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Your fav was my fav too! She's beautiful! Congrats to her!

Colleen S

Just beautiful. What a lovely girl. I love how you blur the background in your shots. Does most of that come from your setting on the camera or from photoshop processing after?


wow she is beautiful!!!!!


What a beautiful young lady...good luck in all you do Roshelle. That shot is my favorite too!!


She is gorgeous!


your favorite is my favorite too Karen. took my breath away. as always! congrats Roshelle may this next chapter in your life take you on an incredible journey. god bless!


Those are some gorgeous shots, kind of worth it if Mr. Downs does get mad.

Karen Travers

She is beautiful, love love love her coloring.


Beautiful shots! I love the the announcement and the angle of the "unspeakable" words of the school above her. Be careful- you don't want to break your marital vows :) (Also-What is the light in the corners of that photo? -not sunflare since it was cloudy?).

Terry D

Your favorite is my favorite too Karen!! Just beautiful!

teresa b

Awh.. I love it there!! hee hee and beautiful photos!! I love your favorite..but I love the one right after it a little more!!


The first and the second one and my favorite. Such a pretty young woman.


She is her hair. The pictures are great Karen!

Jennifer S.

Beautiful shots of a beautiful girl! Love all of these! Congrats, Roshelle!!


I would kill to have that girl's skin. Seriously.

Jennifer M.

What a beautiful girl and shoot! Every picture is gorgeous.


She's gorgeous! I'm a little disgusted that all your friends and family are so photogenic!
We talked about you and Josh and Beavers. Hubby said orange and blue went nice together. I said orange was the colour of the Beavers and I'm sure some team has orange and blue on their uniforms. He had no idea what I was talking about, and didn't believe there was a team named the Beavers that wasn't Canadian. And he asked what they played and I really had no idea but I went back in my mental photo album and remembered that you guys play a lot of football at family gatherings and that's what I said Beavers played.

Melissa Mann

She is beautiful! And wonderful photos!


Simply beautiful!

Tanya Anguita

Beautiful photos of a beautiful young woman! Wow she's gorgeous!


Awesome shots, Karen and congrats to your cousin. Your fave is my fave as well...

debi boring

ahhhh.... Nice to see that beautiful campus again! Sorry... but my daughter's a Duck mainly cuz she fell in love with the beaUtiful library! Such a gorgeous campus... specially in the fall! Congrats to your cousin and give her a big ole honkin QUACK for me! :::giggle:::


carrie hicks

AWESOME Karen! Love the final card you made her...GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


you are so wonderful cuz! Thanks again for doing the shoot and I LOVE the photocard!


They look beautiful and so does she.

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