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The girls' new room sounds fabulous! I'd love to see some pictures of it some time (hint hint) (:


Can't wait for pictures too!

Beth Wollweber

Aounds like a productive week/weekend. Love the window into your world, and agree if you need a "break" would love to see the pictures of the new room


Can't wait to see pictures of the girls new room. And eventually they will want their own room. My twins want their own room so bad but my oldest is not quite ready to be out on her own yet.

teresa b

I know what you mean.. my son has been up North all summer .. he will be home Wednesday.. and we will be complete again.. I've missed him soo.. Can't wait to see the girls new room!!

Nancy May

I hope you let Ross know you were doing this. :-) So it doesn't feel weird to him to no longer have "his" place at home. I am sure the girls love their new space!

Alis in Wnderlnd

And Cole is wearing the BEST shirt! Hehehe! Go Cubbies!

Vicki Aday

Oh when you come back to blogging land, please post pics of the girl's new room. :)


Pictures PLEASE!! and Coley gets an A+ for wearing that shirt!


Oh, please may we see photos of the girls' new room?? And Annie is getting so tall!

Kathy Aylward

Beautiful photo of them....Annie looks so grown up there with the big kids...not a toddler anymore. She is roughly the same age as my Sienna so I know how it is. Love to see the photos of the new room.


Just wanted to tell you that I read your blog each week. I find myself reading it more when I need to pull myself out of a photographic rut. Thanks for your candid sharing.


I have been on vacation so I am catching up with all my blog friends. I can't wait to see the girl's room!

Jamie K

Can't wait to see pictures of the girls' room. I bet it is fabulous!!!

Sara Mangan

When you get caught up with everything, would you mind posting pictures of their new room? We are going to make a little school room in our basement and I would love to see how you set things up.
Thanks, Karen.


You ARE going to show us their room, right? RIGHT? :)

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