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I wouldnt use anyone but Blurb - their books are incredible!


I love blurb. I use it every year for my blog book. I think there is a limit of 499 pages, if I remember correctly, because I always have to limit my posts. Are you just posting pictures, or all the blog writtings as well? That makes a difference in space for you book, also with how big/small you make your pictures in your book layouts.

However, the print quality is terrific, and they are super fast. The longest part about all of it is putting it together, page after page. The program tends to be kinda slow, which is frustrating for me.
LOVE your blog! I follow every post, if not comment. Thanks for keeping me so entertained, and motivated to take better pictures!


Love love love these Karen! If I hadn't already taken your class, I would totally be signing up again! You are fantastic!

Erika Melnychuk

beautiful! Love the one of you and your little boy - so so so cute!


I've done blog books with Blurb, too. It takes lots of time to organize each book, as my posts are text heavy woth 4-5 photos per post. Last year I blogged everyday and I've ended up with 4 books of 160 pages each. I prefer their premium paper, which has a 160 pg limit. It's heavier - more like a coffeetable book, IMO. One other thing I'd point out is that when you import the blog, I've found that sometimes I actually have to re-import the photo from my hard drive instead of using the import from the blog. I'm on blogger and maybe that makes a difference, but some (not all) of the photos are low resolution when imported for some reason. And I'll tell you, using Booksmart, handling text is not always the easiest thing, although I have to say it has improved in recent versions.

Karen Aldrin

I tried at the beginning of the year to start a blurb blog book.But I found it so hard that I gave up.By about March I already had to many pages and photos!!!!
Good luck.Maybe I should try again.In fact I could make one of my blog during your workshop.

Libbi M.

love these photos... especially the one of you and cole on the fishing boat and the one of you and annie with matching flowers in your hair. kudos to josh downs for capturing an amazing image.

Susan R

LOVE seeing you in the photos Karen and really love the shot of you and Annie. it is beautiful. Great love flowing there...

teresa b

What a great idea!! Good luck!! BTW Josh Downs did good.. love the 2 with you and Yannie.. not to say the others are less then lovely.. just don't see many of you!!


We love Johnny Cash! My favourite is Don't Take Your Guns to Town.
I heard blurb was good.


i want to go camping with you ;) it looks super fun!!!


MyPublisher is nice, but they have a 100 page limit so you'd have to split up the books. Plus, when you join, you typically get a hefty discount on your first order (like 50% off or buy one get one free type of deal.) Their books are really nice. I found them via a fellow photographer/blogger.


I have use Blurb before and loved it.

Your photos are just gorgeous. So glad to see you in some.


I have something to say about every photo...ha. Love them ALL--very sweet!!!
(Is Josh Downs still studying for his P.E. exam?)

Deb Wisker

I have used for my photo books. I took a full semester photo class last this past spring and we were required to submit 20 matted prints or a book using blurb or mypublisher. I have to say that the books from mypublisher were of superior quality as compared to blurb. My professor thought so too.


lovelovelove the shot of annie in her jammies
the lighting & everything on that is perfect!
would you mind sharing the iso etc that you used
just perfect!!

Tammy Mellish

I wanted to ask the last time I saw pictures from this adventure.. is the water really THAT pretty? And truly, how ironic is it that I'd be listening to Johnny while reading this post?! Love that!!


Yea, what a treat for us. Keep those photos coming!


The shot of you and Annie is precious.... treasure that moment.

Though I've never tried to put together a book, I know people who have. Its a time consuming but incredibly rewarding process! I'm sure you'll have fun looking back through your posts and pictures.


Can´t wait to see your other favorite picture, these are great!

Kristal Jones

You are reading my mind! I have been wanting to do a blurb book & that's one of the things on my TO DO list. I have been putting it off & I need to get moving on it. Thanks for the reminder!

All of the pics are fantastic!

Jennifer M.

What a great idea for a photo book! I think you may have inspired me...


I had a 385 page book done at blurb last year. I should have gone bigger than the 7 x 7 but the quality of the photos in the book was incredible. You won't be disappointed.

Tasha Braniff

I started one with Blurb...but haven't finished it yet!
Let us know how it goes :)


for fireworks pictures you need to use a tri-pod and a cord attachment (so you don't wiggle the camera when you depress the shutter. put your camera on bulb so you can start the picture anytime you want.


I am constantly impressed with the sharpness and clarity of your images. Great, great work.. love all of these!

Sara Mangan

Oh, Blurb. I've been trying to get my blog made into a book for a few years now. It does take a lot of time.

I did use it for my "picture a day: project last year. I split the year into 3 books. It was easier than my normal blog because it was just one picture a day.

Good luck. It's very cool to have your words and pictures in a format that you and your loved ones can actually cuddle up on the couch and page through together.


Beautiful pictures and I'm no good at photographing fireworks much either. But, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Annie and Cole watching the fireworks as well as the one of you and Annie that Josh took - these two are BEAUTIFUL and such precious memories that were captured. Have a great day! :o)

Jenn D.

I always love reading your blog :) I wish my husband would take photos like the ones of you and Annie! Maybe it could be a bonus lesson in Snapshots of a Good Life? "How to get your Spouse to Take Amazing Photos" :)
And, I think I am going to try blurb too.

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