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I love tator tots. But I always eat too many.
I got teary eyed when Ross asked you to come and visit him!

Allison Waken

That brought tears to my eyes. There is hope after all! I get so sad thinking about my boys growing up and having their own place and they are only 6 and 7! You obviously did an awesome job raising him :)

Trisha Peterson

This brought tears to my eyes because my oldest will be in the same boat in three years and it is totally freaking me out already!

Your photos are lovely, as always. I just want to let you know that your blog never fails me...I read every new post and you are obviously a very loving and generous mother!

Thanks for sharing your stories and photos with us!


you did good mamma. He's a great kid.

Jamie V

Awww.... The story of 'Karen & Ross' is one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing them. :)

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

aww! love it!


Have you seen Toy Story 3? I cried throughout the whole movie because it's about Andy moving away to go to college. I've still got four years to get ready for that day. I'm so glad you're feeling less blue and will see Ross again soon.


AAhhhhh...That's so sweet. A great relationship with Mama goes into the makings of good men.
Ya did good Mom!


Aww! I really hope that when my kids are 18 they will miss me and want me to come stay with them too. That says a lot. Good for you!


Ok your post made me cry. You are truly blessed and raised a wonderful young man.


shedding tears...imagining and hoping when my 7 year old is 18 he asks me to come stay with him. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt stories again Karen.


ross is an amazing young man, thanks to you. love that you're magic blue today. that made me smile :)

Kristi B.

Had tears reading... I pray my 3 and 4 yr old boys do the same for me one day. Oh, and I love the shot at the Polar Bear-- wish we had a cool dive like that where I lived!


I miss him too. A LOT! He's probably going to get tired of all those texts I'm shootin' him.
love you PUKE!


You know I love you and that I'm a huge stalker of yours. And I know you're all crazy wonderful with photography (and thanks to you, I am as well.) But the way you tell a STORY--your articulation and manner--I wish you could bottle that up and sell THAT. I'd be the first in line to buy that!!


I love the love your family shares. What an amazing young man your son is. You are such a wonderful Mom and it shows in EVERY post.


Aww... like some of the others already said, this brought tears to my eyes. I'm due in just 6 days with my very first baby, a boy, and hope to have the same loving relationship with him as you have with Ross. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories with us all - I always feel like I'm a part of your family. And secretly wish I was. :)


I am due with a little boy in a couple months and this makes my heart smile to think that one day my grown son would want me to stay with him too. I have been told many times of the special bond between a mom and her son and I am so excited for the possibilities. It seems you have raised a great kid there!

Jennifer Camplin

perfect way to get all of that captured. to remember by.

great mama.. great son!!


digging for do love blue:-)


I love this post! Make me smile...big smile!

Is Jill still blogging? I use to follow her blog and really enjoyed it! She looks great!

Tammy Mellish

OmG, I was feeling SO soggy today. And I just went from soggy to sappy :)


This makes me happy! Thanks for sharing.

P.S. I had a random dream and you were in it. We were friends - people were jealous :-).

Jen R.

Aw, that got me teary eyed, too! :,)


I think these moments are the payoff for all we do to get them raised! Got a hug from the 19 yr old (home from college for the summer) in.front.of.his.friends! Just the best.


My heart is SMILING for you as tears fall! Bless you!

Merrie Barthel

I had a frustrating moment at work and pulled up your blog to give myself a minute away. I LOVE your blog! The part about Ross brought tears to my eyes and made me smile. Thanks for providing some reprieve!


The perfect shade of Magic Blue!! Good for you mom!!! ( & Ross too!!)


Damn. You have made me cry like three times in a week. Such a sappy sue, I am.

julie okada

You have raised one amazing son. Thank you for sharing your stories. Definitely brought tears and a smile all at the same time.


I often find that all blue turns magic eventually. Some just takes a little more time.

Helen Walsh

I feel all weepy at that! So lovely that he wants you to go and stay with him.


What a sweet boy you raised! I'm totally weepy now. I pray I do as good a job with my little guy.


Choked up here!!!! My boys are only 6 and 8 but I'm already dreading the day they leave I've decided not to let them ;) Maybe they will let me homeschool them through college...yeah,that's it!

TerriB in Oregon

See he still loves you and in all his newfound freedom, still wants to spend time with you! Way to go, Ross!


My son will leave for college in 4 wks, he's my oldest and I'm already blue. Thanks for sharing this sweet moment - it's inspiring.

Jen Spain

Now THAT is why you're one of my heroes in this parenting game. Thanks so much for sharing that story!


That picture is priceless! Look how HAPPY he is!!!


Thank you for sharing your life with me through your blog.
I mostly lurk, but I read every word.

As a single mom of a 17 month old boy, I can only hope our relationship will be half as beautiful as the one you have with Ross.

Reading your stories really give me hope and inspiration for the future.

And for that I really want to thank you.


it never fails, lady! I'm in tears. lol I love how you openly express your thoughts and feelings. Next time you are in Seattle, I'd love to visit with you <3


That was so cool.
You are so blessed. But you already know that.

Denné Alise

Totally brought tears to my eyes, love what you said! I hope someday my girls are like that, what a neat feeling Karen! Hugs!!


See....he's too close to his family (and his mama) to be by himself for too long!!!

Awww, that's so sweet!!! Y'all are too cute in that pic!!! :)

(p.s. Jill is a hot mama!!! She's blonde and skinny!!!)




Now I have a goofy smile on my face for you. That's so sweet.


Fabulous!!! Love!!!


Tears here, as well. You are obviously a fantastic mom!!! :)


Oh my word the cuteness of Ross. Yep I got all teary too. What a honey.

tara pollard pakosta

awwwwwwww. so so sweet karen!
maybe he will want to come back home?!
sometimes they get independance before they
are truly ready and realize maybe they didn't even
want it! How totally sweet he wants you to come stay with him!
I LOVE IT! you have raised one terrific son!
you should be sooooo PROUD!


So Sweet!!!


WOW! How sweet. I can almost feel your feelings. I too have gone through mom son separation. Not fun. It's so sweet of him to ask you to come spend some days with him. Got to Love him. Mother/Son Love best ever. God Bless you and Ross and the rest of your lovely family.


Rhonda P.

so super sweet! sniff sniff


aw karen, you get me every time. i only hope i will have as sweet a relationship with my boy when he's grown as you do with yours.

teresa b

Awwwhhh Karen Russell.. you made me cry again!! sniff sniff.. so sweet!!


Magic Blue--what a perfectly wonderful way to describe it--teary and warm. You've got an unmistakably special relationship with your 18 yr. old. Enjoy that next visit!

nancy in ks

I love how proud he looks!

Cindy Welch

Its so nice to be wanted, loved and needed. I can tell you from experience, it will get easier and you will always miss him...


Best post ever. Sigh. Teared me up - that last did...


Mmmm...hard to type when I'm tearing up! Have to blink a lot!

I'll smile for a while now Karen...thanks for sharing.


oh k. I am actually crying right now. How does that just happen???
the "want" is the sweetest word, not just "it's fine" or "sure".
I guess it hit me because yesterday rubbing sunblock {and insisiting on rubbing moisturizer first} on my 11 yr sons back before waterpolo, it hit me. He's just changing so fast RIGHT NOW and its like Im watching him turn into a man. Not bad, not unusual, I just miss him. Ugh.
Now I need a tissue.

Oh & BTW- it means all those years of worry about being a good mom or screwing up, you did it-you are a great mom & he loves you & feels it. yeah to that!


With a 16-year old at home, I know all too soon for me I will be in your shoes! We are fortunate Moms that have great relationships with our boys!!


I didn't get teary (that says more about me than your story) but I think that is SO sweet and I hope that my 11yr old will feel the same way about me when he moves out, even though I won't be as young and hip as you are.

Judy Webb

Even the Polar Bear matched your colors!! Ross looked so cute. I know you miss him.

I agree with the masses - you've done a fantastic job - now take a deep breath, open the window wide and let him fly - it's not about you now - it's about his new life, the one he makes up as he goes along with his lovely girlfriend by his side - open the window...


I like this post. It gives me hope. :)

CS Lau

I love so much of your photos! Thank you for sharing!


hi there karen, while i do not know you, i am simply a huge fan of your work. and no idea why, but this story completely touches me and i enjoy crying as i read this. you tell such beautiful stories. thank you for sharing all that you do.

coach suitcase

Just for today I will be unafraid. Especially I will not be afraid to enjoy what is beautiful,and to believe that as I give to the world, so the world will give to me.


OH you just made me cry! How sweet that he asked you to come stay with him for a few days. I miss my boy....I live in NH ....he lives in Oregon of all places....Eugene....your stories of you and your son remind me so much of me and my son....I was a single mom too and can so relate.


I love your blog just because I come here and read such open from the heart feelings, not to mention your fabulous photography! You brought tears to my eyes, just got back from taking my 15 year old practice driving and realized that this is right around the corner for me. So glad to hear he wants you to come stay with him...I hope for the same thing in a few short years. Thank you so much for sharing!

Taunya Castillo

Tears here too! He couldn't have given you any better peace of mind!


Awww, that's so sweet that he asked you to come stay with him. I really, really hope that when my firstborn moves out (hopefully it's many years away) that he will ask me to come stay with him. Your blog made me cry....again.

Melanie L.

Awww, what a sweet boy! I already know I'm going to be a total wreck when my oldest leaves home, and he's only 14 right now. Hugs!


That story just made my day today


Karen, your son is just as sweet looking as you are! I'm so glad to have met you in Montana.


That is beautiful. My son is 16 and my day is coming soon. So happy for Ross & you.


Oh, that's so sweet, and a testament to how great of a mother you really are!!

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