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Deb Zorn

Oh.So. Cute!


Those turned out great Karen!!! And Annie looks super cute!

Tammy Mellish

I love her.. little Annie! And I SUPER love the one with her sitting next to the fence, all puckered up! LOL.. I instantly thought of Margaret in Dennis the Menace (a favorite movie of ours.. the one with Walter Matthau)! And I LOOOOVE that last brown dress.. love it's vintage flavor and country flair. Beautiful work. I bet your eyes watered a bit having seen that catalog.. your little heartbeat inside and the fruits of your labor <3.


Karen, These pictures are absolutely wonderful. You are an amazing photographer and your Annie is so adorable. I love, love, love all of these pictures!


Karen they are all just wonderful and I can't decide which one if my favorite!!!

Sally Davidson

Karen, Annie looks so grown up in these shots that's why I'm gonna have to say that I don't like em one bit!

Alright, alright. I LOVE them. They are all great. And pretty much perfect. My favorite is the one of her blowing the dandelion.




ok, seriously? that dandelion shot couldn't be MORE perfect. that one needs to be a wall canvas!


She looks so cute!!!


i got that catalog too and said "hey theres annie". love, love their clothes and your pictures!


Too cute! And great photos too! It makes me wish my daughter were smaller to get some of these adorable outfits!


Super cute!!!!! And I love the boots, think I might have to sport some of those with tights for the winter too.

Kirsten J

Gosh I love that one of her under the tree - wish I lived closer!


I want a girl to dress up just like that! So bummed that I won't be meeting up with you this weekend. Have a great time.


Cute, Cute, Cute! Her personality just shines out. Truly fabulous shots!

Cari Skuse

Karen, those are some beautiful shots! I wish I had a little girl to dress in those sweet clothes! Annie is such a great model for you. ;)


I am dead from the cuteness of both Annie and those clothes!


Wow! That dandelion {wish fairy blossoms, here} shot is incredible! And a super cute Annie! She's a cover girl!!! Watch out world!


Love the pictures! She is so cute! Does she get to keep the clothes? ;)


Karen these are all beautiful! Great job! Have a safe trip!

teresa b

Way to go Karen Russell!! Yannie is so stinkin' cute!!

Shannon Laux

How awesome that you are so talented and people realize it and put your talent to work and that your adorable daughter gets to be a part of it! so happy for you guys! She is beautiful and her momma is very talented. Safe travels!


These are so perfect. I think Annie is a natural - truly. I looked at some of their other models and neither the shots, nor the models were as great as yours. Just a joy to look through your work. Safe travels to Montana.


Such cute photos! You and Josh have one beautiful little lady (:
And I've decided that when I have kids, I'm gonna clothe them exclusively from Little Skye! ADORABLE!


I especially like the one with the cart in it, that flower hat is adorable !

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

As usual -- I love them Karen!!! Now. . . show us the catalog!!!!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Carolyn Hall

OMG!!! Adorable. Where did you shoot these pictures? Your backgrounds and that wagon are perfect!!! Great shots and Annie is a natural!!


The photos are absolutely the great lighting. Miss Annie is adorable and is a really terrific model. Her expressions and poses are just perfect for selling these sweet clothes.


I'm in love! :)
Thought about trying to get to Billings for the workshop, but just not do-able. Enjoy your time!


Pictures are so awesome! Annie looked like she was having lots of fun and the clothes are so beautiful!


The cuteness factor here is way off the charts! Love your photography, too!


Love the "Little House on the Prairie" look! She and those clothes are too adorablly cute!!!


Love her facial expressions! She is so sweet looking! You did a great job, both with the pics and making a cute kid!


I requested a catalog. These are gorgeous images!


Just. Beautiful.

Jennifer O.

Beautiful pictures! Adorable girl! Cute clothes.


Those are amazing!! I don't even have a child and I'm thinking of buying the clothes.
Such amazing images, Karen. You are fabulous!


these are beautiful!!! of course the model is too cute too!!!


ADORABLE !!! Enjoy the trip to Montana....

Cindy Johnston

Oh my goodness!! She is too cute!! I love all of the outfits/boots/shoes/hats and she is adorable in all of your awesome photos!


these are beautiful photos! I absolutely love the clothing. have a great weekend!

nancy boothe

These are too good. Please don't go out and become a professional catalogue shooter and leave us in the dust. I would miss you. (Isn't that ridiculous? Never even met you yet.)


Oh my....these are AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!!! Lovely! :)


I love Little Skye!! Thanks for the pictures.

Carrie P

Love them, especially the dandelion one and the wagon. Almost wish I had someone little to put these clothes on, also.


adorable little chunky monkey


You have one of the most adorable and photogenic little girl I've ever seen! She's such a natural.
Did she get to keep the outfits?!

Jennifer Camplin

Lovely pictures of your girl!!

Amazing all how turn out nicely!!!

Lovely Cee.

hello Karen---- Lovely "Cutler" here is in awe of these magnificient photos!!! heart-stopper i tell you. cant wait to learn tomorrow:)


OMG - if those pictures don't sell their clothes, nothing will! I want to buy some and I don't even have girls!
Your work is beautiful! It just keeps on getting better and better!

Tonia Borrosch

To die for! :)


Gorgeous clothes... and even more gorgeous photos. :)


Considering all the shots were pretty much perfect I have to say my favorite is the one with the wagon.

Kathy Aylward

amazing pictures... and very exciting for you (and of course Annie)


Isn't she just a darling model!


LOVE these pictures!! Great photography, Annie's adorable oh yeah, the clothes are cute to :D


Absolutely darling!!!

Colleen S

Oh my! I love these! Seriously, how do you get her to pose for you?? Is it ever a fight?

Melanie L.

Love these! How on earth do you get her to cooperate for all those pics? I'm lucky to get one or two shots of my kids!



Lovely Cee.

words through Gabby:

Omg! she's so cute! i love her dress. someday im gonna "picture her".

(that's means: when she appreciate photos- it makes her say im going to be a photographer- which swells my heart)

i dont know how im going to afford these clothes but im going to get her one or 2 for an special occasion. these remind me of matilda jane, no?


Annie is the perfect model! Adorable! You have some great shots there!

Taunya Castillo

Wonderful, my fave is the one where she is walking out of the chicken coop like building. I love that white and green hat w/ the old fashioned yoyo in center it looks adorable on her!


So beautiful pictures... and beautiful girl !!!
Congrats !!!!!!!!!!


I'll take one of everything she's wearing in a size 10 please.

Lisa Gunn

Your the best Karen!!!!!!

Ellen Patton

how can you stand how adorable she is?!?


Absolutely beautiful photos of the little "Yannie" as always! :o) She is just too precious for words and makes me want to pinch (lovingly) her little cheeks and give her big hugs and kisses! HA! I don't think I can recall one day that I have EVER seen her with her hair down - she's adorable both with it down and up. Thanks for sharing, Karen! Great work as usual! Big hugs! :o)




Thanks for the pics Karen! We are proud to have Annie gracing our cover. :)

Melissa Marro

What amazing photographs... really lovely. I love the little outfits too... someone is a great little designer there too!

Melissa ~
TheHive – A Social Community for the Arts and Crafts Industry


Oh,My! I want to gobble her up....she is so sweet! :) Can't wait to see the catalog! Great shots! Great little model!

Beverly T.

Wow - she couldn't be more adorable! Love her spirit!

Lydia W.

Oh my goodness! When I grow up, and I'm almost 37, I want to take photos like this!!! They are beautiful!!! Annie is so adorable too!

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