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But the photos you did get are fabulous as usual. What a great family.


Such sweet pictures (:
And your man is so adorable, getting you flowers when you're cranky with each other ^.^

Cindy Welch

Love the pics and I took pics last year at pikes place market, agree crowded and hard to get good ones, but yours are fabulous


Wonderful photos and I appreciate being able to use J's Exif information. Makes me realize how I need to use Ex. compensation more. Thanks for the inspiration and the lovely photos. Have a great weekend.


you make it look like the easiest place to shoot in! :)


gosh- had I only known you would be at the Market Sunday I totally would have "stalked" you :) kidding, but cool to know you're in "my town"... wanna have some coffee?? ;-)

Libbi M.

super shots. thanks for sharing.


Great photos!


Annie looks so grown up with this jacket! lovely photos, as always!


I love Pike Place! I was there a couple months ago with a girlfriend and stayed down on the Marriott just a couple blocks away. I have shots at a couple of the exact same places as yours, but yours are so much brighter! My Rebel gets noisy at higher iso's, so I shy away from going above 400. I really need to start playing with that! Great pics, and glad you had a good time! I love your blog!


Jen R.

My town, too!

Love these shots! :)

Judy Webb

Kaner, This is Judy from Wichita Falls, now I live in Gainesville. Anyway, love your Pike Place photos, glad you didn't try to get them throwing fish. LOL. And to think it was cool enough for jackets. It is very HOT in TX. Just bought a Narratives epogy sheet with beautiful embellishments. Must be one the last things you did. Just wanted you to know we miss you and will be glad when you start teaching again....and designing.

teresa b

I awwwhhhed over those saaame flowers!! You luck girl!!

Hope Bryant

I have to laugh a little. I was at Pike Place Market on Thursday with my family. We ate at Sisters, bought one of those geckos for my 8 year old son, got some flowers & cherries (but no blackberries). Oh, and some crab for dinner.


Yes, it's BEEN very cool here is Seattle, BUT we are day 3 of a series of 80+ days! That would have been funny to just have been hanging out downtown, and have run into you guys- I love flowers from the Market! I'm lucky my Hubby works downtown and will walk down there and surprise me every now and then! Love your shots!

Jennifer Camplin

I miss Seattle there... Pike Place market.

Fun snapshots you have got.. eve not many.

Jersey Girl Anne

We were @ the market last August and I got some great shots of the flower market and the sunflowers there. Also the bubble gum wall...did you see that? I love your pics and hearing your "Story". I think that is Ali Edwards word for this year.


I love the Pike Street Market. There is also a cool place called, the Sazerak. Cool jazz and great drinks. Oh there is something about the market though....I am envious.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words

Annie is a doll!

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