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The first picture is perfection.


GORGEOUS photos - I LOVE the last one - it is my favorite of the three! Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo :o)

Heather Crawford subject..I know you have mentioned that you print out piles of pictures and put them into albums..wondering what albums you use? I am about to go on a printing spree and I need large capacity albums!


Karen I really love the first one it's my favorite :)


Oh my! I can't think of a word or phrase that describes how wonderful these images are. They take my breath away! Thank you for sharing.


love all of them. and i love that it's staged. awesome.

Diane Herman

Amazing :)

Cathy Sullivant

Oh Karen those are GORGEOUS!! I wanna take pics like you!!!

Jennifer S.

Just Beautiful! I have daydreams of staging shots like this (although not as good Im sure), then the arguing brings me back to reality. So happy for you, though! Such treasures....

darlene melvin

these are some of the most beautiful pictures you've posted. They SAY so much so quietly. Thank you for sharing. they made me smile.

Tammy Mellish

OmGosh.. worthy of a book cover <3

Tammy Mellish

OmGosh.. worth of a book cover <3



Kim P

So sweet. So beautiful. Thanks for always sharing.


do not send out disclaimers like that! no no, let us be led to believe its wonderful, because it is.
The first picture is just sweetness at its best. Really. Did ya know you had "it" that second??

Karen Aldrin

I'm just going to rush out,in my nightie and find a hill to shoot on.




It is lovely, just like Rockefeller.


OMG!!!!! love these!


beautiful Karen! you are a good husband Josh :)

Cindy Welch

so sweet


yes, absolutely lovely.


Ha! Love your honesty! The framing with the tree is great!

Liz @ Perfect Chaos

Staged or not, they are STUNNING!


love these ... no matter how you got them! :)


Wow! For all my pleading, I cannot get my family to stage anything! Treasure these, they're fabulous.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Love the images AND the laugh. You crack me up! (Anyone who has taken your class knows you work WAY to hard to have much frolicking time! :)


Every time I come to see your pictures, each one is more beautiful than the one before. Truly wonderful!


just had to agree with all these gals... they are lovely just the same!! thanks always, for sharing your days with us!!


who cares if they are staged? If the relationship wasn't real, the emotion genuine, it would show - these are Great!!


do you get sick of us telling you how talented you are? b/c you truly are. i'm getting married one month from today and i'm already bookmarking all the pictures i want to re-create for my family i have one day. ha. thanks for the inspiration. :)

Irina Klassen

lovely indeed!!!


Love the last one the most!


wow!!!!! these are incredible


holy guacamole. these photos are amazing.

Louise Murr

WOW...these pictures are priceless. OMG...I want some pictures like this!!


Julia Spencer

That last photo is just stunning, framable, saleable, wonderful, and WOW "able"!


And what a good man he is for obliging! Holy Cow, those are gorgeous and worth every moment of pleading and prodding.


These are AMAZING!! Love them so mcuh!!


Simply WOW!


they are amazing. i'd blow that first one up so big!


how sweet! they are keepers!


Amazing!!! Love the last one. You are my daily inspiration.


I love these! What settings did you use to get this?

teresa b

Sigh.. the first makes my heart skip a beat!!

Lovely Cee.

good god, these are unbelievable images:) thanks for sharing.


They are just beautiful! Staged or not:)

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