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libbi m.

Absolutely adorable. Brings back memories of the lemonaid stand my brother and I had as kids.


That is soooo cute. I know they had fun doing that. And, I'm sure they are thrilled to each have made $5 doing it! How adorable!


That's so cute! I'm so glad it was successful, even if their silent partner lost money.

Melanie C.

Very sweet!


i would have stopped in a second :)


That is so cute! I'm very impressed with the $15.50 they made! Better than what I made when I was younger and had a lemonade stand.

Tell them to keep up the good work! They've got people cheering them on :)

(The signs they made are absolutely adorable)


Oh my goodness, is it just me or does Grandma Jo look JUST like Annie in that picture?


What a wonderful experience. You've got some creative entrepreneurs in the making there! Love the picture of Annie with the sign...too cute!

Tammy Mellish

I love it so much! $15.50 was a great score.. they've just got to run it a couple more times, pay back their silent partner and then they'll be pulling a profit! My girls had a mobile lemonade cart via a decorated radio flyer at the campground on a 4th of July weekend one year (we were seasonal campers at a campground for years) and they did so well, they had two or three times to re-stock their supplies! It was wicked cute! I have pictures somewhere. I LOVE the spouted jug. I have those jars hanging around (from Target) for storing this and that (and especially ribbon). Where did you find yours with the spout?!!

Kristal Jones

Great memory saved! I have pics of my 2 girls a couple of years ago from a Kool-Aid stand they set up. Love this!

Jennifer M.

That is so cute!


You got more than $22 worth of fun and memories...too cute. Every photo is a perfect chapter in the story. You are as clever as the kids are adorable.

Patty Hetrick

Love those entrepreneurial activities!! They did very well considering they earned enough to pay off 70% of their initial investment. Now, whether they pay you back.....they're still too young to worry about their debts!! Ha ha ha... I love the pictures.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

Too cute! Now I wish I had photographed my kids' lemonade stands! If only I had found your workshop a few years earlier!!


Is that a garage sale I see across the street???!!!

Jenny Meyerson

I came home from work to an "organic milk" stand due to the lemonade being too sour. The pictures were priceless. These pictures made my morning-thanks for sharing. Looking forward to starting the photography class in 2 weeks.


I'm 30 years old, and I'm getting married in August. I've been getting a bit of the "baby bug" for the past year or so, but when I found your blog, I was done for. You do such an exceptional job capturing the little joys (and frustrations) of parenting.

My heart melts at each post. I've grown to adore your beautiful children. And just recently, I grabbed my fiance's Canon SLR and I'm attempting photography.

When my fiance asked what sparked this new interest, I showed him your blog. He now jokes that some woman on the internet has turned his finacee into a "mom photographer in training."

Thank you. :)


First time commentor/long time reader here memories your kids are building! Precious and priceless.
When I look at your photos I hear a bit of a 'soundtrack' that goes along with them...kind of like summery sounding, kids chatting and laughing off in the background,birds chirping,sheets-a-flappin' on the line and grass-in-the-breeze sort of sounds...know what I mean? Probably the sounds of my childhood way past...yeah I think that might be it...your photos bring all that back...isnt that beautiful?
Absolutely love reading your your what it does to my creativy...Thankyou Karen.
Where I live in Australia...our local councils wouldnt allow a Lemonade stand...much too much fun...cant allow that!!!
Stay happy Karen...keep tugging at our memories and heartstings...I come back gladly daily for more...

Judy Webb

Karen, I love the photo of Annie with her head in Cole's lap. Says a lot about him.....and their relationship. They do not squabble all the time!! Precious. I am going through boxes and just found instructions for "10 Reasnos." I have all your instructions.....somewhere, in other boxes. My favorite class is still the picture frame. It sits in the front hallway and I know I smile everytime I walk pass. We miss you in TEXAS.


love the photos - I can't get over how clear and sharp they are....something I'm missing.


Cindy Johnston

Couldnt BE any sweeter! :) Your blog is my favorite visit of the day! thanks for sharing with us all Karen!


So adorable. We definitely did this when we were kids too!


I LOVE the one of Annie's face covered and her little feet showing. So cute.


So cute and so glad to see that they have ICE! You rarely go to a lemonade stand and the kids have ice. Who wants warm lemonade on a hot day. Way to go kids you may get repeat customers next time :)

Kim Bolyard



Kim Bolyard


Jennifer Camplin

Aw sweet.. glad you captured all of that pictures!


I always wanted to do a lemonade stand with my boys, we live on the perfect street. This will be one of those wish I had things that I will think of off and on for the rest of my life :)


Forgot to say again our darn adorable your kids are. I always had photogenic adorable kids and wish the digital camera had been around 18 years ago, oh another wishful thing to think about for the rest of my life LOL. But I do have some pretty amazing pics with my film camera!!


Sooo stinkin cute!!


Just a fyi on lemonade stand economics.....a Jewish neighbor suggested to my kids selling lemonade last summer, to not "sell" it but offer it for "free" and accept tips. Sure enough, they went from selling $4 in an afternoon to sometimes over $30. People rarely gave them less than a dollar.

Oh and about the Jewish neighbor with the wonderful piece of advice??? He still has never bought a cup of lemonade!


All of your children are adorable (Ross included), but I have to say, the picture of with just the sign and Annie's feet sticking out, that made me laugh out loud!! totally made my night!

Marilyn Hardcastle

i just sit and scroll through your photos ... your comments ... and smile away.
priceless! you truly remind me and inspire me about the fun of photography and the sweetness of capturing these moments before they are gone. i am so thrilled that tomorrow i will begin your photographers' workshop! can hardly wait ...
hugs! marilyn

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