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Karen Travels

How DO you get those great reflections in people's eyes? It never works for me! Love your pics and LOVE that Coley is into photography!!


LOVE your shots! You get the most amazing everyday moments! Love that!!!! In your shots of the kids jumping on the bed, would love to see how you do that in one of your making the shots..... Those are awesome shots.....


oh my gosh you had tears in my eyes reading about the catchlights. Love your pictures.


ditto what Hanna said!
I love that Josh saves you the best looking pancake!

Erica Hettwer

Love what you said about Coley's catchlights. I also love Coley's pic of Crater Lake because that's where my husband and I got engaged.

Monica! I LOVE the picture Cole took! It is fantastic. He is a mini you for sure.


that photo of crater lake that coley took is AMAZING! i hope he keeps taking photos, so cool to see photos from a kids perspective. also, what you said about the catchlights in his eye, that's so sweet! what a beautiful place to spend the fourth of july!


Hey, I like Annie's photo - those trees were in perfect focus!!!

Tanya Anguita

As always, your writing and photos have moved me. The catchlights moment made me tear up, your photos made my heart happy and I am IMPRESSED by the photos Cole took! Go him! Go you! Hooray! :)


oh these pictures are awesome - looks like a beautiful and fun trip!!!


The cutest post from the kids to the pancake and gorgeous pictures!! Grace xoxo

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

These are SO great! Cole did fantastic! (is it wrong of me to be nuts over that sweet little spot on his cheek? He really is too cute!) These kiddos get cuter every post. Though I'm missing Courtney and Ross! I swear, I really am too silly. My little girl is all over your blog too and is always asking after everyone. (But I could have lived without her asking what "hot calves" meant! :)

Lisa Hall

oh oh Karen
what you said to your sweet son.
Well I just lost it really big tears.
you are right i never thought of it that way
A great lesson
Miss you
Lisa Hall


oh, oregon! i love this place. incredible! also, the awesome peeps at the scrapbook store downtown on G told me about you, and i mentioned that i follow your blog too! that's awesome you're doing photography workshops!

Jennifer S.

OMG, Karen! I could not finish reading the post because of the catchlights lesson! TEARS FLOWING! I remember that from class, and I see my reflection in my kids eyes, alot : )

By the way, Great job, Coley!!!!

Looks beautiful out there!


What a gorgeous lake!! Coley did a great job on that picture!


Wow! Those are some awesome photos Karen! Crater Lake is one of the prettiest places that God has given us to enjoy!


Man. That catchlight statement really choked me up.


Amazing pictures!!

Thank for sharing!!!

Terry D

Just Beautiful! all of it the kids, the place, the photos! The catchlight lesson you taught Coley...Priceless!
He did a great job taking those pictures! You must be so proud!


Dude. I am totally getting weepy over your lesson to Coley. Made me go over and hug my little boy real tight.


More great photos - but especially LOVE LOVE LOVE the one Coley took of Crater Lake - it looks like a postcard - it's SO beautiful! :o) Thanks for sharing - hoping to see even more from your trip tomorrow! :o)


Wow, I love these photos (as do many, I see!). And what a great view. This looks like such a great place to vacation. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

Irina Klassen

Great Pictures!!!


i love all your photographs but you are a great storyteller too! glad you had fun! susan


I love reading your stories- you have an amazing way of capturing your life and events and emotions through your photos and one line sentences. One second I'm laughing, another I'm about to cry!
Coley- you take awesome photos!! AND you have the best teacher there is!

Deb Zorn

You are so kind to share your life with all of us. Your photos and words are wonderful.

P.S. I like the photo Annie took - it looks like the ones I take!


How exciting that Coley is getting into photography!

Beautiful photos.

Brandi S

I really love the picture of you with your kids! It's so nice when us photographers actually end up in some of the photos! Looks like you guys had a fun time!


Another perfect vacation.

Becky (aka: beckywedd)

Go Coley -- Karen I love you and your photography but the wide angle shot of the whole lake is my favorite in the bunch -- go Cole!. Cole -- you are a great photographer -- keep up the great work, you have an awesome teacher to learn from!

Becky (aka: beckywedd)


I see I'm not a complete weirdo :) the tears started flowing from your comment to Coley about the catchlights. That is so special and his pics were very good!


Love the pictures as always. So glad that Coley is showing an interest in photograpy. I have always loved it growing up, but never pursued the technical aspects. So wished I had started earlier.

Martha - EP

Great pictures. Love the one Coley took of the lake, how beautiful! So, I almost cried when you said you told him to look into his eyes of photos you've taken and that you will always be there. Ugh, how sweet and true!


What a gorgeous place! I love that you're including the dog more at our request. ;) And wow, that photo-stealer moves fast!

The photo with Annie sitting on your feet is adorable! She is so cute!

teresa b



They are so focused and sharp. I think that I need to reread that weeks lessons. Okay, if I am being honest, I need to reread all the lessons again. I just bought a Kindle and I have already loaded up all the lessons so I can read them while we are on the plane headed to California.

I love the photo of you and the kids at Crater Lake.


wow coley is quite the photographer! he is doing a great job(at such a young age)


What you said to Coley about seeing you in his eyes made me cry. I read through the comments and see that I wasn't the only one who was touched by that. Love these pics. The shots Coley took are awesome too. You must be so proud of him. That's so cool that he is taking an interest in photography.


LOVE your pictures that you take, how do you get your photos to look so sharp and clear like that??



that catchlighting is awesome! Great pix (as usual). Tell Coley his picture is postcard worthy!! Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


Just beautiful photos! Can you share what lens you used (24-70??), especially for the landscape shots??

Thanks so much for sharing!

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