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Lovely Cee.

ohhhhhhh how enchanting! cant wait to finally meet The Karen Enchanted:)


OMG the log ride - everyone's expressions totally awesome great memory telling


How nice to be able to keep the tradition alive. Looks like an enchanted time. Love A's face after the log ride...and an ice cream cone makes it all better, huh? Thanks for sharing.


How fun! I love the one of Annie on the log ride!

Kathy Aylward

great pics ...what lens did you have on for all of those (current student)


The one of Annie with the princess castle is just perfect.


So I am just wondering, did you drive up there in the morning and come home the same day? Cause I am thinkin supermom! Wildlife Safari was all I could handle in one day with four kids :)


it is so funny to see this post! I remember going there when I was about 3 years old on a trip to visit my aunt and her family!

Nancy Wyatt

How fun and all the pictures look good to me :) hugs from Conroe Tx!


Oh, I love Enchanted Forest! That Haunted House is pretty darn scary though. Last time I went through there with my boys I felt like I was in a Scooby Doo cartoon- I swear they ran through on their tippytoes and practically carried me out they were so squashed to me.

My favorite place was always the crooked house- I just loved that when I was little!

Love Annie's face on the log ride! Did you see the "water show"? It is truly just sprinklers in a dark room with ambient lighting, but that was always my boys favorite part. They would oohh and ahhh like it was Niagra Falls set to music.

teresa b

Way cool!! Looks like a ton of fun!! and the one with Annie on the log ride!! Classic!! Love it!! hahahaha


The Enchanted Forest reminds me of Story Land in New Hampshire - looks like fun (even if Annie didn't want to get splashed on the flume)

Erica Hettwer

I forgot about the Crooked House! That was so cool. I can't wait until Miss Thing is old enough so we can take the kiddos down there. :)


I cracked up at the casual "Annie didn't enjoy that particular ride"

deAnne Wakefield

I grew up not far from the Enchanted Forest and went often. The Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hole (tunnel) was my very favorite next to the crooked house. Western Land came in at the top too, then they started adding rides after I was grown up. It's a bummer we moved away from there when I was 15, cuz my son would have loved it as much as i did. I think I only got to take him twice, now he's 20. boo hoo!


We haven't been there in years, our 4 youngers have never been- I guess I'd better add it to the list of NW places we need to go!!! I thought your pics were pretty darn good, my first thought was, Wow! They must have pruned some trees, seemed like more light than I remember!! Good job! And a brave Momma for going out with your kiddos!


For those of you that want to see which lens or even the settings, you can go to jeffrey's exif viewer (google it an you'll find it). Click on one of Karen's photo then copy the url to jeffrey's site and you can see the info on the photo. I'm very appreciative that Karen doesn't block this information. It helps a lot to be able to see settings. Thanks, Karen!


Love the one of them all on the ride, laughing and crying!
I wanted to take 2 teen aged girls to the Enchanted Forest on Monday only Kerry thought that driving 3 hours to get there wasn't worth.


OOOH EEE! I love the picture of the kids' silhouettes with the black birds baked in a pie! You are just too talented!

cindy b.

gotta say...that place looks pretty cool. and the log flume photo...LOVE IT!!

Judy Webb

Even the Enchanted Forest uses your colors. LOL Would love to be in Oregon where temps aren't suffocating. Most of my photos are "emotionally perfect."


What a cool place!!! My son, 8, saw the pics and now he wants to go!!! (It's a little far....)

Terry D

wow really looks like a fun place! Great pictures Karen...thanks for sharing!

debi boring

LOVED looking at these fun photos! I took my kids there when they were little (probably the same time YOU went as a kid... ha!) Your pics are WAAAAY better than mine! Now I wanna take my little grandaughters there cuz I know Denne' (mommy) would get some fabbo shots.

You always do such fun things with your family!



I love that your photos are emotonally perfect. You were there, they are your memories - and it is so lovely to see a pro who is not worried about showing of her less than technically perfect shots! Thank you for being so refreshing!


You knew that they would be tired and not so nice on the way home. At least you enjoyed it and got some great photos!

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