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What fun everyone must have had! Even if you are good for nothing - - you're pictures sure aren't! :)

Louise Murr

Ironing? What is that?? lol. Your blog is so funny. It always makes my day. I hope you never stop blogging. And your pictures are awesome. You seem to capture the little things that we all take for granted....everyday life.



Sometimes, I don't get to check your blog for a few days/make that weeks...but when I do, I so enjoy the parts of your life that you share. Your wonderful family trips, that great lookin husband, of course, the beautiful kids! Missing Courtney these last posts. I LOVE your photograpy, envy your commitment to it and almost cried when you told Coley about the always being in your eye thing, my goodness!! Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your sharing & hope no one uses any more of your pics w/o permission. You are a blessed woman right now but I am sure you know it. At least blessed in many ways!


I read your blog (and enjoy it) every day so I decided I would scroll down to the comments and let you know. Well, lo and behold, Debe in the last comment said exactly what I was thinking. So "ditto" to Debe's comment.
You are fun and funny. Keep it up. No pressure...


Love just how much of real life you capture :)


Your sister's mouth looks just like yours.

(LOL at pre-knitted socks.)


Love your blog. Love your photos. I, like everyone else love that you share your life with us. Take care!


Hi Karen,

My name is Genn. I've been reading your blog for a little while now, and figured it's about time I came out and said hello! Hello! Your pictures are so fun and fabulous. I just finished taking my first two photography classes ever and I am loving learning about this new hobby. Your pictures are really inspiring. I just love those pics from your last post, and loved what you titled the post too. Sometimes you gotta stage the scene! ;) Anyway, feel free to check out my blog sometime, so you have an idea of who I am. That way I'm not a stalker anymore!! :)

Jen R.

Awesome pictures, as always! I especially love the laptop shot!


Had I known you were up here, I would have invited you for coffee!!


you are too cute! i don't iron either, we wear wrinkled clothes too :) hope you are well! susan

Erika Melnychuk

I love your pictures too, Karen! I cannot WAIT to take lessons from you when we're in GREECE!!!! I read your blog all the time - and admire your beautiful handiwork!

I would like to know what lense you usually use - how do I find info about your pictures? I really need advice on what lense to get!


I love the one of Annie with her hand on her hip and not sweeping.

Rene' Nevin

Karen, what have you changed about the lighting in your pictures. They just look different, as in perfect different :) I love the look of how you are getting the lighting so right on.


I'm in your class right now and loving it, but I have to say looking at those photos of Coley then, and the ones from this post specifically...all of a sudden he has grown up! He looks different! I guess that's what happens huh?


I don't know how it is possible but that Cole just gets cuter and cuter!


We also used the Gentle Leader for walking our Spinger Spaniel (who is 65 pounds). It works wonders! We have since started using the harness version; it works just as well, and the dog is actually cooperative about getting it on (he hated the snout/head version).

Thanks so much for sharing your life's moments!

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To be fair, the bean stew is quite good, but because it truly was 100 degrees on the day I made it, by the time it was done I simply wasn't feeling it. After the initial shock of our first triple-digit day of the season, all I wanted to do was drown myself in an icy peach and mango smoothie which I happily did later that evening. I believe I will feel much better about this dish when it has been properly partnered with a chiasdflly night, a healthy chunk of crusty artisan bread and a hearty glass of red.

Elias Boyer

While reading this particular post of yours, I just can’t stop smiling. Maybe it’s because your happiness truly radiates, even at your blog post. =) These deck memories you had with your family, is as amazingly perfect. Your husband was so sweet to decline your offer. And your kids! They’re just amiable as you are, Karen!

Angelina Garcia

It's nice to see your kids helping out Josh with the deck, especially Coley carrying the beams. On the other hand, Annie made me smile with her pretend-sweeping. Heheh. Well, it's been 2 years since, how's life doing so far? How was the deck?

Keaton Oakes

Looks like you all had a great time there. Well, your sister is pretty lucky that your husband is a handy man. It can be quite expensive to hire someone to do this deck repair. Kudos to your husband; he did great in repairing the deck. Anyway, your post here is really funny. :)

Leah Clay

You’ve taken lots of fun photos. It’s pretty cool that your kids are helping out in their own little way on repairing your sister’s deck. They sure made Josh's work a lot easier. Anyway, keep us updated with more fun happenings in your family life. :)

Jenny Noble

Your deck is beautiful! It is adorable that your kids are helping you. My husband and I want to build a similar deck in our yard, but we have to finish laying the sod first.

Jenny Noble |

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