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I've noticed the same thing but thought it was just me. I use Vista - Internet Explorer. 1 & 4 are blurry to me 2 & 3 are perfect.


I love seeing how our girls have so many of the same clothes :)

as far as the pictures, I havent paid too much attention to it, but now that you say something, 1 is jagged, 2, 3 and 4 are fine for me. I use Vista, and Google Chrome

Stephanie Vetne

Using IE and Vista and images 1 & 4 are quite oversharpened. 2 & 3 are perfect. :)


all right karen russell....just cuz i love you.....;)

images 2 and 3 are PERFECT for me....1 and 4 not so much.

I use Internet explorer on a PC with Windows....and all your images prior to April 22nd were totally fine ;)


I noticed your images looking over sharped too, but didn't comment about it. I noticed a huge difference from your previous images.

I use Vista-Internet Explore. Same as other poster, 1&4 are blurry, 2&3 are perfect. All of the images in April look great. I was really impressed with the color tone of those images.


I haven't noticed any problems, but thought I would help with the troubleshooting maybe. I use Safari on Mac OS X. Pictures 1 and 4 are clear as day and 2 and 3 are fuzzier.

Kim in Vacaville

Firefox, Windows 7, pictures before April 22 look fine, images 2&3 blurry, image 1 oversharpened, image 4 slightly oversharpened. Hope that helps. I also thought it was just me!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

I answered some of these in my e-mail, but ...
Vista 64 bit, Firefox, PC ...
1 & 4 look softer to me than 2 and 3, and they all look fine when you click through, but I think 2 and 3 look more like your older photos when you click on them ... and no, I don't notice it pre-April. Annie's picture looks sharper when you click through too.
You're going to get a lot of feedback, sugar, so hang onto your hat!


Internet Explorer, pictures before 4/22 look great, image 1 and 4 look jagged.

Sarah Holland

Mac, OS X, Safari - pics 1 & 4 look over-sharpened. They also look more saturated and maybe more contrast?


I hadn't noticed any problems when viewing your photos either, but just for the feedback........... in this post, photos 1 & 4 look over sharpened and the other two look great. Mac, OS X, Safari


I was going to email you about this! All of these pictures look fine. There may be slight differences that my untrained eye can't detect but they don't have the problems I've noticed before. (jaggedyness) I'm on Firefox, Vista. I think I noticed it on my work computer which has a super old version of Explorer on it. I'll leave another note tomorrow from work. They're in the process of swapping them out so hopefully they won't have changed mine out before I get there to check things for you!


I have not noticed any problems on previous photos. But my feedback on these is that 1 & 4 appear jaggy and oversharpened. 2 & 3 are kind of soft and blurry. All look normal when enlarged.

Mac OS X, Safari 5.0.

Tara O'Leary

Images 2 and 3 are fine but the others are way too over sharpe ned( or appear to be) and fuzzy. I've noticed this problem for a little while too and before april 2010 they look fine. I am currently on Vista on a pc using Explorer


Image 1 & 4 are jagged. Run IE on Windows XP


I use safari on a mac and I have not noticed anything. In the pictures you posted 2 and 3 seem a little soft. Maybe the whole world should just get a mac:-) Seriously, you will have to post the problem if you figure it out. I wonder if it is a mac thing?


for me the first pics of each one look fuzzy. I am using Mac OS X and safari


I use my iPod and everything looks good to me.

Maggie H.

Mac OS X and Safari...Image #1 is OVERLY sharpened, 4 is slightly less, but still too sharpened. #2 is blurry, but very clear when clicked on larger. #3 is fine. I feel like I have noticed a difference in your editing style lately, but they are all still beautiful. I have not noticed any of these problems other than in your samples. Good luck!

Kara Bischoff

I use Windows XP and internet explorer and images 1 and 4 are way over sharpened, the other two look just fine.

Jen Spain

Mac OS X and Firefox at work, Windows XP and Firefox at home. I get the same results on both -- 2 and 3 look a little soft, 1 & 4 look a little over sharpened, but they all look fine when I click through.


Ditto to this comment: I have not noticed any problems on previous photos. But my feedback on these is that 1 & 4 appear jaggy and oversharpened. 2 & 3 are kind of soft and blurry. All look normal when enlarged.

Mac OS X, Safari 5.0.

Jen Spain

Annie looks great -- no fuzziness on her ;-)


All of your pictures are perfect. As usual.
on a PC, running windows vista with firefox browser
(only because my MAC is in the shop)

Patty Hetrick

1 and 4 look sharper, more contrast
2 and 3 look softer
I like 4 the best (it looks clearer)
I love your pictures but I think I might have to say that I like the ones before April. Is it the editing?
Also, when I click on each photo they all open in another window but 1 and 4 do not enlarge like 2 and 3 do.

IE on Windows Vista on a Dell

Katie F

Internet Explorer/Windows Vista/Only after April/ Images 1 and 4 are jagged. I had been thinking it was just my computer or internet explorer!


thats why i said earlier that i liked your style of editing better, but maybe its just my computer (mac using safari) they look nice and sharp, but just a little jagged on the edges.


one looks fuzzy - I can't tell with the bottom two. they do look different though. i use google chrome.


I'd noticed these issues with your images too Karen, ever since your post about Erin. I'd wondered if it was something to do with a change in editing? I'm on a mac, OSX.


1 and 4 look overly sharpened, jagged. I've noticed a few pics just in the last week or so. Vista, IE7.

Kristy Klaassen Photography

Hey Karen,
First of all - LOVE your work, and check your blog every day!
I love Erin Cobb too (and check on her almost every day), however I do think that your color was different before April too. It seems a little on the yellow side now, and NEVER was before.
As for the sharpening - same as eveyone else says: 1 & 4 are overly sharpened it seems.
Internet Explorer/Windows Vista

Jami Mayes

I have noticed the same thing. I am on IE - Windows 7 and Image 1 - extremely sharp - 4 just slightly too sharp. and Image 2 & 3. much, much better. 3 being PERFECT for me. No problems viewing the photos before April 22nd. hope that helps.
Jami Mayes


images 2 and 3 are good....1 and 4 are fuzzy.

I use Internet explorer on a PC with Windows

Susan Lew

1 & 4 are very fuzzy, 2 and 3 are perfect. Vista HP Laptop I use IE and google reader

Susan Lew

Hi again! All your April pictures are perfect.


Image #1 & #4 do look a little overly-sharp. But #'s 2 & 3 look alot on the softer side. Now, the first picture of Annie~PERFECTO! I use Internet Exporer on a Dell Computer Windows 7 Home Premium.


hi there, I am using IE 8 on an xp machine and a Windows 7 one. I am reading your posts on google reader but the same issues appear when I am reading your blog directly. On both machines, the issues appear.
Photos 1 & 4 look over-sharpened.
Photos 2 & 3 look ok.

Also the photo of Annie in this post looks a little too sharpen --> the line of her face but it does not look as over sharpened than for photo 1 for example.
Maybe it is the compression ratio. Did you changed it lately?
If you have further questions, plese email me directly.


Image 1 and 4 over sharpened on my PC... Windows and image 2 and 3 a little fuzzy.


jagged, soft, soft and fuzzy in that order...I think it's a monitor thing??? I am using ie on an hp. I have noticed this too lately!


Thought it was just me having a problem with the images!! Using IE & Windows. Images 2 & 3 are perfect, 1&4 are fuzzy. Didnt have any problems with the images before April.


I really hadn't noticed anything until you brought it up in this post.
I'm on Mac OS X, Firefox
1 and 4 look over processed.

I too have four and it's lovely when the numbers are reduced - if even for a little while! Enjoy :)


I did notice some of the newer photos looking a tad bit too sharp, but I thought it was just the new editing style. 1 & 4 look overly-sharpened, 2&3 look perfect. Your pictures prior to April 22nd look fine and beautiful, as always. I use Firefox on Windows Vista.

Jennifer S.

Hi Karen!

1.) Internet Explorer on a PC with Vista
2.) Images around Aprill 22nd all look great to me
3.) Images 1 and 4 here are over sharpened / compressed looking, and like someone else commented, when I click on those images they do not pop up as big as usual, as big as 2 and 3 do.


I'm on with the majority. 2 and 3 perfect! 1 and 4 not so great. I too had noticed this. You probably do have enough feedback though. I did want to add as did someone else, when you enlarge the photo it clears up.
Happy Day Karen! Enjoy the quiet;)

Jessica Woodford

Mac OS X

1&4 do look much sharper, maybe too much?
2&3 are soft, but when you click to enlarge it's perfect.

Hope that helps!


Jessica Woodford

PS: I noticed a size difference when clicking on the images.

1&4 were smaller in size and 2 &3 were bigger and therefore wondering if they are just getting too compressed on the blog for the size you uploaded and appear softer?


Roberta Tessier

Hi Karen, I think it has to do with the final size of the image. Your blog is displaying the images as 600x400. Images 1 & 3 are 500x333 so they are being slightly stretched when displaying causing the bluriness and jagged edges. Images 2 & 4 are 900x600 so they are being reduced when displaying.


yup-I noticed it too-

I am using IE 7, PC w/windows XP-

1&2-over sharpened
3-a little soft

good luck


vista, internet explorer and pc

1 and 4 look blurry and not sharp, 2 and 3 are perfect.


Image 1 & 3 are fuzzy
Internet Explorer

I have never noticed images being blurry


windows 7 and firefox - can tell that 1 and 4 are sharpened for web and 2 and 3 are not - look fine though... sometimes when i am lazy my web shots seem over sharpened - when i sharpen for print then sharpen for web from the print version... i always mean to make a new action with altered numbers, but never do...


oh - and typepad has been known to sharpen indiscrimintately as well - pictures usually look worse though when that happens...


I have noticed a change in processing since Erin's visit. (but I really just want to know the -how to) It is hard to tell between the images because they are not the same size and not side my side. #1 is the most sharpened that I can tell.

PC Windows Firfox


Ok...I looked on both of my computers...
Computer 1
Mac Mac OS X
Image 1 crisp clear
Image 2 soft (not fuzzy)
Image 3 soft (not fuzzy)
Image 4 crisp clear
They all look fine to me...depends what look you're going for.
Computer 2
Internet Explorer
PC Windows Vista
Image 1 over-sharpeded and very jagged (Josh & Cole's faces are all messed up)
Image 2 soft
Image 3 soft
Image 4 over-sharpeded...very jagged ex...Ross's tux, neck & hair Cali's neck and right arm.
I totally liked the look on my mac better...all four are good. I was surprised to see the huge difference on my pc.
Also, the monitor might make a pc monitor is 6 years old. My mac is new. Looking back before April 22...they look softer on my pc and more crisp on my mac. Your shots with Erin look great on both just like I said, softer on the pc and crisp on the mac.
Hope this helps you.


Image 1 and 4 and I use internet explorer.


OK, work computer, Windows XP - IE6
1 and 4 are messed up The May 13th post is the first time I see it.

Hope that helps! It's probably IE6...


1 and 4 look sharper to me (almost blurry when looking at Coley)
2 and 3 look softer

Haven't noticed a problem until you pointed it out today....I'm always memorized by your pictures so I'm in a trance half the time!! lol

Using a Mac so Safari and Mac OS X if that helps!!


Hi Karen,
I also noticed a difference some time after your session with Erin, I looked back & it looks like the first picture is with Coley and his new sunglasses (handsome by the way). If I had to pic a word I'd say they looked more pixelated (is that a word?) LOL

I view your posts on two computers both a PC using internet explorer 7.

#1&4 above are pixelated
#2&3 are softer and more clear
Hopes this helps.


Hey Karen,

I'm on a Dell at work and I'm using Chrome as my browser. 1 and 4 are sharp. 2 and 3 look great. I hope that helps!


Bummer... is it the new editing process?? I have Vista and Foxfire, and I can just tell that 1 & 4 are sharper. I wouldn't say they look jagged though. And on Internet Explorer 1 looks definitely too sharpened.

Just thought I'd share that I found a great, free, sharpening/resizing action at MCP (for Elements but I think they have it for Photoshop, too) that I think has nice, consistent results. :)

BTW, the one here of Annie looks perfect to me.

Melissa S

Hi Karen! I use IE vista and photos 1,4 are oversharpened...and appear more saturated and contrasty. Photos 2 and 3 are in comparison to 1 and 4 not as sharpened and appear a bit blurry. I started noticing a difference in your photos once you learned those new editing techniques from the photographer that came to your house. Although I thought they for the most part looked good. However putting the photos together for comparison I can notice the large difference. HTH!


I use Windows XP and internet explorer and images 1 and 4 are way over sharpened, the other two look just fine.


I use internet explorer 8 with Vista. One is overly sharp, Two is fuzzy, Three is fuzzy and four is perfect.


On my home laptop - HP Windows 7, all 4 were fine (and pretty much the same). At work IBM thinkpad Windows XP, 1 and 4 are have sharp edges and are jagged and almost hard to look at and 2 and 3 are perfect, definitely softer.


PC. Windows Vista. Internet Explorer. Up until now all your pictures looked great to me. Today Image 1 and 4 look jagged.

Laura Carter

Hi Karen, could it be the way your are resizing them to post them? 1 and 4 are jaggedy but when I click to open them they are fine. BUT they are actually smaller photos that I see when just viewing on the blog post. If they are re-sized smaller but if typepad is set to see them bigger in your blog post, maybe that's your problem. don't you hate technology sometimes..... things usually get worse before they get better....hang in there, you'll figure it out. :)


All your photos look great to me - I always comment on how sharp they are.....and love them that way. Yes I can see the difference in all photos - image one is overly sharp but still great.
I us a Mac OS X - and firefox


I didn't notice it until you said that but when I clicked on the pic of Annie and it went large it WAS crystal clear.

Image 1 blurry or jagged...image 2 not....but not super crisp either...just better. Image 3 clearer than image 4.

I'm on a laptop- Sony vaio with Internet explorer 7.0 not updated at all. PC and vista. Hope that helps....also worth noting that the quality fuzzy still rocks... :)

Jen R.

1 looks jagged. 2 looks fuzzy. 3 kind of looks soft and ike there might be something up with the colors, a little. 4 looks good, though. I'm using the pulse app which I think uses Safari on my iPad.

The current post looks great, though! :)



Mac OS X with Firefox ... 2 and 3 look better to me (softer) and 1 and 4 seem too contrasty and sharp.

Had noticed a little difference in the photos recently but I figured you were just doing something different with your editing.

I still LOVE your style though ... sharp and contrasty or soft!!


I use vista and explorer. Before april I had no problems. 1 &4 are jagged, 2 and 3 are perfect.

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