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My Online Photography Workshop

This is how I learned to edit my photos

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Looks like you got some really awesome shots even if you aren't "bold"! Really wonderful!


It looks as if you had a fabulous time
I've been thinking about getting rid of my DSLR as I haven't the time to get to know it but reading your post has made me determined to find some time over the Summer break to try and learn more first
Chris x


Great pictures! We traveled thru Missoula last weekend on our way home from vacation!


THANK YOU for posting this. I'm 3 hours from Missoula and had NO idea this workshop was happening, nothing awesome comes this way. I saw on Barb's blog that a seat opened up for the next one, I'm crossing my fingers!!

Stephanie K

Green over here. Not only are you fabulous, but now you're at Meadowbrook Farm for the fabulous workshop over there too. Can't wait for you to share your knowledge with the rest of us. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Karen - you are so lucky - I read the Meadowbrook Farm blog all the time and am always struck by its gorgeousness! Loved these photos and that you were able to go and are so excited by it! LOVE it!

gina f.

Beautiful pictures!! That setting looks phenomenal... makes me want to visit Montana

mandy friend

you are sooooo blessed. I love the meadowbrook farm blog. If you haven't checked out her before pictures you should!


They sure found some cute children for ya'll to photog! The Momma's are lucky to end up with such gorgeous pics!!


GORGEOUS STUFF! That little girl with the curls looks like a china doll!


Those are really beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them with us!


Amazing pictures Karen


Great photos!
Speaking of learning new there a new Making the Shot on the horizon?

Shari Kimmey

Beautiful shots!! The sun flare is SO cool, and love all the color in that shot. I'm so happy for you doing this workshop! I would love to do one like this.


Awesome shots! A couple of photogs that have really nailed the branding thing are Becker of the The [b] School and Jasmine Star. In fact Jasmine is giving away 6 free spots in a live wedding workshop in Seattle that will also be broadcast over the web. She, like you, is a awesome photog who is motivated to help others discover their full photography potential. She VERY insperational too. I got to see her speak last fall and still feel the stirrings in my soul from the things she talked about. Here are the links if you are interested,


Wow Karen...that looks like so much fun!! Your shots are AWESOME...i love them all! What time of day were you shooting in?

Karen Aldrin

Beautiful children,props and photos.I am so glad you included that pic of you all trying to get the shot.I was wondering what it had been like,as you'd never guess from your shots,or the teachers blog.

Jennifer S.

Amazing shots! So excited for you! We should never stop learning...when you stop learning new things, you get stagnant. Stay Fresh! Great Stuff! Please keep teaching more, so we can keep learning along with ya!

Tammy Mellish

Those last few images were absolutely precious! Never heard of the Meadowbrook Farm, but funny enough.. my brother was married at a Meadowbrook Farm right here in Vermont on June 19th! :)

Kristy Klaassen Photography

I'm SO JEALOUS!!! I'd have loved to have gone, but it didn't work with my schedule...I've been coveting that workshop for ages! :)
Glad you had a fun time - love the pics!!!!


looks like it was an awesome workshop!!! I hope you might implement some of your new learned material in your upcomming classes *hint hint* I just love the editing techniques she uses~so stunning!!!

TerriB in Oregon

Beautiful shots!


That looks like so much fun, and I LOVE your shot of the little girl with the bird's nest.

Carrie P

Don't we all need to learn from others new ways to do things. Thanks for wanting to learn!Your shots are beautiful. I checked out Barb's sight, you're great!


Ooooh--what an idyllic setting. Made for gorgeous pictures!!! And your photo editing too...Nellie, you're the greatest!!! :)

Christine Edwards

These are fantastic shots! Incredibly beautiful. I love that you did this, and I'm sure you are energized (although physically run-down) with many ideas. It's great that you got to take in a new perspective.

Judy Webb

Karen these photos are wonderful. You will let us in on lense, etc. Tell your friend if she ever needs to teach using a wonderfully colored bird. My cousin lives in Kalisprell and raision peacoks. They are gorgeous. Miss you, Judy


And I love that you share your love and your talents and your beautiful family with others. You are a precious resource. Beautiful shots.


The shots are beautiful and definetly you, your brand. I like your style! It's not molded.

And thank you for this post, its very timely for me. A blessing. I've decided to finally put myself out there as a photographer and not just a hobbyist. I'll be taking my first workshop and have started networking with other photographers. It's very intimidating to shoot with the "big dogs". And I wondered what it will be like for me to scrunch some space in a they take turns, are they polite? "No you first." "No you please, before me." lol. Thank you for your honest account.

teresa b

Oh I love her.. you did an awesome job.. Lord knows I would have just been a wallflower .. I don't think you should ever stop learning.. I just need to win the lottery so I can afford some of these classes!!! awwhhh Karen Russell you Rock!


WOW! I am jealous! I am sure you had an awesome time! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her actions. If only I could use them like she does....that would be amazing! These shots are beautiful!


Thank you for your classes!


Gorgeous...thank you for inspiring me with lovely lovely things! I think I want to move to Montana now. I love the butts shots, I would have been too shy to get into that mess!


AWE inspiring! Thanks, I too am a student of life. What I want to learn I take a class or workshop. What I want to develop I take even more classes/workshops. I love your photos... I too take photos for myself and my family.

I love the shot of the little girl in the tub with all the photographer's shooting her... It's adorable.

nancy in ks

I think my brain is developing dyslexia. I read Jennifer S.'s comment which said, "When you stop learning new things you get stagnant," ----but I read 'you get pregnant'.

Anyway. I want to hear every single DETAILl of the workshop. Take as long as you like.


Three cheers for continuing education!


Love these photos Karen... you're truly my idol!


Oh, by the way, part of my continuing education is to invest on your Making the Shot lessons... I hope another one is in plan (hint, hint)... ;)

Jennifer Camplin

Awesome snapshots!!

Jennifer Camplin

amazing snapshots!!


These are gorgeous... I don't think you have anything to change in these edits.. they are just so lovely. Are you still shooting in jpg or back to raw? Does that change how you edit a lot? My favorite shot is the one of the little girl holding the birds nest.


Oh my. The composition and exposure in the shots are magnificant. Beautiful.


I am attending the Jinky workshop in Pittsburgh and I'm so excited. Thank you for sharing your thoughts; I think it helps me prepare better. Your photos are beautiful.

Carolyn Hall

Great pix Karen!! I love the shots with the long grass or wheat (whatever it is). Very pretty! Whatever you are doing for editing it is working!!!


I absolutely love your photos. We bought a Nikon D60 last year and all I know how to do with it is point and shoot. I know, such a waste of camera, I just can't figure out for the life of me how to do anything else :-(


Wonderful pictures! We feel so blessed to have such talented people taking pictures of our kids. Now what are we supposed to do...go back to Picture People, Sears?? NEVER!

Really nice work. Thanks for the opportunity!


Wow, that is so wonderful that you went to Barb's workshop!. I love that you value your passion so much to go to and pay for a workshop that mostly only professionals attend. Gets me thinking...


Great shots and you weren't even the pushy one. It was a once in a lifetime experience where everything just came together.


Eeek! The kissy face shot! Love it.


We love you being a student too. We in turn learn from you:) We benenfit also.

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Jenna Schrock

These photos are absolutely incredible! They look more beautiful than commercial photos. And with regards to continuing your education, you're very fortunate to experience that. I seriously want to study again, but I'm very busy with my work and family. :[

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