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Carrie T

I am the same way Karen. I have the hardest time meeting new people. I always feel whatever I say they are thinking this chick is crazy. lol But the friends I do have are friends for life.

I love those pictures. My fav are the last ones. I'm sure you had a blast!!!

Patty Hetrick

Well, I only got to talk to you for a few minutes, Karen Russell, and I don't think you're a moron! But I can totally understand where you are coming from. When I'm around business people I tend to listen more and talk less because I'm always afraid I'll say something stupid. I'm smart but I can be dumb or ignorant, too:) But when I'm around people that I get a "feeling" about right from the start, I just talk. And if they reciprocate then I know we're good. When people hold back then I tend to be more conscious of what I say to them. Glad you found another friend you can be free with:)


I've seen her name on your comments for years! Now I can put a face with the name! Sounds like you had a great time! You took some great pictures of her!


Glimpsing on your life through your blog (and a class here or there), and having had Tanya shoot my family it's so fun to hear about your adventures! Two of my fav photogs creating together - oh my goodness!! Sounds like a wonderful time, can't wait to see the results. Thanks (as always) for sharing.


I know the feeling, Karen. A few close friends are just about the perfect number... and those that you can pic right up with again later.

:) can't wait to see your pics! :)


I'm the same way! I worry that when I comment, like I'm doing here, I will sound like a complete moron. I don't think you sound like a moron at all. I think you sound very intelligent! But then if you are talking cameras and scrapbooking, I'm all over that!
Love the idea of shooting someone while they are holding their camera like that!

Shannon Laux

I too worry about meeting new people or even family I don't see often because once people find out I'm a stay at home mom they don't try to see me for more than just a mom even tho I have hobbies and a BS in Elementary Ed and I am one of those forever friends. I'm lucky enough to have two sisters and 4 close friends. So glad I'm not the only one who gets all nervous. As always, thanks for keeping it real on the blog :)


love those silly shots!

erin cobb

Well if that doesn't get me excited about meeting her in TWO WEEKS nothing will. Wish you were coming too! =) Thanks for the intro!


I cannot imagine that you ever feel this way, as when I met you at CKU, it was totally the opposite. I felt like you were an instant friend that was sincere, genuine, and true blue. Lucky Tanya, Lucky you....what a wonderful bond and I just love that no matter how old one friendships can blossom and flourish. I will be excited for you to share her new website. She is darling---just like you!


I can't wait to see the photos of you. You are adorable and you are never in them since you are behind the camera.

It's so nice to have a friend like that. I just flew to my friends and visited her for a week and it was lovely. Glad you had a good time.

Tanya Anguita

I'm a shy extrovert (yes there is such a thing) so I can understand the socially awkward/I feel geeky thing very well. And Tanya Webster (besides having a great first name..*grin*) is lovely and those shots you took of her are fabulous as always! Looking forward to seeing her photos of you! :) Thanks again for this blog! I enjoy your photos and your "voice" so much! :)


I consider you my cyber-ex-hygiene-Nellie friend! :P

That's the good thing about having great can be yourself (whatever you feel like being that day)....and they still like you....they have to....they're your friends!!! ha.

Great pics of Tanya (didn't she get your old camera and stuff?)

Terri Barton

I like people, people like me, but friends? That takes a while, I have a wall built up, since I have burned badly, twice. So I understand, but really, having taken two classes from you, you are not really inept, or moronic. You are just you, and that is really a nice you to be! After all, we all love you, your kids, your talent, your wit, your family (extended family) and even your son's girlfriend and his old best friend (where is that boy?) So remember, even if you feel socially inadequate you touch peoples lives here everyday, in a very good way!


It takes me forever to know that I have a "real" friend, so I can totally relate. But, I am so glad for you that you have such a nice friend and that ya'll have fun photographing and editing together~sounds great!!

Jenny P

I have been coming to your blog for years, although I have never once commented. I love how down-to-earth that you are. Your life is real....what you see is what you get. There's no candy-coating anything. I like that. I appreciate that. And I could have taken your second paragraph and used it as a quote for myself. :) Thanks for keeping it honest and sharing your wonderful photographs with us.


I seriously love you Karen Russell....even though it took letting you take pictures of ME so i could take pictures of YOU ;)

I'm super lucky to have you as a are very good for my heart and soul and I absolutely had the very best time EVAH!!! I'm glad you let me into your heart too....

and I really do miss you as well.......I'm glad we are going to be seeing each other again soon....;)

Thank YOU for everything are truly an amazing, amazing friend :)


Tanya you are adorable too !!!!


you make me laugh! i know exactly what you mean! great photos! susan

Angela W

That is such a sweet and wonderful post! I love the pics too!

teresa b

Ya know.. meeting you both and the way you work together.. I would have thought you'd known each other FOREVER!! Sometimes when 2 friends get together it just works!! Beautiful pictures Tanya Webster!! Can NOT wait to see the new website!!


I love how honest and raw you are on your blog. A lot of us can relate to you, including me. I totally get the social awkwardness. I feel that way too. Like when we went to a bbq this Friday. I didn't know most of the people there and I don't know how to make small talk either. A few good friends and family is really all you need.


Hey- we all know you are amazing, kind, friendly, helpful, and definitely NOT social inept. You've made a TON of friends in your classes and blog- we all know you're amazing and beautiful inside and out... it's time for you to know it too!
Oh- and you take great pics too :)


Wow, she really looks like Ali McGraw - I know that dates me, but she was gorgeous in the 1960s-70s. Lovely shots!


I love Tanya Webster. I can see how the two of you would get along great. Just caught up - drank in all your stories and pics as usual. xoxo

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