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Great photos. You look fabulous. Where did you find the cute flower petal necklace.

Kimberly L.C.

You look amazing... very natural and approachable. Who knows what those twits in high school were thinking by being mean to you!?!


wow these are gorgeous shots!!


You are darlin' - without a doubt I find it hard to fathom why you don't like your photo taken, it'd be nice if you could see what we see (these are great photos). My hands down favorite is of you laughing #6. Again amazing photos and a darn cute subject!


love these :) - my favorite is the black/white!


i love these! you look so relaxed and at ease..gorgeous


seriously look FABULOUS!!


Those are gorgeous, not just because Tanya's a talented photographer, but because you're gorgeous.

Cindy Welch

They are beautiful. Your fabulous inside comes shining right to the surface. YOu are a BABE!!!

Shannon R.

Well, I think you always look great and the pictures just really show that off even more. Great pictures!!


Great pictures. I love those. Glad the old man wasn't a perv. lol


So suhweet! And now you have to watch "Freaky Friday" with Courtney Lee (she's old enough) - the 2003 version with Lindsay Lohan. It's really pretty tame, rated PG - you can check out the parent's advisory on

And then you'll totally laugh at the Ducati joke :)


P.S. great pictures.


These are all great...each and every one!

Jen Spain

You're both adorable -- love the Ducati story!

Manon Keir

wow they are gorgeous but that didn't surpirse me at all. OMG Annie and you are so so alike!!!


My husband totally knew what a Ducati was. He said they are super fast and they were illegal for a while in the US. Pretty cool!!1


You look stunning and your fun loving personality comes thru in these shots!

Diane W.

You look great, Karen! Beautiful pics, my fav is #4.


you really are a beautiful beautiful person Karen Russell...inside and out. I'm SO SO glad you let me do these for you.....Josh Downs is one VERY lucky man ;)

(although i am questioning why the HECK there are four "outake" photos of ME and only ONE of YOU!!!...i seriously need to start blogging again LOL)

Sandy Brown

After reading both days' blogs, I must say I absolutely love the photos! And, how fortunate you are to have a friend that you can totally hang out with and share your wonderful talents!! tfs

Ashley S.

These are so great Karen. You are beautiful! I know that as one who is usually behind the camera, it is such a gift to have amazing pictures taken of yourself. Tanya did an excellent job!

Carmen King

Not only are they super fast, but they are super nice and super expensive too. You should feel priveledged that you didn't have to pay to sit on it!a


Onya Tanya! Glad that she didn't let you get away with no photos. :)

Melanie L.

Karen, you're beautiful!!!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these Karen Russell! #4 is my fav!


It's not being vain - it's documenting your life and you're sure a part of your life. I love getting to see YOU among all the beautiful shots in this blog.

Ps. You have nothing to feel self concious about. You're gorgeous! :D

Nancy Wyatt

Love those Karen! I wish I had a friend who would take some fun pics of me but, my hair is a mess, I don't have anything to wear, I need to lose some weight.....etc etc etc LOL *hugs from conroe, tx!

kelly s.

You should step in front of the camera more often, #4 is my fave too. You look beautiful!

Jenny Schimak

You are a beautiful girl, don't know why you don't want your photo taken. These are gorgeous.

Kathy Aylward

You look fabulous and your friend is GREAT....she did a great job, styling the hair and the photos and it's nice to see some pretty pic's of our photographer guru (Kathy current student, Australia)

Heather Topich

Absolutely gorgeous, Karen!


Those are great pictures! You look lovely and Tanya did an amazing job!


Love them all - why you worry I do not know - you are gorgeous!


For real if I was even half of your cuteness I would be struttin' my stuff all over town and never thinking twice about it.

Karen Travers


You LOOK really good!!!! I completely understand I am SO much more comfortable behind the camera and pick myself apart. Thanks Tanya for nudging Karen you did a wonderful job. Love the Ducati story!


Karen, these are gorgeous images. I totally understand not wanting to have your picture taken, but I assure you - you have no reason to feel that way! I love these -


Great photos!!!!!!!

Sandy Horton

You are going to have to learn to smile with your eyes open!! LOL Great pics. Thanks Tanya!!


You look great! I love your blog...I've started reading it from the beginning recently and am loving it. I love scrapbooking but ever since having a baby, find little time to do it (a year-and-a-half later). I'm inspired to get back into it though because of you :)


You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Like always.....


Your beauty shines, not only within but without :}

Carolyn Hall

These are great pix of you. I feel the same way about getting my own picture taken. I hate myself in photos. I would love to have a photographer make me look good. My husband just doesn't have the skills. If I were you I would get a bunch of these printed up.


Love these photos. It's so nice to see more of you here!

tara pollard pakosta

you should have watched the movie Freaky Friday with Lindsey LOhan and Jamie lee curtis, and
then you would know what a Ducati is! LOL! so FUNNY!
and gorgeous photos of you karen! LOVE THEM!
you are beautifuL!


LOVE IT !!!!
You are a doll !!!


You are so beautiful cuz!! I miss you guys... tell everyone hello for me?


My hubby was pretty impressed that a stranger let you sit on his Ducati! Those are some awesome pictures! I'd love to have someone take some for me, with or without the Ducati.


Karen, you are beautiful in so many ways!


you are SO lucky. I have no pics of myself because I'm always behind the camera. And to be honest, I don't like most pics that people take of me. These shots are beautiful...wish I had a Tanya in my life...*sigh

And congrats to Captain Downs.


these are beautiful! and i love that you had your camera with you too!


BEAUTIFUL photos of you karen! just lovely!

gina f.

Beautiful pictures! You are so cute!! and your kids will love to look back at these photos someday.

Cindy Johnston

Karen, you look amazing in all of them...seriously you do! Tanya, you are fantastic! :) LOVE them all!


You are beautiful and adorable and should NEVER feel weird about posting pics of yourself! Love the photos, and yes, great friends are very, very special.

Jennifer Camplin

Agree with all above comments!!

you Look amazing!!!

Terry D

LOL!! You look beautiful Karen R.! I like 1, 3 and my favorite is 4!! Great photos!


They are GORGEOUS!!!!! be proud, be vain, love yourself! they are fantastic and you are beautiful! (inside and out... and I can say that, not only b/c i'm a blog stalker, but also because i've met you in person!)


LOL about the old man and Karen, you, my dear, are GORGEOUS and have no reason to be self conscious at all! I'm glad Tanya forced you to have these made of yourself - they turned out just beautiful! xoxoxo :o)


Oh my word girl!! What great pictures! I'm so glad your friend threw out every rock you put in the road trying not to have your picture taken.
Great story about the Daucati and the old man too.


you look beautiful! susan


You look absolutely stunning in all of them but my very favorite (though I love them all) is the one of you in front of the red doors. Thanks for sharing!!


You are beautiful. The photos are amazing. I LOVE love your black shirt.. care to share where it's from?

Deb Zorn

These are adorable - just like you.

Glendy Morrison

Stunning :)

Kim Bolyard

these look amazing...

Kim Bolyard


Tanya has the magic touch too!!! Love 'em, Nellie!!!

You look fabulous (and we would never have noticed your "natural beauties").

She really brought out the natural gorgeous in you. Be proud to show them off!!!


Lovely photos Karen. I like it that your photos look so natural and thats how photos should be. Thanks for sharing your blog with us!! Love it!


You're a knock out! I mean really, your the mom none of my friends and I want to have as a mom.


Aaah! I really need to read my comment before I hit post. We just don't want to deal with the comments from other guys, eighth grade is hard enough. I meant it as a compliment. You're pretty.

Yvonne Blair

Those are absolutely fabulous photos. I wish I could get someone to make me look like that!
And P.S. You are absolutely the least vain person, just by reading your blog, you are the epitimy of a down to earth, fun loving, REAL, beautiful soul, woman!


You are beautiful, love these shots! Makes me want to get my self portrait taken and i'm not comfortable in front of the camera either.

Carrie P

Love these shots!

Irina Klassen

We all need a turn in front of the camera once in a while. They turned out great, you look beautiful Karen.

Lisa Bracae

Karen, I have been reading your blog for years. You are beautiful the pictures look great and your children/grandchildren and greatgrandchildren will have something to cherish. I don't like my picture taken either because I need to lose 20 or more pounds, my hair so straight and thin. I have learned in my 43 years that it is what it is. I feel comfortable in my skin, laugh lines and all. I wish I had someone that could take my picture and make me look how I feel on the inside.


you are adorable. Believe in yourself, you have girls who will learn from you and your confidence.


Great, great shots of you both but love these of you. My husband had a Ducati for a while and we even went to the factory while we were in Italy in '01 (his idea of course)!! Loved this post...don't feel vain. You have to include yourself every now and then! Happy 4th!


You look beautiful Karen! I LOVE the bonus part!

teresa b

Great Job Tanya Webster!! glad you curled your hair!! You look fabulous!


OMG Karen, you are so beautiful!!! You need to just stop being camera-shy! Heavens! To put it in perspective - what if Annie didn't want her photo taken because she thought her "cheeks were too pudgy"?? Her cheeks are delightful - truth be told. Your photos are delightful, too, in a very different way (of course). I'm so glad you shared!


Is it just me or do most photographers feel really exposed in front of the camera. You look great the curls made a are beautiful no matter what you do...;-)


Beautiful :)

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