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Kristal Jones

This is so, so awful & I feel sick to my stomach. I'm so sorry that this is happening to you & your family.


This is so wrong! I've found pieces of my blog posts on bizarre sites that showed up through my Google alert. I don't really understand who these people are and why they would do this. I did have to laugh though as in the text on the Orkut page she says she is easy to get along with and yet she sent you nasty responses. I guess it goes along with the photo not being genuine either. So sorry for you!


This is just WRONG!! Too bad there isn't some legal recourse! This person sure has no cooth!! Too bad you can't find out who it is, where they live, and go have JD go kick some butt!!

Joni Schindler

Ewww, that is very disturbing. I don't blame you at all. I mean Annie is adorable but what in the world are some people thinking. ugh -- sorry you have to deal with this.


You were nice to not link her page or email address so we could ALL send notes along about how it would feel to steal images and portray them as their own.


That is so ... unhealthy and weird and strange and creepy! I'm ever EVER so sorry for you, for having to go through that!!

I'm glad she at least took the photos down!

Diane W.

Karen, I sympathize with you totally and understand your frustrations. The crazy, disturbing things that people will do... I'm sure your past students will be behind you all the way with whatever you decide to do. Hugs.


I believe I read this same thing happening to Erin Cobb. You may want to contact her for any additional advice on dealing with this disgusting person.


I´m so sorry for you. I can imagine you´re upset. It makes me rethink what I publish on my blog. Never thought that there might be someone to copy images.

Ute L.

Oh this is so terrible! That is the reason why I was afraid of starting blogging! My girl is in the same age as Annie and it is our job to protect them! But it's good that you have fans all over the world who tell you something like this!
Greetings and a big hug from Germany, Ute.


Karen, I'm so sorry this has happened to your family. I don't know a thing about blogs, flickr, etc. But - is it possible to get the IP address and threaten to take it to the authorities? They may be able to give you the name and address of the person using your images. When it involves a child - the game changes. I believe that person has to have your permission to use images of your child on the internet. Can photos be copyrighted?
It's worth a call to the police department's internet crimes dept. They can probably steer you in the right direction. Let this person know you mean business.


wow! that's creeping me out. so sad that people can't just respect stuff. one things for sure! you have plenty of eyes and ears out here. still doesn't make it better though, It just shouldn't happen! :(


Just horrible.

I'd go for watermarking over main parts of the photo... just something simple, but I reckon it would be effective.

Megan Renfree

oh wow, thats just so bizarre. I don't understand why someone would do that!! I'm really sorry that this has happened to you, there are some really weird people out there!!!


Unfortunately, this is a very common problem that is happening to lots of people. I am in the same boat, and not a professional photographer, but people keep recommending that I still watermark. I guess that is the best solution- although I don't want to do that.


I'm not a professional photog, but I do watermark my images. I usually don't post pictures of people on my blog, but when I post a picture of a layout, I put a watermark over the faces of the people on the layout. You can still see them, but not too clearly and the watermark can't be cropped out. Something to consider.


Hi Karen, I am a big admirer of yours. I find attitudes like the one from this woman sickening, people believe that a photo is free just because it is on the internet, in the best scenario they have no idea of how their actions can affect the photographer but also the mother of the little child. People like this need to learn to a) respect other peoples property and b) respect others people's children even if it is just an image of a child completely adequate.
It is a major issue because your daughter is a minor. You have not overreacted. If anything under reacted.
Take care

Melissa Grogan

You are not hyper sensitive or overreacting. You were very right to contact the person and Orkut. If you start choosing to have your blog password protected etc.. I don't think anyone could blame you at all. Annie and the rest of your family are so photogenic, I would miss seeing them, but would totally understand. It's a scary world out there. Hang in there.. and if you want to start a petition against Orkut or anything like that, let me know. I'd be glad to send a letter, email with more than just a name.


Wow Karen. Very scary. This kind of think is a wakeup call to all of us that have blogs. Lucky for you have so many contacts out there and that one was able to notify you and make you aware of this. I'm glad you and Josh were able to contact the site and get the images removed. Very sorry you had to go through this!

Helen Shields

So So feel for you in this situation, I have a blog and post pictures of my three children 6,8 and 10. I have been warned by others not to post their pictures but being in the military it is our chance to keep in touch with so many friends and family which are scattered all over the place. As a regular person I love to visit your blog for the photography and also the family moments which I can relate to. I hope you can find a solution to this horrible dilema. Sadly there is always one (or more) who will ruin a wonderful medium of communication for the innocent of us. Hang in there Karen so many of us are sharing your disgust and fear right now.


I happened upon your blog through kwerners. Follow hers for card making, but found yours in hopes that I would be taking your classes. (can't afford camera & classes, but working on it!) Anyways... I enjoy your photos & mostly, just love the way you write! I say shame on Orkut, if they are running a blog/website they also need to obey the unspoken rule of not copying! Didn't we all learn this in Kindergarten! I have been following your blog for, ugh idk... about 2 years. Shame on Orkut!

Shannon Laux

Makes me sick and very angry all together...people are just sick. I hope it's a one time deal. I mean we all know your kids are cute but to steal pictures? Disturbing and scary for a mommy and daddy. That's why I hate facebook because pics can been grabbed. Hope it gets resolved and you feel better because as a Mommy I know how I would feel.


Ugh...that's horrible. The fact that this woman actually sent you rude emails is rediculous. Makes me sick to think that their are people out there. I don't think there is anything wrong with watermarking your work. If it will make your family safer I think we will all understand. I feel the need to start watermarking my photos now.

Take Care,



I would be WIGGIN OUT!!!!!!!!
That is Totally the reason I don't blog or Facebook---
But Man I sure do enjoy your blog and seeing your photos---and it makes me sick that people want to do crazy things like that.
I truly hope that it is like you said "an innocent situation"!!!!!!!!
Hope you get it all sorted out.

Michelle A.

I am with you --- I cannot fathom why someone would even want to do this. It just blows my mind. Good luck with the situation. I love looking at your blog & the images you post help to inspire my pictures (but they never quite make it to you level), but have never thought about using them as my own. This world --- it is a'changin'. Good luck.


I read this on my phone before bed and didn't have time to comment but I laid awake most of the night last night thinking about my 3 year old and the pictures on my blog. I hate the world is a place where things like this happen. The internet is such a cool place...but such a disturbing place too. I hope you find peace and that you get an apology. It is totally not acceptable.

ana roat

I don't think you're overreacting at all. That chick knew exactly what she was doing. I think you have every right to raise a little hate and discontent on this one.

Cindy Welch

Your feelings are justified and I would be outraged my child was used without my permission. I would file a formal official claim. I would disable the ability to copy pic as your students can email you if they really want the info. Better safe than sorry.


That is SO creepy! I think all that you are feeling is completely warranted.

Nicky from Canada

Wow - quite shocking and a bit scary. Totally understanding how you are feeling.
Hope that it is corrected asap!!


This happened to Lisa (the guide dawg) on clickin moms~I cannot remember how she handled the situation, but I am sure if you sent her a PM she would help you out.

I just don't get why people do this sort of thing!!! very CREEPY!!


Lame. Seriously, lame! It is unbelievable how boring some people's lives must be to fill their time with stealing your photos... your daughter's photos and do this. For what? For fun?? Crazy and disgusting.

I am so sorry this has happened to your family, Karen. Your blog is such a blessing to so many, and I find that having access to your photo info is super helpful, but I'd totally understand if you choose to block it.

Thank you for putting this situation out there, too, so we all can be more aware.


I certainly hope it was an innocent situation for your sake. I am one of those parents who doesn't let their kids on the computer because of everything going on in cyperspace. This person stepped over the line and I hope it doesn't impact your family in a negative way.

Heather Crawford

Ummm weird...never even heard of this site? I post lots of pics of my kids too...just weird...not sure how to handle that? like everyone said, hopefully it was just innocent, but i get what you are feeling?

Jennifer O.

I can't even imagine taking someone else's pictures and using them. I understand completely why you are upset. I really hope that the actions of a few thoughtless people don't ruin the experience the rest of us get enjoying these peaks into your life. I hope the situation is resolved quickly for you.


So sorry this happened! You have every right to be upset & angry. Just from my own observations from other great bloggers/photographers is that 99% of the people who come to your site, like myself, think you're awesome, appreciate you sharing your knowledge & lovely photos, and enjoy your tales of your family/life. I know we haven't met so you don't know me from Adam (& sadly we probably won't - I say sadly b/c you seem like you'd be super fun to hang out with). ;) But I've learned a lot from the things you've shared (& other bloggers too), especially about parenting. We're trying to have kiddos & I've really appreciated how much my view has been widened. And I think your kiddos are all very cool little people (well, maybe Ross is cool big people) & I would really miss it if you stopped posting/sharing. Dude, I keep looking at that sentence & hope it doesn't sound all creepy. Blogs are awesome but they create this imbalance of intimacy(?) because your readers feel like they "know" you but you don't know us on a personal level. So I stress over wording my comments in a way that expresses my appreciation without sounding like I think we're 'best buds'. :)

I think that any of your regular readers understand that the kids' safety & comfort comes first. I'm waaay behind on my editing/posting photos to Flickr but when I do, I'll be purchasing a membership & only opening family photos to family. If I share any, I'll likely watermark across faces/middle of photo. And I'm certainly not a professional photographer.

But honey (breaking out my best southern sass here), if you're not a professional photographer, then I don't know who is. I get what you're saying when you say that you're not, because you don't do weddings/portraits as your business, you don't sell art prints & you're not a photojournalist. But from this site, it appears that you make a living off of your talents as an artist (in scrapbook product design) & your knowledge/talent as a photographer (through teaching); and you do a great job of it.

Like I said, we're working on having kids & I'm already thinking about the issues that are out there & how to handle them. One, I think that most of the photo stealers are a zillion miles from you. From personal experience, there are many places in the world where fair complextions are the standard for beauty & fair hair is particularly valued. So, while still very icky & gross & not right, even most of the people who steal are just thoughtless jerks who bear no malice towards your children. I hope that this makes you feel better in some way. Two, even if you remove photos of your children from your blog/flickr, it doesn't really remove the problem. Because what happens to all the photos taken by family/friends/group events that are shared on other blogs/social networks?

Sorry for the thesis of a post. I check your site daily but don't have time to do a lot of posting so when I do, I tend to really make up for it. ;)

My suggestion, for what it's worth, is for you to disable right-clicking & watermark the photos of your smaller children. For the photo info, maybe you could include it on the bottom of the picture or publish with the Lightroom info on it (lens,speed,apature). It will be a little distracting but it won't take away from the overall beauty of your work. And you can leave the photos of adults, scenery normal.

Hope this helps you feel better & reassures you that those of us who read this blog appreciate you & care about you. Thanks for all that you do & that you've shared with us.

Sherri L

I am so sorry this happened to you and your family. Please keep documented records of emails and images, just in case. I am glad Josh took swift action and notified Orkut. I have never even heard of that site, although I am familiar with Flickr, but don't use it. Praying for quick and painless resolution and peace.


every momma out there backs you karen....


I know several photogs who have dealt with this same situation on Orkut. One that comes to mind is Rachel Devine (Sesame Ellis on flickr). From what I understand kids on this site make up fake profiles with pics of kids. Sorry this happened.


Really scary stuff on the internet these days! I wish people would stop doing that, especially to children, for crying out loud! Some people out there are really crazy!

Elizabeth B

That is Really Really bizarre.
Who would do that ? especially someone with NO connection to you or your family.
I would disable people being able to save them or at the very least watermark them Karen...otherwise, I'm sure it will happen again.


Karen!! This happened to me too! I felt sick, angry, violated... all the same emotions. I also filed a complaint, and emailed the offender, who responded by deleting her account. Probably just to start another with my photos under another name. I emailed various people about it and asked about it on all the boards I could find. Seems the general thoughts were the Orkut peeps are mostly kids and no one know why they steal images, but appearently its just the thing to do. Harmless, but still wrong. So I did lots of research and found that you can block entire countires from your site. But I had a blogger blog and it wouldnt work on there. I hosted my own site and used a site like this - - to generate the code to block Brazil, and havent had a visitor from there on my site since. I have also heard China and Korea are other coutries where this type of thing is popular, so you can block them as well. I would just google it and see if it is available for TypePad. Feel free to email if you want help! Good Luck!!

Marilyn Johnson

I am so sorry to hear about this. I have worried about this happening also. I watermark some of my photos that I put on my blog but not sure if it really
prevents these things or not. If you find out how to lock the images so no one can copy can you let us all know. I am half tempted to stop my blog but like you it is a quick way to journal with pictures about our lives. I love your blog and hope you can find a way to prevent this from happening again. If you do can you let us know, like I said I am tempted to stop mine.

Patricia Mouro

Wow, amazing that, we end up thinking of pedophilia and everything else, is disgusting ... I went into the profile and there is no longer anything (open to the public by less), but if you look at the profiles of friends, are all pictures of children and also entering the profiles are all the same, false profiles, with statements at least suspicious. Surely they are using pictures of other children. It is very sad that it takes so long to detect this. On the other hand I am happy that there are people who protest and warn us of it all.


What is wrong with people?!

Jennifer Camplin

This is sick.. hope all taken care what need be done..

copy right your pictures...

Let us know how you be able to protect the pictures especially kids!!

annie biggest fear having a blog.....there are some serious freaks out there....hope she gets it down asap!

Terry D.

This may sound wierd, but maybe you could contact Fox News and have them investigate these idiots at Orkut because it doesn't sound like this is a one time deal. Others have also been effected by this. Someone has to stop them and you can do it Karen. This is sick and horrible and you are not over-reacting.


OMG - I totally don't blame you for being freaked out by this. I would've been too. Finding out that the person who took your images is on another continent would've made me feel slightly better, but not completely.

You're a great Mom to your kids - and you have good instincts. Trust them.

Sandy Wisneski

Have you contacted Google and ask them to investigate? This is so wrong...


Oh my gosh Karen I am totally upset for you as well. For someone to take someone elses photo's that is just sick and twisted. Hugs to you I will be praying for all of you at this time.


NO NO NO! The first time I heard about this, I was devastated and I didn't even know the family. So sorry. Let's send out a prayer chain request for the protection of all our precious children and annihilating of *Orkut*?


Karen & Josh -

You have every right to feel the way you do and react the way you did. Our children are our prize possessions and we have to protect them. I'm just so glad that someone forwarded this to you or you might not have ever known. Plus I'm glad that it has been removed.

Annie is such a sweet girl along with all your other beautiful children. I love to read about your daily trials and tribulations and to see your beautiful pictures. Don't let this discourage you. Remind yourself of all those amazing people you have met through photography and scrapbooking. There are still good people out there!

Keep doing what you're doing. We love it!

Go Beavs!!

Love, Dawn

Kimberly L.C.

I feel sick and Annie isn't even my kid! I DO NOT understand people. Even if this was done innocently and she just likes your pictures, why wouldn't she think about how creepy it is for her to use them?


Jenny Schimak

This is scary stuff, so sorry this has happened to you. I'm glad you contacted them and that the pictures were taken down.


sick and wrong! I know exactly how you feel! I had some weirdo contact me on flickr wanting to use pics of my daughter and it freaked me out!!! I went and immediately and made private all my pictures of my family. I will only use nature/landscape public on there now. I am so sorry this happened!

gina f.

Sorry this happened and that some people don't live their lives by the same standards that others do. Hope their is a good resolutions; I would miss not seeing your photos :( I am glad that someone saw this and let you know about it so that you could take care of it.

Ashley S.

How awful. I'm sorry Karen.

Carrie P

So very sorry, Satan is alive and well in this world.
Hope there is a way to prevent this.

Martha - EP

How horrible. You do a nice thing for your followers and someone who probably hasn't taken your class or follows you regularly does something stupid like this. When I first open post, I thought you were sharing the photoshoot you did of Annie for a clothing magazine you spoke about, but this is just wrong. Good for you and Josh to email and complain.

Blessing are being sent your way, and yes karen, you have EVERY right to be upset. I believe something like this happened to Erin Cobb and she started watermarking all her pictures. You could just do something like "photos by Karen" or something like that.

good luck!


I'm sad to see this happen to you. I so enjoy visiting your blog daily, the pictures of your family take me back to a happy time in my life. I would hate to see you stop doing what you obviously love.

Carolyn Hall

I would definitely be upset if I were you....hell I am upset for you. This is completely over the line and uncalled for. These people need to be stopped from stealing pictures and using them to create profiles. So sorry Karen.


You are not over-reacting one bit! You are protecting your children. I, personally, am horrified. Good for you and Josh to take immediate action!

Do not EVER feel bad for being/feeling over-protective. It's not over-protection. It's parenting. GREAT parenting.

Susan Dingess

You have every right to be frightened; I became more anxiety ridden as I read on. I am glad you took the measures you did and also, I would disable the right-click option on the blog. Seriously, if a picture is the super best ever, then only if you want to take the time to put the basic shooting info on, do so. Maybe there is a way shots ability.

HUGS around.



I know of several pro photogs that have this struggle. We have found the primary target is fair skinned blondes. Weird I know but that is what we've discovered. I'm glad she's taking them down. And it doesn't matter if u right click disable, I view your blog in google reader and you can save images from there.


You are not over reacting at all! I will say prayers for you, and hope this turns out the way it is supposed to. Tuck your babies in, say a prayer, take a breath, and know that even if we are not perfect parents. We are trying really hard. Your gut instinct to feel angry/sick/more angry/more sick, is right on target, and it will pass. Blessings.


Hello,I`m from Brazil and I love your website.I`m sure I`ve said it here before.I`ve been reading it for years and I have commented here sometimes too I even share your site with my Brazilians friends who love photography just like me and I just can`t wait THE day that I have THE extra money to take your classes.I`m really sorry about what happened to the pictures of your lovely daughter.I have a profile in Orkut for about 6 years now,and I think it is a really good network just like other ones out there if you want to connected with family and friends,I have everyone in my family there even my grandpa.In Brazil we barely know about facebook or myspace or whatever more that is out there.I`m shocked that somebody did this to you but it happens and not only in orkut,I`ve found fake profiles with my pictures and name in many other sites and even in orkut and I think you should and it s your right to do something about it(I would) but we have to keep in mind that it`s not just in Orkut(most used by brazilian)that it happens so I think some people here should think about what they are saying.People should know that Brazil is not what most americans think,its dangerous,just like here but just a little more because there are people who are so poor that crime is not an option they just have to survive.`Girls are not walking naked on the streets or in clubs or etc,like I`ve seen it here sometimes.We don`t have tv shows of girls hooking up or making out with different guys every other day or taking drugs like here.
I live in US and It`s a victory to me because I`m having an opportunity to go further with a better education(international)and it gross me out when somebody look at me because I`m *brazilian*with second intentions or judgment!

And I think whoever reads this(under v) should laugh just gotta be kidding me!Its just so exaggerating!
I get emails daily from Orkut/Brazil girls wanting to befriend me so they can take pictures of Katie.
And anytime you need some translation of your case and if that girl writes you back...Email me!


Oh that's terrible! I've never even heard of that website. I would completely be in a tizzy about it. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

Joann Baer

NOTHING is how you feel when someone posts pictures of your dog. This isn't the case... this is ANNIE! I felt violated to find my boy's pictures posted on a search engine... inappropriately labeled. blech... Now I try to remember to be careful not to give too many details- it's just sick part of the whack-o's and their world.
Keep your chin up... and know that 99.9% of us feel like your family... and that's who's got your back. :)

tara pollard pakosta

that is EXACTLY WHY I made the decision to go private with my blog!
I have never been more happy than when I did that!
good luck and I hope it's nothing, but it sure does look creepY!


ok that made me
a) nauseaus
b) creeped out
c) pissed off.

watermark everything sweet pea, you're a pro.



I'm sorry this has happened to you - it's very creepy and I'm glad to read that the images have been removed already. I hope this person goes away and never bothers you again!

It may be a good idea to watermark your images. Perhaps the extra step of removing the watermark would dissuade future piracy.


Same thing happened to me on Orkut, except I don't have cute children to worry about. Someone was stealing my photos and my online identity via that vile website. I now only post very few, if any pictures online and if I do, it's through a website that only family & very few friends have access to. A lot of the time the Orkut stealers take down the photos when you report them, so hopefully this will go away for you quickly.


I'm so sorry to see this, Karen. I do hope you find a solution real soon - this is awful and something I've never even seen and a site I've never heard of before either. Thanks for the heads up. Big hugs! xoxoxo


Wow, that's horrible!! People are so creepy! Hope you get it sorted out soon!

On a side note, I didn't realize about the jeffery's exif viewer, and I did try that out tonight...and I have to say that it made me feel better about figuring out what your settings are (I have been soooooo frustrated with my camera (and myself) lately and this was so helpful- I signed up for your class over a year ago (or longer), and I just haven't finished it (but def. will be b/c i can't take any more of my frustrations!) are incredibly talented and I admire you so much! :) Thanks for being so inspirational!


Wow. How very scary. This is the second time that someone has told you about it and I'm glad that you have had such good luck in getting them removed from the sites. It sure makes me wonder if my pictures are out there, used by someone and I would never find it...


Found it! If you goggle Stolen Picture: Extraordinary Mommy you will get her story and the link to a solution... I hope. Here's the link at Sneaky Momma
I really hope this helps.


So, so wrong! I am sorry that you have to deal with this.

Melanie L.

I'm sooooo sorry that happened to you. I've heard Orkut is a big pain for many photogs. There are ways you can protect your images. One is called "shrink wrapping" where you put a transparent image over your current image. When a person goes to right-click the image, all they get is a blank image instead. But again, that's one more step you'd have to do. For more info, check out


You are so NOT overreacting! And that is reinforced by at least 150 people! Hang in there!


WOW....I'm so sorry to hear this. I have a daughter and can completely understand how you would feel. A friend of mine recently had his images used and now he has taken every single image of himself on Facebook off, PLUS all his image on his friend's accounts too. There are definately creeps out there who would do sick things like this.....


Thats really sick. Do whats best for you and your kids!

Greetings from Germany.

Jennifer S.

This comment is a little odd : "It's not like you think. Karen, Take it from me, I've done that. They are only children and teenagers with no bad intentions. It seems hard to believe but they love our children, and they care to people in "Orkut" don't use their photos without our permission. Calm down, everything will be OK, BELIEVE me, I've been there, it's not the way we think. I know they are our children, but give them a chance.. talk to them. If you authorize them to use the photos of your daughter on Orkut, they will care, they are just CHILDREN, see for yourself." I think thats really an Orkut user.


This is just so wrong on so many levels.. I'm so sorry for you guys. I can only imagine if it werey kids how furious I would be!!


This kind of stuff makes me sick. I have learned so much about photography, processing, and scrapping techniques online but am still hesitant to post photos of my children and try NEVER to include their names if I do. Theft is just wrong and when it includes images of children, well, it's even "wronger". I'm very sorry this has happened to your family and I wish I knew how to stop it.


So sorry to read what's happening. I love that you share your beautiful family with us. Annie is adorable and always puts a smile on my face :) It's so unfortunate that normal people who are sharing, learning and just being friends have to deal with the abnormal, selfish people in the world. I hope this gets straighten out and I really hope we get to continue to see "Your Life..." because it looks so darn fun :D

Lisa Hall

Karen you did the right thing it is not ok for someone to come in and do that we all have been warned
we all love to look at your life
some of us learn so much from you
just be aware as you were.
be happy '
Lisa Hall


You know I saw this post the other day and wasn't suprised. I've had friends on Flickr get hit by these Orkut kids. Today I decided to check my webstats through and low and behold. I was hit, too! Just yesterday (7/8/10), someone in Brazil was on my family blog bouncing back and forth from Orkut, to Flickr, to my blog. I fear pics of my kids are posted on Orkut without my permission but I haven't found them. So now my blog is private. Its such a dirty feeling :(

Jenn N

Holy crap! My heart skipped a beat reading this and Annie isn't even my child! Is it possible for you to prevent the right click on your photos but have some sort of password for your students?
I hope you can find resolution to this as I would hate to have to miss the photos on your blog because someone else isn't creative enough to come up with their own images.


my mom is hyper-paranoid about stuff like this happening with my kids because of my involvement with scrapbooking/photography, etc. so much stuff is out there, and she swears up and down that someone could easily get to the kids because of just enough clues being put together. i pooh-pooh her, but seriously ... it DOES scare me, and it COULD happen. your story, case in point. people are weird and psycho, and you just never know. thanks for the reminder ... and for also stating that there is a slippery slope between sharing life and stories and putting too much out there. had i known then then i know now, i never would have used names, etc., in posts. oh well. good luck with getting this resolved.


Ugh....sorry. I don't really "know" you but I don't get it either...I would never even THINK of doing something like that. And is it me or is it a bizarre coincidence her name or profile is Russell??? Hang in there.....

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Ick. Ick, ick, ick. I feel sick to my stomach, because I feel like you've let us into your lives, and I can't believe someone would violate that trust. Maybe I'm just too naive. :( Praying for you! {{hugs}}

Nicky from Canada

Has this been fixed yet!! Not a place I would go but can definitely feel for you.

teresa b

WOW!! That's just sad.. what is wrong with these people!! Seriously!! Get a life!! and your own pictures!! Wow Karen.. I'm sorry..someone's always gotta screw it up for the rest of us. I totally appreciate all that you share, your blog has brought me laughter, tears, encouragement and creative ideas...I hope you figure something out to protect your loved ones..


Wow. There are crappy people everywhere, so sorry. :(


karen, i'm really sorry about this. i can only imagine how you feel. i'm glad things seem to be resolved and i understand that it's not about your photos, it's about your family. take care, susan

Kathi Kraft

Karen - it is hard to see this happen in general but especially when it is your child. Please know that most of us though sort of stalkerish in the way we talk about you (well you know Karen says...and Annie has the cutest picture) would never ever abuse that trust by posting or doing anything with photos of your kids. So sorry this happened.....


Michelle J

I'm sorry. You should not feel guilty watermarking your photos. You took them no one should profit. Besides - you take photos for a childrens catalog - that is professional in my book (well, and your awesome classses, and beautiful photos) Actually, isn't one of those photos from the catalog? Isn't that another copyright infraction? See now, *I* feel all stalkerish for even knowing that.


Oh Lord! I am so sorry that this happened to you. I always think that most people are good in the world and that they wouldn't take a photo from someones blog to use it in an bad way.

I am so glad that it was taken off and I do hope that you don't stop sharing your photos and I hope it doesn't happen again.

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