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I for one will miss you.. your images are such an inspiration to me.


What am I going to do on my break time at work with out your posts? You will be missed, and your return is greatly anticipated!

Tina B

You take all the time you totally rock this blog thing and I love love love your posts and your images!!!! Your readers will always be here for you and will forever be by your side...enjoy the break you totally deserve it!!!!


miss you already!

Karen Aldrin

Oh no -no workshop soon-The end of nightly Big Brother,what will I doooooooooooooo

Helen Walsh

Enjoy your blog break, you deserve it but don't be a stranger!!


Hurry back Karen! I'll miss your posts and look forward to your return!


Will miss you! Hurry back!


i am feeling the same way. must be a summer thing.


enjoy the time..we will miss you tons!

Colleen S

Take it easy and enjoy your life. :)

Dana N

Enjoy your time off. We'll miss you!

Christine Edwards

I know you have a lot of followers that will be quite concerned if you stop posting for a bit, but I don't think you should ever feel like you have to apologize for it. We all have lives that interrupt or hijack the things we'd like to do, and quite frankly it's your blog and you can do what you want to. ;-) Enjoy your time!


What an adorable little girl you have. Love that pic. I will miss your posts.

Val from Down Under

yeah, i'll miss you too - enjoy your break

Janet Phillips

I am sad, cause I just found out all about you and love you photos!!! you will be missed enjoy your break.


I completely understand. Relax. Enjoy. Though I will miss your almost daily updates! :D


You have to experience life to blog about it! But I will miss your images.


Enjoy your blogcation!!!

Kristal Jones

You are like...Blog Queen as far as I'm concerned. How you find the time to write & edit for your blog and do everything else you do on top of that is amazing to me. I have trouble keeping up even a smidgen (Is that a word?). I feel guilty when I haven't blogged in awhile. But I remind myself that my blog is more for my kids (plan on printing blurb books for them) than anyone else. It should feel fun, not stressful. Enjoy your time away. Your loyal fans will be here waiting when you get back. :)


blogs a lot of time and work (totally understand)!!! I will miss you and your pictures ;)

Patty Hetrick

You will definitely be missed but I know what it's like to not feel inspired or motivated. I hope you can take the time off and maybe one day it will be in your heart again. Feel free to throw up a picture any time you words necessary:)

Stacey B

Given the price of admission I so appreciate the ride. :)

teresa b

You are too hard on yourself!! Love the ride and I'm glad you give so much!! You rock Karen Russell..take a blog break!! You sooo deserve it!!


Don't worry, I will ride the coaster with you always....and rememer, you will be missed. Enjoy. Little Yannie sure is doing a great job on her coloring...give her an extra hug.



Okay, we will allow you to take a little break, but only if you promise to take lots of pictures so you can fill us in later. (I think we all live a little vicariously through you!) ;) Rest assured, we will miss you!

Sandra A

Enjoy your time off, you deserve it. Will miss my fix, but will keep checking as you and your family are so worth it. Take care.


Oh I hate to see you taking a break from blogging - because I love reading your stories and seeing your beautiful photos...but, I completely understand the need for time off. Blogging is great, but it can become some sort of a job sometimes. Enjoy your time away - living life! :)


We'll be here whenever/however often you post. Thanks for all you teach and give! I enjoy the ride :)


Do not worry - we will be here waiting, and you will be missed. Blogging can be hard work and takes up a lot of time. I just love looking at your pictures, you are a big inspiration.
And today I finally got around to book my plane tickets for Mykonos - couldn`t be more happier on this rainy day.


Enjoy your break from blogging. Love your posts! Will be here when you get back :)

Denise~Paper Ponderings

Definitely relax and enjoy your time. We were just in CP last weekend and I thought of you. If you haven't been, take a trip out to House of Mystery in GH. I'd LOVE to see photos you come up with there. I forgot my camera, but it was fun watching my hubs go from a skeptic to a wonderer!

Heather Topich

Love you, Karen! I'll look forward to being pleasantly surprised when you post again!


Selfishly will miss you and look for posts, but totally understand that daily blogging could put one on overload. Enjoy your space!

Julie in Australia

Come back soon Karen...dont want to put any pressure on you but...

come back soon OK?

I'll miss everything about your blog...especially the stories, photos and...well...

everything really!

Enjoy your break and come back refreshed...hugs


take your time, we'll all still be here waiting for more beautiful, often relaxing, photographs and uplifting and funny blog posts even when you don't know you're writing them :) enjoy your break x


I love roller coaster rides LOL. Take what you need and we will be here waiting upon your return my friend :)

TerriB in Oregon

Enjoy! I will miss you and yours, but completely understand!


You will be missed.


Good for you. Take all the time you need! :-)


I hope you hurry back but like with all things people need a break.. Take some time dont worry about it and have fun with your life and fam... We will always be here patiently awaiting your return... :-)


Oh Karen, I thouroughly enjoy reading your blog regularly.
We will be here when you come back. We all need a break periodically
for different things in our lives. You relax and get a much needed
breather. We will miss you. Oh, and that picture of Annie is adorable.


WHAT???? Well, okay. We'll be right here. We'll miss you while you're gone. And we'll be delighted when you returm. :)

Carrie P

Thanks for letting us ride along. Take care of yourself.


Enjoy your time off.....I will be stalking your blog for your return!


so many of us understand...don't force need to apologize for it even.. come back when the creative process allows... breathe... until then we will just click on here daily until we find some photo candy!

Tammy Mellish

Take all the time you need. We'll be right here when you get back. And I'll be checking daily only because it's a habit ;-)! XO!!

Jamie K

Good for you. Will miss you though! Enjoy the time away. :)


Gotta follow your heart...


Was going to mention my heart is sad, but didn't want to be pushy, strange or creepy, so I'm going to miss the stories of your family and your awesome photography. Guess now is a good time to go through the archives. Glad things are good.


Enjoy your break, but I know that I will be checking back every day to see if it's over!!


Enjoy your break. We will be here when you get back.


Seriously.....I think you are way consistent. I dont think it is something you should stress over though.

I love coming here and reading your blog and seeing your fabulous pictures!

Can't wait to see you post again! Enjoy life! I will keep checking!


You will be missed. :) Enjoy your time away and I look forward to new adventures when you return!

Mary Ann

Take the time you need. We will all still be here awating your doses of inspiration.
Sweet pic of Annie too!!!


You will be missed. Can't wait to see your back to school shots!


Hi Karen! I miss your blog. I don't have any kids of my own so I love looking at the photos you post of your kids and seeing what you did over the weekend. I hope you had a fabulous weekend! Enjoy your time off from blogging. I hope you come back soon.


miss coming here.

Sasha Farina

i'm having withdrawal.. missing your blog posts :D

Trena McNulty

I miss you...your photography and down to earth manner inspire me every day. ((hugs))

Erika Melnychuk

We'll be waiting for ya! Enjoy the time away - WE ALL NEED IT SOMETIMES!

carrie hicks

Hey Karen, So last week, my son and I were on a road trip down to California and we drove out of our way to go to Jacksonville and eat lunch at Bella Union. Cute place...cute town...wanna go back and spend more time there. Kept watching the door as if you and fam were going to walk that sounds stalkerish (sorry).

Carrie Hicks
p.s. go Ducks!

Paola Norman

Your wonderful, take all the time you need. It's important to listen to your inner voice and do what feel right.


Just checking.

Melissa Priest

Please come back soon! We promise to be nice! LOL We miss you.

Ok, I know that everyone deserves a break...but I am having serious bloggy sadness everday when I click on my faveorite list and you arn't back. :(

Kim Bolyard

Ive missed you....looking forward to your next blog post....



Hi Karen,

Just saw Janie and Jack are having a sale and wanted to share:

Hope you're enjoying your break. We miss you!

Tammy Mellish

I really miss you. I'm so happy you're retreating from your blog.. a much needed and productive hiatus no doubt. But selfishly, I sit here and wish so much that you would just enchant us with a photo.. even if without a single typed word. "A picture is worth a thousand words".. especially when it's Karen's. <3


its only been a few weeks and i can't believe how much i miss your family and this blog!! hope you're all doing well!! i know the kidlets will look different when you come back... looking forward to it too!! you are coming back.... right?? smooch!!!


Karreeennn! Please come back! Miss you!


miss you, but wow, annie has some crazy mad coloring skills--happy labor wknd


Hi Karen, I still check in day to day thinking you will be posting! Did that freak-o scare you away??? I hope not....I bet most of the people out there are just regular old mom's like you (and me) who also love photography!! Hope you are doing well and good luck with all the back to school stuff! Hope to see you back soon!


Karen, hope all is well with you and your family and that you're getting back into the swing of things now that school is back. Miss reading your blog as well as your pictures. Take care...miss you!!


Just thought I would check again.


Hello Karen.
I really miss your tales and photos and I hope all is going well with you and your wonderful family.

Tina Riddell

Miss you.....


just checking in to see if you're back. Sure miss your beautiful photos. Hope everything is going well for you

Theresa Blohowiak

I miss you and your pictures............

Rhonda P.

missing you're posts and pics. enjoy your time away but come back soon!


Hope your kiddos had a great first day of school. Can't wait until you return, hopefully with pics. "Yannie" reminds me so much of my oldest.


I am missing all of your pictures. Can't wait till you return.


Hope you are enjoying your break and that things are going well for you! I was just checking in, and making sure I hadn't missed your return. Looking forward to your return.

Debbie J.

Just wanted you to know.... I miss you. =(


Please come back!!


hope all is well

Julie in Australia

No pressure Karen...just letting you know I'm another of your 'blog family' who is just wondering if you are all OK.
Maybe you could ease our hearts a little just by writing a teenie tiny little "I'm OK and will be back soon" message???

Hugs all the way from Australia

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