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woo hoo! Can't believe you're really coming to see littl' ol' us - can't wait!! : )

Lovely Cee.

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!!! let's raise the roof, people!!!

(dear Karen, i promise to behave like a well behaved human being. i will not scare you.)


Exciting for all you Montana people!! I drove 6 hours to go to her 1 Day Workshop in Oregon- it was soooooo worth it!! I loved both her online and live class. I wish I could go again!

amy emery

Really, no blogging for a week? Aw, come on. It's just like walking into Ross' empty room! Just teasing! Lucky students.


Can't believe the countdown is TRULY on! We can hardly wait for your arrival Miss Karen!!! See you next week!


careful of the tornados!!!!

Jennifer S.

Karen, is there a list somewhere of all your classes and locations? (the one-day workshops)


SUPER jealous you are going to Montana (although you are not going to the prettiest spot ever fyi)....i hate it when you dont blog for a week...i miss you....:)


Yes, is there a list of live location classes???? OMGosh, I'd l-o-v-e to go!!!! Texas, Texas, Texas, puleeeeze, Texas!


Karen, I can't wait to meet you, I'm really looking forward to your class...see you on Saturday :)


Karen, I lived in Billings for five years after I was married. I love this town. Walker's Grill is my favorite restaurant, pricey but the bourbon street pasta is wonderful. We liked walking along the rims and there is a pictograph cafe just outside of town. Pompey's Pillar isn't that far away either. I hope you have a good time there. I will probably be warm, August usually is. Hope you have some time to see some of the town too.


Any chance you will be coming back to Texas any time soon? Montana is just a bit to far for me. Also, thank you for your inspiration, I visit your blog when I need a little lift. A smily can always be found on here...

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