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Jen R.

These are great! Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time up here! ;)


Wow! Just incredible photographs! Love the light!

Jennifer S.

lovin the flare and the speedy little feet! Enjoy!


Pure joy!!!


amazing. :)


If my shots looked like that, I wouldn't be able to wait to show the world, too! What amazing shots of your beautiful family...once AGAIN :-D That's the kind of predictability of which I only dream --great shots...and the extras, well, I LOVE that kind of unpredictability and don't even dare to dream.


Wow! THIS is what I aspire to - these are just incredible, Karen!

Denné Alise

Such awesome sun flare Karen! I am a flare junkie! ;) Looks like you all had a blast! The one of Annie in the tire swing is so adorable!


Girl, you have outdone yourself... I love Annie by the fence and Coley up close. So cool.

Nancy May

oh, these are nice!!! I have been wondering if there is an update on the photo editing with Erin Cobb? I am loving the new look of all your editing. I would love to learn the secrets!!!


Ooh, I love the second one! Magic.


Love them all! The one of Coley giving the high 5 in mid jump is great!
The lens flare made me think of the youtube video of the guy video taping the Double Rainbow. Look it up. It's odd, but neat how amazed he is by the double rainbow. Wonder what he'd say to your lens flare?!

Jennifer Camplin

Fun in Seattle!

Have more fun before home.
Heart to have sun flares!!

Have fun!!

Kim P

Awesome group of shots! My favs are the 1st (well and the 2nd) one, Coley up close on the swing, the feet (!), Annie swinging with your sister, and Annie by the fence, oh and Coley too with that cool x in the circle. That almost covers them all... it's so hard to pick favorites with your posts.


Awesome lens flare!!! Looks like you're having a great time with your sister ( & Auntie )!!


GORGEOUS!!! What lens did you use??


Loving the lens flare. Have been trying to get some lately and have got little bits, but nothing so great as this. : ) As always, great photos.


WOW! The lens flare is awesome!! You consistently continue to amaze me!!


Fantastically fun the one looking up through the tire swing....

Alis in Wnderlnd

I lived in Seattle (Mercer Island) as a kid and still desperately want to move back to the Northwest. I miss it. One day.


I think that the moisture in the air helps contribute to good lens flare here- that's my theroy anyway- Enjoy your stay up here, these cloudy AM-sunny afternoon days are such a treat! The perfect afternoon temps with out sweltering! Do you know what caused the circle with the x? A reflection from something? I'm not sure what the deal is with the clover, it's everyswhere this year!

Melanie L.

You have the most beautiful children. :) Thanks for sharing these right away.


these are so great.
gorgeous kids. :)

nancy in ks

Request: Use #1 and/or #2 for Making the Shot.

You have worked incredibly hard and determinedly to become great at photography, and you ARE.

God is smiling on your gift and hard work with unexpected surprises. You used to be my hero because of the products you created for scrap-booking. Then it was your parenting. Then it was your writing. And all along it was your photography. There aren't very many people whom I admire as much as you. On top of all this, you remain a giver and down to earth. Thanks for being this person that you are.

Kathy Aylward

Amazing, dreamy photos Karen...looks like the kids had fun too. Thanks for sharing.


They are gorgeous photos!

Kelly Bryan

Gorgeous pics! Also, I have a kinda strange question...Annie's romper is darling and there is one at Gymboree I am dying to get for my 3 year old, BUT... I'm worried about whether or not she'll be able to manage getting in and out of it in the bathroom (especially when she's in school). They're so stinkin' cute, but I am just nervous. Has Annie done ok??

Stacey B

I smell a new making the shot!!!


So funny! You are in my hometown and just days ago I was in yours! Hubby and I drove up the coast from California to Seattle for our Anniversary. When we got to Grants Pass, I made him stop so we could do some "KR" things. We had lunch at the Riverside Grill (Didn't realize Union Bella was in Jacksonville or we would have stopped there instead.) Then we hit a few antique stores and I found some killer deals!

Just wish we could have spotted you! :) Have fun in Seattle with your family.


Are you trying to take my title of 'Queen of Lens Flare' away from me?? These are awesome! Love the flare!


Just when I thought your photography couldn't get any better... so perfect, Karen. Thanks for sharing your talent! Its a joy and inspiration to look at!


WOW! Love them!


love that first photo, great lens flare. Love the action photos also. thanks for sharing.


Your composition makes for amazing photos. I love all the lens flare shots...I think this would be another excellent making the shot issue!


I'll say it again - YOU ARE SO TALENTED! :)


Oh my goodness. Some of the best sun flare I've ever seen in a photo - seriously perfectly gorgeously done. Wowzer, Karen, you'e really got it covered.


Very fun photos!

gina f.

love these! Have fun and a safe trip home.


Awesome pictures as always, Karen! I love them all but really love the one of the 2 kiddos running - that was too cute! The ones of them by themselves by the fence are adorable as well. :o)

Irina Klassen

They're all great!!!! I LOVE the ones of them running in the field.


These are amazing




Not to be a Debbie Downer but sometimes you get crazy lens flare because your lens is dirty... I had some crazy flare the other day and then I realized it was because there was sand or dirt or something all over my lens filter (I guess that happens when you sit it on a barn floor).

Donna Boucher

What a gorgeous set of pictures!!!
I love the 'whiteness' of your white balance.
Does that make sense?

I know we have the same cameras....and I just adore your wb technique.


Man Karen, you just keep getting better and better!!! I have to say the running feet and legs is my favorite.


the ones on the tire swing are amazing!

teresa b

We just got back from Washington yesterday! Awh we were in Seattle on the same Sunday, too crazy!! Too bad our paths didn't cross!! It would have been a blast to run into you!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!! Love love the lens flare!! You Rock Karen Russell!!


I've had you bookmarked for a while but I just need to say your photos are so inspiring it makes me want to work harder on my own images. Thank you!


That photo of Coley on the tire is gorgeous! It is so crisp and focused!

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