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thanks for sharing~I love reading about your adventures :) Have a great weekend!!!

Jen Spain

How cool that Ross asked you and Coley to stay with him -- love it. My five year old told me last night that when he gets to be a big man he's still going to live with me forever, but just in case he gets bigger he asked if we could get him a big bed when he outgrows the bunk bed. Your relationship with your boys is an inspiration Karen -- I really hope that when both my boys get to Ross' age we still have as good a relationship as we do now. Looks like you're all headed for a great weekend -- enjoy!


karen, how awesome that ross wanted some extra time with coley. you have raised a very fine young man-i know you are so proud of him. and coley is getting SO BIG! i love seeing all the snaps of your kids, but have a soft spot for cole since i have my own brown haired, brown eyed boy who is also growing up way too fast.
have a great weekend,

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

What a fun trip!!! You're the coolest mom ever!! :-) I think it's awesome that you and Coley listened to the Andy Stanley podcasts together! I love him! Our last bible study was based on the Principle of the Path book & it was so good. I need to download those podcasts. Have a lovely weekend at the Enchanted Forest -- sounds wonderful!


How neat is it that Ross realized leaving the movie was the best idea! You did good!

D Jaqueline

Ross looks so happy that you guys are their. He even smile at the Camera... Your my inspiration as mother.


Came across a layout today of Ross's first time shaving. Didn't even think of it until I saw your post today. And it made me realize how fast my own kiddo's are growing and how much it will kill me when they are gone. :(

Shauna Thompson

i just LOVE your pictures and hope that I get into your class soon. Thanks for always sharing your talent of photography!

teresa b

Awh what a great mom!! And big brother!!! Love the pix!!


Your blog popped up in Google Reader this afternoon and I clicked through to the Andy Stanley podcasts. Dowloaded them to listen to while I was working in my office. Wow. Seriously enjoying them. Thanks! :)


Great post, Nellie! Ross's place is so sweet...oops, I mean so manly! ha. I'll bet Coley is in high heaven getting to spend time alone with him. Awesome bond they have!!!

I love Andy Stanley's dad, Charles Stanley. We watch him on tv every Sunday while we get ready for church (or if we stay home...) They are the best!!!

Glad you posted today--makes it a great weekend! :)


I know how Ross feels. I remember being lonely when I first moved into my new place. I asked one of my siblings to stay with me. Love the pictures as always.


They are beautiful :} Ok, boys are Handsome. But they are truly beautiful.


Love your visit--thanks for sharing! Glad to see Ross moved his deoderant with him (remember those pit stains in the Christmas pictures)! (HaHa We have the same problem , only my girls get it from me--I apologize to them all the time!) That is great Cole gets to stay with his big brother--he'll always remember that. My 10 year old (our big surprise) is on Vancouver Island staying with his big sister for a week--he's loving it! Ahhh... summer memories. Enjoy. Take care.

Rhonda P.

First, it's so sweet he asked you to come stay in the first place. Second, how awesome he asked his little brother to stay a couple of days. Just melts my heart.


I like his pet! I had one just like that. Funky Freddy the Fighting Fish! Looks like a great time! You're very lucky to have such a great relationship with him!!!


Sounds like a perfectly wonderful existence, cider, loud music and midnight jams to Guitar Hero... cannot wait!


if there is even a smidge of me that could possibly maybe not totally dread my kids growing up.... its because of moments like these that you share & I can see that dreaded part might just be ok. :)
guess all the pics of his stuff (aka deod) just seems normal to him by now !!LOL
thanks for sharing-
Ada in Coastal Cali


hi karen,

hope you had a great time at Ross's place.

can i just say that i have the exact snoopy jar that ross had at our home back in manila, philippines?

it is sooooo weird seeing it, i don't even remember having it until i saw it in your pictures.

i miss home. (i live in bermuda now)

love your blog!


hi Karen, what a super photojournal of this time for Ross. Was that high ISO pic at night? wowser!


Looks like it was a fun visit. And it's so sweet that you were invited to visit.

Jennifer Camplin

Nice fun out to Ross apt.
Nice of Ross, want lil bro to come by.

Fun.. other than glad Ross knew it to get out of that movie place.

Glad you all had fun!


What fabulous photos. And, think how neat it will be for R. to have them when he is your age. I just love every one of them. So happy you had a great overnight!


Coley is going to have a blast hanging with his big brother!


I am sure Ross got a kick out of telling you what you have told him for years LOL. So good that Ross and Coley get to hang out just the two of them. And very cool that Ross wanted you to go stay the night at his place, you truly are one lucky mama!


Karen, I'm a current student, and I have to say that my respect for you went up even more (and it was already pretty high!) hearing that you and Coley were listening to Andy Stanley. He is my all-time favorite pastor. I don't know how familiar you are with his other series, but they are fabulous; he just makes so much sense and really speaks to your heart. I live in TN, but I got to go to a service at North Point a couple years ago with my husband, which was pretty cool. Anyway, kuddos to you for sharing that special time with Coley. It sounds like he's pretty lucky to have you and his loving big brother.


First of all, YOU are the coolest mom EVER. EVER.
Second, holy tamales, when did Coley turn into a pre-teen young man. He looks like he aged five years this summer. That photo of him in front of the bus... totally different kid there.
Third, you have the COOLEST kid ever to ask YOU, his MOM to come hang with him. Seriously, I cannot even imagine any such thing ever happening with my son. As a matter of fact, I think he lived in four different apartments before I ever had the opportunity to step foot into one of them.

nancy in ks

Your left bicep must be the size of Popeye's! Great one-handed shots.

charity palmer

I know you get tons of comments...and rightly so! But this amateur just wanted to say thanks for such an awesome blog full of amazing photos. You're an inspiration!

tara pollard pakosta

how awesome!
you are such a fabulous mama!


Great pictures.. As always :) We go to Northpoint here in Atlanta. We LOVE Andy! We have been going there for about three years. I have a 8 yr old and a 6 yr old. He's a great speaker and tells it like it is :)
Love that Coley is hanging with Ross for a few days.. I used to get to do that with my Sister when I was younger.. So much fun :)


Glad you enjoyed the podcast....I loved that series, too. Andy is actually my pastor here in Atlanta, GA and I'm fully aware of how lucky I am. I love to go back and re-listen to particularly good messages he's done in the past.


This is too funny..

And for the first time after I asked him to PLEASE TURN OFF THAT HORRIFIC, HEAD-BANGING MUSIC BEFORE I SCREAM, he got to say, "Mom, when you pay the rent for my apartment, you can decide what music I listen to."

I think he's been waiting years to say that to me (since I spent so many years saying it to him.)

I think everyone waits their whole teenage years to tell/or go against their parents on. Mine big deal was standing with the refrigerator door open for any length of time JUST.TO.SEE.WHAT.THERE.WAS.TOO.EAT.

even though I had just been in there 1 minutes ago....


Karen, I just finished listening the first podcast of the series you mentioned. It was great! I downloaded the rest of them and can't wait to have the time to listen to more. Thanks for sharing!


Andy Stanley is a wonderful preacher/teacher. We were part of his congregation before moving to Bowling Green, KY last year. Yepper, we miss it.

Cathy S.

Thank you so much for coming to Billings, your class was amazing!!! I am so going to buy a nifty 50 lens for my camera! I am excited to get my camera out and keep it out. Thank you again!
:) Cathy


I love the first and second photo and the one of Coley looking up at his big brother with a huge smile on his face. The one of him smiling on the couch just shows how happy he is to be there and staying with his brother for a few days. What fun for him.

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