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These look great, Karen! I love Annie's itsy bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini!


i vote for nothing... wink!! Annie's adorable.


So glad you're finally getting to enjoy some summer weather! It's still cold and rainy in Seattle.

Love all the new pictures lately!


Ditto the rain sentiments of Mina- still raining, so signs of summer in sight- my children are driving me cukoo, asking me when will they get to put up the pool? Heck- I just don't want to have to turn on the furnace anymore! Great pics!


Will you please share some of your summer with us up here in Western Washington (or just Washington in general)? I'm getting pretty darn tired of the gloomy rain! Those cute little girls do brighten my day though! Gotta love it.

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

oh those little cuties! I am going gaga for that little bikini cutie!


*squeeeee* stop making me want to have kids so soon! :) :)


Can you please ask Annie if that suit comes in my size??


We had summer for 2 days. I even perspired on Sunday while I took photos at the mtn. bike race. And now it's yucky again, and is supposed to be rainy right up till June 25. And then I'm crossing my fingers for a decent day and then it can rain again. Hope your summer sticks around!

Kathy C.

send some sunshine north to Portland! ;-) Happy kiddos, ah, life is good!

maureen wildauer

We live in Redding,CA, just a bit south of you. We have had tons of rain as well. I can't believe that we have had a real spring for a change. We have had a few warm days but I haven't even had my air conditioner on yet.... that is a miracle.

carrie hicks

This is so not related to your post, but I saw this today and it reminded me of you. And it's Orange so Josh Downs will totally approve! Wouldn't it be cute in your kitchen (or scrap room)!

Lisa Bosch

Uhmmm...I vote for doing nothing! That's what I hope to accomplish this weekend!

Cindy Welch

I vote for doing nothing!!!!!


I vote for doing nothing:)


I didn't read Cindy's comment until after I posted mine. It looks like that is the answer of the day.


The girls look like they're having so much fun. My vote is for you to do something fun. ;)


love the photos! we buy a slip-n-slide every summer, my kids love it! enjoy your weekend! susan

Dani B

I'm convinced that the colors where you live are just more vivid. I love your photos!!!

Karen Aldrin

Hi Karen,just a line to say I've started listening to you on the workshop.I've had tears in my eyes,as its like listening to myself (but with an American accent)I am SO looking forward to the coming weeks.I have dosed myself up on painkillers ,grabbed my stick and I am going to grab my camera.XX


I love summer!! I don't mind half ripe plums myself, I think I am going to come on over and get some.

Trey Hopson

Your kids are super cute and charming! Every summer, my kids also love to go outside and swim. And they would turn up our air condition more often, 'coz they don't like to feel sweaty.

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Mechteld Abelli

Oh, it’s cool that your kids love to stay and have fun outdoors even though it’s a bit hot. My daughter just wants to stay indoors and enjoy our AC!

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