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Very evident that the bottom line of accomplishments for the weekend...wonderful memories and fun. Love all the photos!


You should know that your photographs are by far the most inspirational to me. : )

Julie Johnson

What IS that thing he picked up? Some kind of sea creature? Love the look on his face, like "what the h$##?"


Hey! Josh has my old shower cap in his hands!

Rhonda P.

ditto Julie...what the heck was that?? Great pics!


mmmmm, blue ice cream!! i love blue food!! does Annie share?? great pix, as usual!!


The look on Coley's face cracks me up....looks like he didn't get too close. ha. My husband is just like Josh Downs--I call him The Crocodile Hunter. Wild is never an obstacle!


Thank goodness the dog didn't actually get her eye... lucky, very lucky.


fun! and that ice cream in the last shot looks SO good. :)

teresa b

Love the expression on Josh Downs face!!


Great trip photos! Watched the movie 'Heidi' last night with my kids and thought your Annie resembles Shirley Temple A TON. Have you ever heard that before or thought it yourself?


OK, I have to know which beach those were taken at...I have some guesses...Golden Gardens? Richmond Beach? Kingston? Whidbey? Our oldest says she's found jellyfish (at Hood Canal) that big and that Josh picked it up the right way. I want to take my kiddos and take pics, tell me, tell me!


That photo of Annie is just gorgeous. Been on vacation and now I am embarrassed of my pictures after looking at yours.

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