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erin cobb

Girl, no wonder you're burned out on blogging! Those questions would be enough to make anyone not want to blog for a while. ;) So no questions from me...just a "hi!" and "hope you're good!"

Tammy Mellish

I haven't much to say. Only that I think you are the best thing since sliced bread and my breath of fresh air most days. You keep it real, and add a dose of dream (aka: inspiration!) too. XO!

Karen Aldrin

Get Well soon.XX


So jealous of Josh! I love Everclear! Have a good weekend!

Helen Walsh

Hope the blogging burn out gets better soon. The internet wouldn't be the same without you!


I am the same way right now...somewhat burned out on blogging. But, I still read good blogs like yours! :) Happy weekend!

Colleen S

All I have to say is thanks! Hang in there with the bloggin. I really enjoy your blog. Your pics are great! Anytime you can through in a tip or two for me like what lens you shot with etc, well, I'd love it! Your work is FABULOUS!!


hope the burn out feeling goes away, thank you so much for sharing your life with us--your blog is first on my favs.

teresa b

Love this one...she's getting so big!! hope the burned out feeling fades.. i'd be so lonely without you!! hee hee

Kathy Aylward

that is an amazing picture of courtney...


I can only imagine the toll this commitment takes on you. I hope it becomes fun again for you because I so enjoy reading your posts; I find them honest and refreshing. Every single photograph you post reminds me why I wanted a DSLR and why I need to practice. Relax, take a break and enjoy your family.



Blog when you feel like it, don't stress it when you don't :) We'll love you regardless - your blog is a source of joy for me, but it should never be work for you.

Yours truly

Lisa Dale aka Mylerna

Cindy Welch

Karen, If you were sitting in an airport, i would ask you for your autograph and in greece you can bet Ill be taking your pic with me/without me a thousand times (after a vodka/cran of course). I like you get burnt out on blogging and feel nobody wants to read what I have to say. Dont be stressed, your the boss, thats why you do what you do. Life is too short to worry and try to please everyone. Your family is what matters. Its all good

Jennifer Camplin

enjoy your blog a lot.. when you get around it will come back..

Another big question.. beautiful dog you have!

Have you take picture of your dog only??

Dog fun to find in all vary pictures.


We took the kids to a Cowboys pre season game last night. Oh the BIG screen at Cowboy Stadium it said the Oregon State Beavers would be there to play on Sept. 4th. Of course I thought of you!!!!! I know you want to travel all the way to Dallas to see them play. :)

Lovely Cee.

Huh!!! Josh and Joe would so get along..... Joe's reading: A Patriot's History of the United States (it's history like it's not taught in the school, so he says) too. Joe already told the kids that they are going to sit there and study it this year: we're home schoolers. Danie has a very good attitude about it> good thing.

i was gonna ask you about something but i dont want you to feel burned out.... hahahaha!!! i was just kidding:)

Shannon Laux

Like the first commenter wrote: after all of those type of questions...I would be burnt out too. I always wonder why people feel that they can ask more of someone else's personal life but would be creeped out/annoyed/etc. if someone out there wanted to know every detail of their life. I love your blog and I'll always follow it, whether you post 7 days a week or 1 or once a month. You are an amazing lady and I hope one day to take a class from you, once I get that dslr. :)Big smiles!


don't quit blogging, I would be lost without your pics and real life stories. just blog when you have "the call"!


Wow, we're really nosy. Thank you for being such a trooper.

Cathy S.

Don't go away, I just found you :) I really admire you for all that you do. I only met you through class last weekend, but I can tell that you are a great Mom and wife, a wonderful photographer, a great story teller, an amazing teacher and a source of inspiration like no other. Hearing your story about starting out as a dental hygenist, a single mom of two on a tight budget and finding Josh when you weren't looking were wonderful anecdotes that give me hope that my sister will someday find love again. If you don't mind sharing everyday reality with us, don't life is far from exciting or entertaining...I would call it everyday normal life. It's refreshing to hear that people who touch other people's lives so profoundly are also normal everyday people!
Thanks for being you and sharing yourself and family with us!
:) Cathy
(P.S. My nifty 50 lens should be here this week and I cannot wait to make you proud by practicing with it...I must confess, my camera has been in it's bag since class last weekend).

TerriB in Oregon

Ah, I do love your blog, and have been reading it since way before
Annie was born, so I feel like I am almost part of the family! Blog when your like and don't feel stressed about when you don't. We all understand. But, you are an original, and I love the pictures, stories, and watching your family grow. (
and tell the nosy people to mind their own business!) Sheesh!

Denise T

A group from our church is going to be down in Gold Hill, not far from you, this next week doing some community projects then ending the week helping at their Community Kids Day on Saturday. Gold Valley Church has done this free event for the last three years - if you aren't doing anything, you should bring the kids. There is food, crafts, game booths, inflatable. We also get to go to Bella Union while we are down there : ) Pizza and mudpie for me!!!


Wow, I never thought I would see someone else reading that book, my hubby has been reading "A Patriot's History of the United States" for a long time (it is a really long book) and loves it. It sounds like he shares similar political views are your hubby!!


You will really have a waiting list since you are taking the fall off:) I am sure that you need it.


I always look at your blog....the pics are always great and the stories are always interesting. I live in Oregon too and most of the places you talk about I have been to. I hope you are inspired to keep blogging....your family is a breath of fresh air!


We used Betsey's Linen as the ceiling & trim paint in our bedroom. We combined it with this awesome blue that is the color of the sky on a crisp fall day. I think it was actually called October Sky. Anyway - Betsey's Linen is a great shade of white!

My hubby is ready "A Patriot's History of the United States" too. He'll read it for a bit and then set it aside - I guess it's a bit much to read for a long period of time?

Hope things settle down and you can enjoy a peaceful fall :)


okay, bad blog feeling... GO AWAY!!


Karen just want to say thanks for being you! You are pretty terrific and hope you give yourself a little break. Take care, Susan

Carol Sell

I miss your blog and the wonderful pictures! It's OK, I hope you will take as much time as you need. How ever long that is, it will be worth it to see you back some day and know you are back because it is what you really want to do. Enjoy life, know you are loved, and be happy with your family.


Love reading your blog, but never commented before. I mostly lurk around to see your pictures--they are beautiful! Hope to take your photography class one day. Your last several posts make me feel like we're on the same wave length though (just lots of states away). My husband is reading A Patriots History of the US (I recognized it in the picture purely by its large size) and he recently finished (and I recently started) Andy Stanley's Character series and has been recommending it to everyone. God is so good to prepare us ahead of time for the tough stuff that He allows us to go through. Look forward to being able to have hind-sight to see exactly what He was trying to accomplish sometimes though.
I'll pray for your family--God knows why and that's good enough.

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