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As a child, that schoolroom would have been pure heaven for me. What fun pics, and Annie's hair has gotten so blonde!


I LOVE their room! My favorite thing to play when I was younger was school. I would have been in heaven in a room like this!! I especially love the desk, pajama rack and the PHONE!!! Where did you find that pajama rack? Great idea!!! I think I might have to hit some antique stores tomorrow!

Julie, momto7

looks like a little bit of girl pretending heaven to 4 daughters would have LOVED to have such a room as that! :) In fact, at ages 17, 14, 13 and 9, they would probably still get a kick out of such a wonderful space.


Oh, don't let them grow up! They are at such a wonderful age....but then, every age is actually wonderful. LOVE love love every thing about the "school room". They will have countless hours of fun. Makes my heart happy!

How adorable! I know I would have LOVED a room like theirs when I was that age. What a terrificly fun idea to make a little school room. And educational too, with all the workbooks and materials around. Good job!


You might have missed your calling as an interior designer, or with that fabulous eye of yours a personal shopper. Now I don't normally enjoy school related items, but that chalkboard and desk... very cool.

teresa b

Love the girls room Karen!! Super cute!! and love the photos of the girls! So sweet!!

Karen Aldrin

I always played teachers as a child so I would have loved their room.
I would love my hubby to get me some of the signs you got at Target.I could use them in my workshop photos.I'm brimming with ideas with them.He's going to the States in a few weeks.Would they still be at Target?Or where else might he get them.We don't have hings like that in the UK.


Wow-I love that. That is exactly what I want. I want to homeschool my son when he is older...he just turned 1, so I know I have a while. But, I want an old chalkboard and desk like that...and all the fixins that you have in there are great. I know that they must love their new room! They are so lucky to have a Mom so talented and creative as you are. And that mirror. Gorgeous!!


Wow, this is just beautiful. It looks like so much fun!


So adorable!
I wish my bedroom had been this awesome when I was a little girl.


i love every single bit of it so. very. much.
when i was teaching here, i had a very sad feeling about the fact that the kids in my secondary school classes had never seen a chalkboard in a classroom. they had whiteboards from the very beginning and computerised boards were becoming the norm. and neither felt anywhere near as magical as a chalkboard to little old nostalgic me.

Shannon Laux

Such lucky girls! You don't give yourself enough are a great mom! My sisters and I would have LOVED a room like that growing up. My daughter and her best friend would have a ball in that room...hmm now to figure out how to do a smaller (much smaller) version of that in her room :) Thanks for sharing and you easily could be an interior designer!

Brandi in Ohio

What lucky little girls to have such a fun room to help their imaginations grow and thrive. They will make some wonderful memories in that schoolhouse room that you put together. Thanks for sharing their joy!

Kim P

Interior designing, for your rooms and when you share the pictures. I love that you shop at the same stores where most of us go. I have a feeling though that even if I were to buy all the same stuff, it still wouldn't look as cute/fun/stylish in my house. Love your style!


I love it! What a great idea! I'm sure they will spend many hours in that room!


Wow, awesome job! Love the chalk board/desk and phone/globe and on and on. And I love the magnetic board idea - might have to steal that one. Thanks for sharing!!

Jennifer Camplin

Love just everything what you added in girls' bedroom!!!

Way to go!!

Jamie K

You may have already visited, but just in case... the website has GREAT antique home decor. Lots of stuff that would be perfect for your girls' bedroom. You did a great job. Their room is beautiful!


They are going to LOVE that room. Looks great.


You are so fabulous! I would've been in heaven as a little girl with a playroom/school room so awesome.

t's at once poignant and goofy, alarming and sweet, and filled with vignettes of mother-child relations that will have you squirming with recognition, no matter who you are.

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