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Karen that looks like an awsome contraption! Bike riding can be so much fun. Love that you took pictures while riding you go girl LOL.


I love the leaning bike picture. So funny.


What a cool bike idea. Sounds fun. I love your storytelling... and of course your photos- all the details- framing of the tree above them riding, their bikes reflection (my favorite shot), the crooked tire, Annie walking alone in the gutter with Josh ahead... and on and on) Thanks for sharing- you make me want to go out and be adventurous (riding 6 miles with little kids and take pictures while riding my bike. Maybe I'll just try the picture part :)


Oh Karen - her eyes peeking back at you?

Scoop her up :P


love the story-telling with photos...was LOLRH (really hard) looking at the sideways bike pics.

Kathy Aylward

Karen, what a laugh.......I read your post and my laugh got louder and louder as I went down the photos. My 4 year old is having a bath in the tub across the hall and is yelling out "what mummy what" because I'm laughing so hard...and then the magic one of it breaking.......seriously poor Josh Downs but it does make a great story for later. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colouring in the photos.


Love your photos and stories as always Karen. And I would not dear to take photos riding my bike - LOL just thinking about it.
Have a great weekend.


Thanks for waking me up this morning with something to giggle at. I think I'm going to bookmark this post to read again on a day when I really need a smile.


Sorry, But I just had to LAUGH!!!!!--those photos of Annie "leaning" are soooooo funny!
Hope your new toy works out better for ya!


Agreeing with everyone else - those leaning pictures and your dialog along the way are so funny!! I'm cracking up here all by myself in my office. What a great set of shots!

Personally, I'm impressed with the clarity of those photos you got while riding! I think mine would be totally blurry...

Thanks for the laugh. :-D

Jen Spain

I love the leaning photos -- if only there was a soundtrack! If Annie's anything like my boys I think I can imagine it pretty well though... We have a trailer bike (made by a company that started in Oregon!) and while our oldest has outgrown it, the youngest has just grown into it and it's a really fun way to get the whole family out on the road. I haven't taken my camera out there yet though -- I'll have to try that, but they're getting pretty speedy and I think I'll need the long lens and a good long stretch of road.


Haha - you crack me up. As stunning as your photos *always* are, your dialogue keeps me coming back for more and more.

And yay for bike rides! I can't get enough of them.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I love the way she peeks back at you! too too cute! gotta love that Annie! And the gizmo seems neat - wish I knew about it when my kiddos were a little younger.

Jennifer M.

Oh my gawd...I can't believe you ride & take pictures at the same time. I can barely ride a bike period!


Great pics! We rented a half-bike contraption for a family bike ride one summer on Cape Cod. The guys at the bike store said that the kid who rides the half-bike needs to be able to balance themselves. Essentially, they can ride a two-wheeler, the half-bike just keeps them in line with the parent (and thus safe in traffic).


Awww.. too cute - poor little Annie - in some of these pictures she really did look like she was having to hold on for dear life! The side to sides were too funny but I'm glad no one was hurt in the making of these great photos! LOL Have a great weekend! :o) xoxoxo


Awesome! We had a half bike too, and she rode it for miles and miles. And then she got too big and we sold it. Now she can't ride a bike at all. She's 14. I've failed as a parent.


YES YES! I just saw someone at the park the other day with the one you can unhook.. genious! Lovin the wobbly pics.. hee hee.

Karen Aldrin

I'd get another one so your hooked up to his bike as well.Get yourselves a convoy!!!

Jennifer Camplin

Glad you captured this time... not to give up...

Fun biking!!


Look at you...multi-tasking bike rider! And those half-bike thingie pics are hilarious!!! Annie didn't even get her feathers ruffled.


Karen, thanks for the chuckle. :)


The photo of Annie (second from bottom) where she turns to smile at you...... Such a beautiful child. I'm impressed with the six miles!! Happy Summer. Keep the great stories and photos coming.


Were you really taking some of the pics while riding?! That takes skill!! I love what u captured. Thanks for the link - that gadget would be perfect for my daughter!


we have those for our kids, make sure you got the training wheel kit too.


That Annie is just as cute as my boys were at this age, little girl cuteness of course!!


This story with the pictures is probably one of the funniest I've read on your blog, Karen! Thanks for sharing your adventure & letting us all laugh along with you :)


What a great job Annie did of holding on! Poor mite.

Looks like a gorgeous bike trail.


They way I understand it the child still needs to be able to balance herself on the bike. Does Annie usually ride with training wheels? Have fun!


I love all the pictures. I love how you are snapping away while Josh & Annie are standing there looking at the bike:)

The bike going side to side with Annie on it is funny!


That photo of Annie half tipped over is HILARIOUS! You have mad skills shooting while riding, mad skillz!


Your photos amaze me and I just love reading your stories.

tram luu

i can't get the link to work. what did you buy?


We have a trail gator - they work great :) The kid end can get a bit lazy now and again though. ;P

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