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Lisa V.

Ha ha! Love the Bachelorette this season! My hubby has one of those lights too. We tease him and call it his nerd light. It's come in handy a few times, but it just begs for teasing.

Andrea Devisser

I'm one of those annoying chicks too. where do i get one of those lights? jake would absolutely loooove it.


I must say, that is one nice photo Josh Downs!

And in our house, we are all about the headlamps! We all have them and I remember a few years back I was wanting to take pics of Gabe in the fall leaves and the rain was coming! So we went out in the driveway, in the dark, with our headlamps on, scooping leaves into garbage bags so I could keep them dry in the garage! What we'll do for a photo!

Those headlamps also come in handy the night before your garage sale and you have to stay out pricing items!

And just last week while we were on vacation, I stayed up late to finish reading a book and hubby loaned me his flashlight so I wouldn't have to keep the hotel light on! Wishing then that I'd packed my headlamp! Okay, enough stories from me!


I've enjoyed reading your blog, which I found by accident! Thank you for sharing!

Indeed your blessed to have a loving family; and so endearing to read about your love for your family!

Thank you for allowing me to read your blog.


Great pics of Josh Downs. Love them both, especially love the tattoo with the headlamp in pic two!


My son has that same headlamp for reading and loves it. Love your shots of him. Hubba hubba. :)


Awww...what a cute post! :)

Kathy Aylward

my son uses one of those headlamps as well. glad your day improved with your cutie. How thoughtful he is.


I am in the same boat as you! I have been married for 19 years and I just grabbed my hubbys face last night and kissed it all over. I told him that he was so good looking. LOL! We are one of those crazy girls, aren't we?

I love all the photos of Josh!


Always love your posts they make me smile. And the picture of Josh Downs with a headlight on just crack me up wait I need to get one of those lights LOL!


It's called being in love with your best friend (who is quite handsome at that!). Love those special moments even if the guys don't get it sometimes.

Jessica Sumner

this is hilarious! It is amazing how husbands can melt our hearts in the smallest of ways!


Aww, that's awesome. I love when you do posts like these. We all deserve someone as great as Josh and your posts remind us that there is hope!

Olivia C

My husband has one of those headlamps too! You're right, totally geeky. But he only uses them when he is working on something for our benefit so they hold a special place in my heart. And don't stop talking about how great you think your man is. That way you won't let yourself forget. :)


Is that a Pretz light? Kerry got one for Christmas a few years ago and loves it, his geeky thing to do with it is to pick up dog poop in the dark during the winter.

Kim Bolyard

you are one lucky girl....



Know what? I got here (heaven only knows how) from some scrapbook blog that I don't remember. I stay for your wonderful family and the love you share. AND for your love of that gorgeous hunk of yours. Definitely easy to look at :)

cindy b.

This post just reminds that I need to take pictures of MY hot hubby. :-) Thanks Karen!!


What's he reading?


OMG - I was just having discussions with hubby about nightstand lamps in our lakehouse bedroom - I don't want to buy new lamps 'cause when eventually we move there permanently we'll be getting new bedroom furniture and what if they don't match, then I've wasted that money...
And course I have 6 or 7 different little mini reading lights and none of them are bright enough...
Dear hubby has tons'o'headlamps - he's gotten them as gifts from family and friends - he does a lot of work under cars, under car hoods, etc.
WHY.O.WHY didn't either of us think of them???
Guess what I'm appropriating from hubby dearest as soon as I get home tonight?!??!
And Karen, it warms my heart how much you love your man.

teresa b

Too funny lucky girl!!


Karen, Loved your post with the pic of you and Ross. So cute. I have a nineteen year old so I can relate. Have to say that your hubby is a hunk. This is a great shot. Thanks for sharing your life, your family and your photos. I enjoy reading your blog. Just wish you were still designing products cause I LOVE your style too. Have a great day. Be glad you are able to count your blessings even when life is hard. Lori


rawr! great photo. it's great to talk about your man like that, i'm sure he LOVES it! keep the rawr alive.
oh, and great photos as usual.


My husband and I will be married 21 years this coming November, and I still get goosebumps when he smiles his "only for me" smile. I know how you feel - and isn't it a wonderful blessing to know love like this ?! I'm thankful everyday for my man - and I tell anyone willing to listen how awesome he is. =)

Lisa Bracale

Very sexy. I love Bachelorette and Roberto is pretty darn sexy too-right up there with my hubby and Josh Downs of course-LOL


I had to laugh about Josh watching the Bachlorette with you. My hubby is usually in the family room with me when it's on and tinkering with his computer. BUT, he always has to watch the rose ceremony to see which guy is getting the boot! Husbands...yah gotta love 'em!

Amy M.

you two seriously have the cutest relationship....EVER!!! I love reading your little stories about Josh Downs! :) always puts a smile on my face!

My son has that same headlight too-he uses it to let the dog out at night so he's not afraid! what a great picture--I need to get one of my son wearing it. As always, thanks for the inspiration to photograph the "everyday"! <3


K, where did you get that? My husband would love it :)


Darn it!!! I haven't watched the Bachelorette in two weeks--tivo here I come.

Nice headlamp, Josh...:)

Patty Hetrick

you have every right to talk about him! And I think it's great that you feel that way about him.....even when he's wearing his dorky light:) That looks like something I would do and my hubby would be teasing me!


the bachelorette season this time around is KILLING me....first the stupid Justin thing, and I know there is another Frank thing happening soon....i'm super stressed pick??? Roberto.....any bets??? ;)

ps: your man is awesome....but he's just as lucky...(you knew i was going to say that right???!!!)

Val from Down Under

Good for you Karen! And why shouldn't you? Blessings to you and your family.


I love talking about how wonderful my husband is. I good man is hard to find, so when you've got one I say shout it from the roof tops! I confess I was watching Bachelorette too, I can't wait till next week!

Take Care,

Because of your tragic web photo issue with theft I have taken action to protect my photos too. Thank you for sharing.


This is a great post. I am happy for you that you have such a wonderful husband. Happy that I have one too.


He scrubbed two casserole dishes yesterday morning while standing at the kitchen window sipping Folger's. Such a simple man. So good. So real. And all day I cried with happiness and felt so blessed to be allowed to see him through my eyes, hold him while he sleeps and never stop querying "why me?". How beautiful is life when you see it as you we do. Way cool.


Great, now I've got One Headlight by The Wallflowers stuck in my head.
I guess it could be worse....
(cute pics, cute hubby!)

Melissa K.

If you're in love with your husband and he's just an all-around great guy, too bad if people don't want to hear it. Men get so much flack otherwise, the world needs to hear there are good ones too! I like hearing husband appreciation whenever it comes out. :) I love my husband like crazy and he takes such good care of me, I try to especially tell him and I love telling others, too.


you're definitely not annoying... it's GREAT to hear how much you love your HUSBAND! That's the way it's supposed to be... who better to be enamored with!?

Jennifer Camplin

Sweet one...


Yeah, pretty cool.

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