stay in prayer.


Sending prayers up for you ... stay strong! And thanks for the update. :)

Ingrid from the Netherlands

Thank God, you're still alive. I've missed you and your stories about Annie, Coley and the rest of your darling family.
Well, take your time to deal with things, but please, will you be back here now and then to give us a sign of life? Thank you!


Hugs to you...and glad you and your husband are close and have eachother during hard times. And tell him that RLS is NOT make believe...I used to just think maybe I was dreaming about playing soccer...but I am glad it was a real 'condition' because I really sucked at soccer. Now Requip is my best friend! :)

Maggie H.

For the RLS you should have your iron checked. Try drinking Tonic Water, the quinine in it is supposed to help. My father swears by it. Good luck.

teresa b

Wishing you well..<3


You're soooo funny! I'm convinced I have restless leg syndrome husband (who is a surgeon by profession) also laughs at me & calls it "jimmy legs"! Hope you make your way through whatever it is your dealing with!!!!!!


Woot woot on the tri! Do you have one you're targeting?

gina harpur

I missed your blogs too! Wow, very cool that you are training for a triathlon. You'll love it (mainly after you've crossed the finish line...the last 30 minutes suck!). Which one are you going for? You've got all your fans wishing the very best for all that you're going thru right now & always!!


Nice to see you again and here about some of the happenings of your life....and I think I have RLS too but my husband thinks it is make believe too!!!! Hope all is well...good luck with the training!

Amy N

Glad to know you're doing ok and wanted you to know I'm praying for you! God will be with you every step of the way through everything! :)


love the toilet paper thing! my husband and i act crazy like that too.


I've missed you but totally understand that some things are too personal to share. I will pray for you guys though.


xoxoxo don't know you but love you for writing about this. I am guessing the world is a little off balance right now. I am going through alot also and just thought wow what is going on. Hang in there honey...


Hang in there. Hope the personal family stuff works out for you. I too enjoy reading your blog and the funny family stories.


Glad to see you post. No sympathy just prayers for you and your family for whatever it is you are going through. Miss your posts so much!
Keep up the training-a triathalon is a great goal. I am just running right now-5K here I come! Take care Karen-you are missed!


Sorry you're dealing with family issues, but I think this is God's way of making us stronger. Hang in there, and just remember, He is ultimately in control.

And, thanks for sharing that you are training for a triathlon. Congratulations! I'm just trying to lose weight, but I can also attest that I haven't lost any weight. And, I seriously doubt I'm gaining muscle! :D Hopefully, this will all pay off in a few months...for both of us!

I'm glad to see you posted! Hang in there! Everything will work out!!


Missed you!
Just a comment or two...
LOVE your #1 and #2.
Sorry about your #3 - sending good wishes your way.
#4 and #5 - okay.
#6 and #6 - thank goodness for God.
#8 - not me, but I'm also out $30...
#9 - Wish I lived in Florida.
#10 - don't be nervous, we're all friends here!
#11 - YAY!
#12 - oh my, and
#13 - uh, yeah.
#14 - #18 - I start yoga next week and I have to tell everyone (including you and the thousands of strangers reading your blog comments) because if I don't, I'll bail...
#19 - #21 - OMG, and you DON'T have some rare deformity that you've passed on to your daughter! I know that and I'm not even your MD...
#22 - it's not
and #23 - we'll be here waiting, when you're ready to blog again...


I've missed your blogging and was so glad to see a little something from you today!

I'm sorry for whatever it is that you are facing and dealing with right now. I hope things will resolve soon.

Congratulations on the training! I need to find some motivation to just get moving more. I wonder now if having a specific goal (aside from lose the rolls) would help. Hmmm...

Hang in there!


nice to see you back Karen...even if it's just briefly. Congrats on the training thing..better woman than me! I think I have RLS too....I put a bar of soap under my sheet and it went away. So I know that sounds dumb but I read it in a pharmacy column. My husband thinks it is all in my head too but hey, the soap worked

Irina Klassen

Glad to hear from you again. Also really glad you've been growing closer to God. I wish I could say the same.

Shari Kimmey

Thanks for your post today, Karen. It's so great to hear from you. Please know there are many of us thinking of you from your past classes (and beyond). Hope you can feel the love and support.


#22 - I get RLS when I'm pregnant. I'm currently on pregnancy #3 and it gets worse each time. Thankfully, it goes away. But my mom has it and I'm hoping it doesn't eventually come back full-time. My husband calls it dead-leg although I'm not really sure why. ;) To anyone who hasn't experienced it, it is so hard to explain. It's unbelievably annoying and disruptive and it sucks.

jennifer Compton

I love you. I hope that's not weird. I swear we'd be BFFs if we actually knew each other. But you already have one so maybe we could just be besties. Or one-drink-and-we're-drunk friends. Or we could be I-really-need-to-get-out-more buddies. Or God-is-so-good sisters. Or we could just have a toilet paper war. I'd like that.


I hope everything is ok Karen. Sending prayers for things to get better soon. Thanks for sharing this with us.


My heart hurts for you. We are all here on this planet to learn our own lessons and I hope whatever you're experiencing will lead you to knowledge and wisdom somewhere down the line. Remember to be kind to yourself. You know how much you love your kids? That's how much He loves YOU. Hang in there, and know that you have shared so much of you and your family with us--you are entitled to every personal moment in privacy. Sending you a ton of love and gratitude for your grace...xoxo...

Paige Rodriguez

I just laughed so hard my eyes filled up w/ tears at those last few on the list. Especially the fact that you seriously choked on SPINACH AUGRATIN!! I do know the feeling b/c I choked on cornbread in a Black Eyed Pea once and it was an out of body HUMILIATING experience. I seriously eat cornbread slower than a bird would now. I've been checking (and hoping) for a new post, and this was just what I needed today! I'll say a prayer for you, and just know that you're so missed out here in blogworld! :)

Ellen Patton

Just today I went to your blog to see if I had missed anything. Your blog is one of my faves (I heart blogs that keep it real). Take care. :)

meg duerksen

i wonder if everyone who has narrow esaphogus disease has RLS also.
i think i have both of those too!


DUDE. RLS is TOTALLY real and it sucks. Miss you but love you and will always be here when you return to blog land. Until then I'll keep things tidy without you. : )


Oh, Karen I was soooo excited when I just opened my reader and saw you here!! So glad that you are in so much love with your husband, and glad that the kids are all happy in school. I totally understand and respect you not being ready for blogging just yet...and also your personal family stuff. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers, friend. Oh, and I've always said I have RLS too - - I can relate to ya. Also, thanks for encouraging Erin on here tutorial video! Can't wait to buy it. Can't wait to see you back here! Take it easy! ;)


OMG - I have restless legs syndrome, I get stuff stuck in my throat all the time, and I quit every exercise regime I begin as well (but you can DO IT!)... Loving the sharing of your thoughts. All the best. Take care.


I was so happy to see your post on my blog feed. WOO HOO! Congrats on the training....I don't have the exercise gene in my body:( I had to laugh about the muscle thing. My rolls laugh at that answer too!

Have a great weekend.

TerriB in Oregon

Way to go on the triathlon training. Very brave of you. I am pretty sure I am not brave enough to do that! I do miss you, but have told myself to "Buck -Up"!. This is my latest mantra to most everyone. I will pray for you and your family to have strength and conviction for your personal issues. Poor Coley! He will love the scar when he is older, will make him look "tough"! Restless leg syndrome is real, and pretty crappy. Hopefully you are able to get some sleep. Hey try the soap under the pillow, what could it hurt?? And last but not least, don't get sucked into the "hindsite" part of parenting. I think parenting is about making the best decision at the time with the knowledge you have at that time. There will always be "should've dones", but don't listen to them. You and your hubby are great parents, you love your children, you accept your children, and you respect your children, what more could a child want? Take care.


RLS is horrible. I had it for years until I had an emergency blood transfusion and had to have a course of iron pills. That combined with giving up being vegetarian after 17 years and eating more red meat has completely cured it. I'm convinced it's caused by an iron deficiency! Looking forward to your return to blogging and sending lots of good wishes your way!


I too, have restless legs (or feet, I guess) so tell that cute hubby of yours that it's not all in your head. Good job on the running/training - you have more motivation than me! And for whatever you have to say...just say it, perhaps it will help getting it off your chest. ((HUGS))

Susan Bowers

So so missed your posts; I've enjoyed your humor immensely (not to mention your photography). I know the feeling about starting exercise regimans and quieting. The only time I was faithful was in the Air Force and I was swimming like crazy (lost alot of weight swimming after my twins were born!!!)

I understand if you're not ready to begin blogging again. Just know that I'll be reading it when you do.


As you know, I totally missed my K-Russell fix! Still keeping you in my prayers. best, Stephanie C

Cathy B.

So glad to see you back, even if you're not ready to blog again. Believe in the power of preayer - it surely got me, and still is, through some rough times. Hope all will be well with the family - life has a way of working things out - someitmes just not the way we want it to. Keep up the silliness with Josh - it helps to get through the rough patches.

Shannon Riggs

I have been reading your blog since the beginning and I was missing it. I hope everything is alright.

Good luck with the triathlon training-that is awesome!!


You've had lots of comments about possible RLS remedies, but I haven't seen anyone mention calcium. That's what works for me...milk or Tums. And while I am 100% sure you can do anything you set your mind to, you know none of us will think badly of you if this isn't the time. But you can do it! Go Karen go!! :)

Laura O'Donnell

Ugh! I remember when my dad (my parents are both nurses) did the heimlick on me when I was about 13 or 14. I was eating a super cheesy cheese stick in a packed restaurant. I pulled the thing outta my mouth like a magician pulling scarves out of his sleeve. Then I just sat there frozen. That's when my dad jumped up and started swinging me around in my chair. I was fine. I really just needed a moment, but after that I NEVER wanted to go to that restaurant again. A decade later I became a CPR and heimlick instructor. Ironic!


love that textured. If furniture could talk.....

Good to see you post even this lil bit. Was beginning to think you'd won the Lotto and skipped town...

Life is bumpy sometimes. Sometimes it's bliss. I'm praying that God leads you to the Blissful side soon. Prayers for whatever you've got going on....

Victoria Hassink

I miss your sense of humor and so happy to "hear from you" but will keep you in our thoughts to keep you strong.
I too am training for a triathlon, and have decided to hide the scale in my daughter's closet and just stick with how my clothes much less stressful that way. Good luck to you, it does help take the edge off some days!

You have an awesome partner...he's a keeper!

Take care.

Carrie P

Have missed you also. Isn't God to see us through. Keep depending on Him!
Will be praying that things get worked out.


No sympathy. :) Just letting you know how grateful I am for the way you've touched my life--helping me realize that documenting the everyday is important. I also have RLS. Have your hubby sit in an ant pile and then let him tell you it's made up. ;)

Kathy Aylward

Glad that your hubby can make you feel like a child throwing rolls of toilet paper....gotta love that!!! I'm sure you and your family will get through the tough times and don't worry about us (blog readers) even though we miss you your family is way more important than anything so focus on yourself and your family until you are read to blog again (even though we all miss you). When you said you had to be brave to write it down.........for a moment there I though OMG she is PREGNANT........... but then you said you were wanting to do the trialthon....phew...(for you hey). Just take one day at a time re your problems and also your training. Regards Kathy (australia) recent student.


So glad to "see" you again! I've missed my Karen "fix" everyday. Will be waiting patiently until you are ready to come back! Oh, #13 - boy do I know about that one! I recently saw a quote that said - "Eve did not eat the apple because God was a bad parent" That is important to keep in mind I think (at least for me).

Great job on the exercise! I'm a habitual quitter too so I'll be cheering you on!


I have the same choking problem. I've had 2 surgerys to stretch my esophagus! However you spell it!! Do you have heartburn alot??? my was due to the acid coming back up making my esophagus enflamed thus being smaller...last surgery was 10 years ago. Have had no problem since!!

Good luck with it... I was so frustrated with it!


Even Though we are strangers I totally love you and have so missed you. Hang in there on the stressy family stuff. This too shall pass


On the choking, yea, there is nothing like it. Nothing like driving down the road after a normal Sunday church service chewing on a piece of tomato pie and all of a sudden not being able to breath. Nothing like your husband having to pull over onto the side of the road and tell you to get out of the car so he could do the Heimlick Maneuver. Nothing like feeling like you're gonna die at any second all because of a stupid piece of bread. And there is nothing like the gratefulness you feel to that person who just saved your life. So glad your daughter is okay.

Karen (kphike)

You still rock, good luck with the training (I think about it sometimes LOL), sounds like you're handling life with all the usually grace and goofiness required, hang in there - this too shall pass, hugs :)


Karen, I have missed you! OMG-- I thought you were going to slip and say you were pregnant. Instead you are training for a triathlon. Whew! You GO girl!! If it is any comfort at all-- we ALL make mistakes (with parenting) and somehow our kids grow up and become adults. My parents didn't give me a magical manual on good parenting... we just stumbled through it together. You are not alone on any of these 23 things.... :)

Jodi R

Good to hear from you. Stay well and take care of yourself. We'll be here when you are ready to be back blogging. As for the RLS...I suffered from it during both my pregnancies and every once in awhile it comes back. It is so hard to deal with and I have finally convinced my husband that it is real. If you figure out a "cure" please pass it along. Wishing you love, support and strength.


Nice to see you back Karen! Congrats on the goal setting!

I am almost 49 and just ran my 16th half-marathon since starting
them in 2003. I'm running a full marathon in 6 weeks. I also cycle
long distance and do du-athlons, mainly because I'm not a
great swimmer and really hate to suck at the swimming part!

Keep it up girl, you can do it! I don't know how I made it
through the first 38 years oflife sane before I discovered running!

It's especially good during those stressful times in life we all
experience! Keeps us off the meds!!

Jennifer Bergamini

Just know we love ya! Seek the Lord through all of whatever it is you're going through. HE will make your path straight. Oh...and I'll be praying for you as always.


Thanks for the quick hello to let us all know you are doing well. I know it's so selfish of us, but we miss you and what you bring to our lives so I'm glad that you are taking time for you... although selfishly I love your blog. :) God is good and will always be. It's amazing the strength we can find in him if we let ourselves see it. I'm overjoyed at that connection you've got with Him.. the healer and the ultimate Daddy!

Jennifer W

So good to hear from you again. Take care of yourself and your family.


glad to see you popped in. RLS is not fake--try pressure socks. they make all the difference for me.

Will be thinking of/praying for you while you deal with family stuff and train for the triathalon. (wish I had the courage to try to train for a triathalon too!)

Tell Josh that the Broncos are coming soon. (and we plan to win. tee hee)

Jennifer Camplin

Wish everything well with you and your family..

We all have gone good bad times... Hang in there...

HUGS!!! Thank for posting today.

Manon Keir

Made me smile to see you post again!!!Take care lovely and we'll see you when you are ready!xxx

Julie McD

Missed you! Love you! Feel like we're living the same life at times...not training for triathalon, but a 5K. So not a runner and having a hard time adding the distance to my running (instead of walking all the time), but loving how I feel when I run. And, oh, no weight loss here either - that's depressing-these sausage legs could seriously use a drop in inches/pounds! lol Be strong - stay happy - thanks for posting!

Marilyn Johnson

So happy to see you back. I was really missing your blog.
I understand, life is always changing for all of us, isn't it? Hang in there. I have struggles too, with a blended family, including a stubborn 17 year old daughter, 15 year old son just starting to test some independence, and a new 3 month old!


Have missed your blogging. Prayers for you and to be training for a triatholon as a distraction. Glad your hubby can still have fun!


Being praying for you and your family. I'm so happy He is right by your side.

nancy in ks

Dear Josh Downs: #22 Is definitely a 100% genuinely true, no buts about it, honest to God reality. I'm pretty sure it mostly affects very creative and intelligent, hard-working people. That's my rationale anyway for the spastic legs.

Jessica Woodford

Ummm....I've choked due to something lodged in my throat. Paramedics called....the whole nine yards. That was 6th grade. 2 years ago, after YEARS of telling doctors I FELT something in my throat & couldn't swallow vitamins because they got stuck in my throat, a large mass was found on my thyroid. It also caused stomach problems (acid reflux so bad it wasn't funny). My ENTIRE thyroid is gone due to massed on both sides & I feel SO much better.

Anyway, I didn't want to alarm you, but found it interesting that I too had similar "issues".

PS: my masses were NOT cancerous. :)

Rhonda P.

awesome to see you sort of back.
my little secret...i bought a treadmill 2 weeks ago. My fat rolls are still there, too.

Ashley S.

So glad to see your post. I'm sorry you're going through a rough time. I'm glad you're growing closer to God though. Hang in there.

Btw, I have no idea how you kept up with blogging like you did before - so many pictures to edit and upload. You're amazing! You need a break!


Keep laughing and throwing toilet paper at your will help until the tough times pass.

Kudos for the can do it!

We've been through a broken arm and a broken leg this summer and two very depressed baseball/football/swimmers. Here's happy thoughts for your wee ones.

Take care


Sandy Brown

So good to hear from you, but wishing all the bad stuff weren't happening, but soooo glad you have that wonderful man in your life. Congrats on the training -- that is truly awesome! Keeping you and youre in my heart and in my prayers.


Low iron causes restless leg syndrome. Make sure your iron is at a good level :)


Karen, I have been waiting and hoping you would post an entry. Sending positive thoughts your way and I hope that one day you'll be up to sharing your stories, in writing and in photos, with us again.


We have all missed you. I totally understand that sometimes life throws us curve balls. Glad to hear that you are finding help from God. It is amazing what faith and prayer can do. Exercise is wonderful to help deal with stress. That really will help you. Take care! Hope things are better soon. Lori

Diane W.

So glad to see you back and sorry to hear you're going through some rough times. HUGS.

Amy G

Thanks for the update! We're here when you're ready to come back but take all the time you need! Ugh- I have RLS too and it's totally annoying. My sleep doc checks my iron levels (specifically the ferratin levels) frequently. I take HemaPlex and extra B vitamins for this and it usually helps the legs except when my stress is high. All the best, Karen! Keep up the good work with the working out.

Tammy Mellish

KR, I actually wish I had a web cam because I WOULD take a picture of my stupid self.. smile soooo wide it's seriously touching each ear. Can it be, really? Okay, not preparing self for a TRIATHLON, but TWO week ago.. I started RUNNING. The last time I did THAT was in 1988. I was a sophmore in highschool, and you had a choice to run with the *in* kids in gym class or sit on the side with the *others*. I ran. I wasn't fast, but I could run forever. My gym teacher was actually the track coach. He noticed, and he tried, but I was NOT going there. And you know.. I had forgot that.. until recently. A little more than a year ago, my cousin went from an overweight, alcoholic, couch potato.. to a fit and sober, marathon runner. And LOVING LIFE. Nobody ever told him to change, he just 'woke' up one day realizing that he was not the person he wanted to be, and today.. running and making a difference. I picked up a book.. No Need For Speed.. the *nicest* book I've read.

Tammy Mellish

BTW, I'm not losing any weight either.. I gained weight over the summer.. but I'm having *cycle* issues :(

Having said that.. I think I'll buy a new bike seat and helmet.. ;-)

Kim P

I've run two half marathons and I gained weight while training for them. That's just not right. I know it's not just muscle because really, when have you ever seen muscle-y love handles or extra tummy "muscles"? It's frustrating but at least I can say I'm healthy and feeling fit! That's what counts. Really. I've missed you and your awesome blog posts but you're human and REAL and that's what I like about you. Good luck with the family issues and I hope everything works out for the best. Take Care!

Tammy Mellish

3 other things that come to my mind..

I'm SOOOOO proud of you. I can't even say that without my eyes welling up with tears.

Today, I bought 6 rolls of toilet paper, seperately. Cheap. At a local warehouse. And the second I saw that photo, I smiled.

And then I thought of my own toenails. Yipes. You think your are bad? NO!

No more posts from me. Sorry. Withdrawls!!! :D

Young Nanny

Missed you heaps Karen. Know that God will always be there for you. Always. Hugs xxx PS Good luck with the triathlon!


I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with heavy stuff :( But I'm happy to see a post from you. You have such a wit about you that just makes me smile and being such an amazing photographer certainly makes me smile too. Take Care and I hope things don't get any heavier for you.

Bernadette Rees

Karen, I too need to drop some serious poundage - I recently discovered Zumba - I think that I lose about as many calories laughing as I do dancing! I love it! google zumba - there are classes everywhere.
RLS - you should sign up for a sleep study - they test for that. I just had a sleep study done and didn't know that they tested for that but they do...ask your doctor.

Things will work out the way they are supposed to. God's at work - no need to worry...
Take good care! and pick up your cam - it will make you feel good.


What a great way to begin Sat. when I saw your post. You have been missed, and thought of every day. So happy that you have such a healthy goal...I hope the swimming gets better for you, and that your weekend is full of laughs, love and hugs....and maybe a nice leg massage (hint, hint). Thinking of you.


I miss reading your blog and seeing your pictures, but more than I miss you, I wish you well with what you are dealing with. It can't always be about me and what I want.
I'm surprised about the triathlon! I grew up around them, my dad did maybe 5 Ironman's, and then got 5 tattoos. I hate sweating so they aren't in my future, and I think there are things in the lake that might touch me. If they ever start one where you can walk, ride your bike and scooter, I'm in.


Sooooo happy to hear from you. I'll pray for your training (I quit when I begin exercising too). You've inspired me to get my toes done today!


Karen-- YOu are always so delightful to "READ" I have missed your pictures, but can totally understand that the wild world gets in the way. I am so happy you are close to God-- he's got you exactly where he wants you and it is thru the trials WE grow the most! Hang in there, and we will pray for you!

Cathy Swandal

Training for a tri, that is amazing! I have been doing boot camp for a year and lose a pound or two and gain four or five, what-ev. Don't step on the scale, how do your clothes fit, how do you feel? I am not a runner and finally after many months of boot camp I ran 2 miles, it wasn't easy and it wasn't pretty at the end, but I did it. Now, I am going to try my first 5K October 16th. I am quite skeptical and nervous, but I have a running friend who says she will run slow with me and get me through....just hope it doesn't snow a foot like it has the last couple of years or I will be opting out and going to breakfast instead!! :) Whatever is going on in your personal family life...I'll give you words from my mother-in-law, "This too shall pass." It's not easy, it's life and it makes us who we are. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for posting! I have missed you!

Julie in Australia

Oh Karen...thanks...the pressure is lifted a little. Thanks for taking the time and thought to think of us all for a moment or two.
Very good to know you are OK, and your family is OK. Very concerned about the 'family' issue but happy knowing you and Josh together can deal with all that is to come...I do wish you well and just want you to know...that all the way 'round the world, people are holding you all in their thoughts.
On your latest endeavor..right there with you girl!!! I have recently begun a committment to my treadmill and Wii, but this past week has set me back because of a nasty, yucky common cold virus, but this coming Monday will see me 'beginning again' to remove a couple of those nasty 'rolls' which appeared in a few family...Ye Gods, is that me!!!! Scared the living heck out of me and the personal humiliation is something that will drive me onwards.
We know you are OK now Karen...we understand the reasons you need the space...
I'll check back in a few weeks and hope to see some positive light showing OK? Sending lots of love and hugs from Oz...

Rhonda Coombs

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has 23 things on my mind that don't make sense to anyone but me. Thanks for sharing your journey. Love, Rhonda


Missed your pictures and thoughts. I'm sending you good vibes to help deal with whatever life is handing you. My 11 year old was very sad recently after seeing a stepgrandparent that is not doing well. He was teary and said "Why do we bother with it all if there is such suffering and pain at the end?" We were going to a waterpark the next day and I said, "You know the feeling at the top of a big slide? Anticipation with a little bit of scared mixed in? And then the exhilaration while you are sliding? And then the feeling of pride as you look back up and see that you did it? Those sorts of feelings are why it is worth it." So Karen, find your inner waterslide and maybe that will help you through.

Shannon Laux

Glad to hear from you...prayers...and Congrats on the TRI! Just training is a huge accomplishment! LOTS of things are hindsight 20/20..which can be very frustrating believe me....hang in there and I look forward to seeing your next post whenever that may be...

Aimee Westcott


Just wondering if you'd be doing any photography classes in Oregon, Idaho, Washington or Montana in the next year. My crafty girlfriend and I are hoping to plan a girls weekend and would like to do something crafty together (like a photography workshop) in this time sometime in the next year.

I believe my email's in your post :)



P.S. Glad to hear Coley and Annie are alright!

Jennifer O.

I was so excited to see a new blog post today! Sorry that you have difficult stuff going on. Hope it resolves itself quickly and in the best way possible. Know that we'll be here whenever you are ready. Take care.


Well, thanks for sharing! We've missed you. Have you tried putting a bar of soap under your sheets while you sleep for your restless leg syndrome? I've read a hundred times that it actually works - no one knows why. It seems crazy, I know. Are you coming to Portland for a class anytime? I will go out and buy a camera if that's the case!! I will be praying for you and for a sound mind, peace, patience, and understanding. It's never fun going through tough times, but it's a bit (sometimes just a smidgin) better going through having the God of the universe on your side. Knowing He is for you can make al the difference. Keep on keepin' on. You're strong. Watch out for that chlorine getting up your nose - it burns. I hope that that's as bad as your week gets - swimming 9,000 laps in a bleach-filled pool. I pray that everything else will just be roses.


Hugs to you. Take as much time as you need and don't feel bad about it or apologize to anyone...totally understand.

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