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I can't wait to see more.


Wow, Karen. I just smile and smile when I look at your photos. And I have such respect not only for your photographic talents, but also your LIFE style. Very cool, and so so right. Can't wait for the next installment!!


Awesome - great choice of book to read (in the campfire pic).


love the comment about Josh's reaction to the groceries....I live there, too! (with my man) - and also LOVE the comment about not getting to take a pic of Cole dressing the doll - only I SO would have - you know, stealth photography or something ;)

totally envious of the beautiful location for you to escape to in cabins - our close by escapes always seem to involve too much heat and not enough shade - for me, at least :)

Tammy Mellish

These are incredible and make me want to go there,

I also love how Josh, although not a willing participant, does not draw the line at you posting pictures of him in his bathrobe, but instead of his little guy dressing a doll LOLOL!!! LOVE THAT! Or was it more that it would have totally pushed Coley over the edge. I can relate to that. I think Coley and my Sam are a lot alike. It was a tough day at the lake today. Especially since I got the second Error50 message on my 4 month old 50D :(


this is the stuff memories are made of.


Great pictures as always - I can't wait to see the rest of them. I had to LOL about Annie getting her dad a beer - too cute! :o)


Those last two pictures are stunning....I was wondering if you could share how you shot those? They are just so clear. I never would have expected that with that lighting.

I am envious of your weekend. Looks like a lot of fun. Our kids are still just a bit young for that...someday though. At least I hope.


The lighting on the last photo is magical.


I'm a blog stalker and love all your posts! What great little stories you tell and such wonderful photography.


Awesome pictures by the fire!
And just so you know, Kerry and I were discussing (a few weeks back) about Annie's neck pinching. I mentioned that I couldn't pinch much skin, it's like Pinch-An-Inch and it sure didn't relax me. He reached over and pinched my neck and made me scream and I told him to pinch his own d@mn neck and he said it didn't relax him either.

Stacey B

Eleventh order of business...Annie (oof) pinching her neck at precious.

Kathy C

I have always drooled over your photography talent, but OMG you just keep getting better. Seriously, these are beyond beautiful. How lucky your friends and family are to be on the other end of your camera.


Is that Josh reading Patriot's History of the United States? A favorite book of my husbands :)

Jennifer Camplin

Sound perfect anyway..

Yeah how pix with bonfire>>

Kristal Jones

These are incredible, Karen. The campfire lighting...woah! You make shooting in low light look so easy.

What book is Josh reading? Curious minds want to know. :)


Amazing shots as always... but that last shot of Annie and Josh Downs is GORgeous.. :)
Can't wait to see the rest!

Karen Aldrin

Great Pics as usual.I hope I get extra credits.I am sat in a boiling hot internet cafe loading my assignment photos for class.Hubby is not happy and my battery is about to die on my laptop.

Cate O'Malley

Awesome pics, love the last one especially.


Awesome pics!

Rene' Nevin

Ok, I've taken your class, but my pictures still don't look like that. The lighting is great on all of them. Are you doing light editing on them?


Love the campfire pictures and would love info on how you shot those as well as everyone else!

Looks like your family had a great time!

Thanks for any info you can share.....appreciate it!



LOVE the campfire shots! So amazing!


You said something in today's (horrible!!) post about not being professional. Perhaps you aren't but you take beautiful pictures of your beautiful family. I can't remember how I orig. 'found you' a couple wks ago, but I am now a steady follower because of your pictures and your wonderful family stories.

teresa b

Love it!


you do the funnest things with your family! annie is growing up so lovely!


Oh my goodness... That last pic with Josh holding his little girl with a book in his hand in the dark... I had such a strong weepy reaction to that photo. I'm stalking you because Kim Demmon told me to. She suggested your site to help me with my DSLR search. I'm so glad she did.


karen what actions do you use on your photos - do you have a specific recipe?

Karen Russell

lllllllllllooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee yyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu

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