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I totally agree about the date nights and mini trips as a couple. We are planning our "couple" trip right now. I can hardly wait!!!


My mom still has my Fisher Price doll house that my kids (now 12 & 8) played with. I guess that means I'm an antique at 35?

Rachelle S

Sounds like a perfect weekend! : ) (except I would have traded Pioneer Square for Sellwood ! LOL)


oh, a weekend away, i'm jealous :) It looks like you two had a great time. I think it's time for me and the Mr. to get away. That Miranda song brings me to tears every time I hear it, it reminds me of my grandparents and their house, where I grew up.


What fun!! Love that b & w shot!!! Can't wait to hear the Dodge commercial crack me up!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

you really are too cute! glad you all had a great weekend! (and now I want one away from the kiddos!)

tara pollard pakosta

lucky couple to have each other!
love the pix!


I love your story telling!

Carrie T

I love that song. Miranda nails it perfectly. Great post today!!!


I TOTALLY get it! There's no one in the world for me other than J, and I KNOW I'm "the one" for him, but sometimes, just sometimes, you forget to make sure the other person knows. And admittedly, I never doubt it; I'm usuall the loser (with a capital L) who gets distracted and takes advantage of my wonderful husband.
But all it takes is a comment somewhere in the vicinity of "are you sure you love me?" or "are you sure wouldn't rather be alone?" for me to realize it's time.
Time to dedicate ourselves to each other, and only to each other, even if it's for an evening at Burger King, or in front of the TV withOUT a book in my hand, where the only distraction is HIM!
And then all's right with the world again.
We're so lucky to have our Mr. Rights!!!


totally crying my face off over that song.


Such a sweet post. Glad you guys had such a good time together. And I am sure those are some great memories. I love love love that song too, and it can really help bring back memories for me too! Perfect post!

Jen Spain

Karen Russell, I totally wish I could meet you in person and give you a hug. I know exactly what you mean about the stress getting in the way and needing to reconnect, and you had me all choked up at the part about the house and skipping rocks with your boys. I think I'm going to hug my boys extra today when they get home from school.

Terry D.

Karen Russell, love your stories. You are so loved and have a family that really loves to be together. I wish I had that. However, I do have an amazing husband and to me that's all the family I need.

You should come to the Douglas County Fair this year, Miranda Lambert is going to be there. Listen to that great song with Josh Downs in person.

Kim Bolyard

first...I love your stories, second....I had that same fisher price little people house and farm, and third...I love this song....



I just love your stories.


Thank you for that, it was a brilliant and encouraging story as we often feel like you do. Hoping to have a date night tomorrow night!

What is the video you have linked to? I won't allow the content on the page to be shown in the UK

paige rodriguez

Karen, you still have me so hooked on this blog of yours! Your writing sucks me right in, and of course your pictures are to die for. Your storytelling ... do you even KNOW how great it is??? I wish I lived next door to you! :)

Lovely Cee.

i hate you Karen, you made me cry!!!!!! LOL hahahah!!!!


I was just thinking, "Josh Downs IS the perfect husband going antique shopping!" Well at least he walked into the stores with you.
(My husband would be in the car listening to sports radio!!!)

Love this post, very touching...I must be hormonal...laughed and cried!!!


I love this post! thank you for sharing. Now I wanna have a weekend with the love of my life, my hubby of almost 21 (gulp) years. this story was just magical. I didn't want it to end.

kristan martin

So nice to know that my husband and I are perfectly normal...and totally in agreement with the Josh Downs conservative thing.

Deb Wisker

you're a lucky gal! hang on to that man forever and ever!!

teresa b

sniff sniff.. thanks Karen.

Erin H.

Ok, that story just made me sigh at the end, like a good love story....sweet! Amazing man, family, and life you have Karen!!!

Jamie K

I had that same Fisher Price house and barn too! I swear sometimes I could just cut and paste some of your blog postings for my own. :) Your postings are SOOOO relatable.

Rhonda P

I so love reading your stories and the pics that go with. Makes me just smile. So thanks.


I love Portland (grew up there) and miss it and I love getaways with my husband too. Loved this post!


Oh....all I can say is that you should *not* watch one of the sideline videos on Youtube, relating to Miranda Lamberts story about the song, that is ....if you don't want to bawl ugly tears.

Terri Barton

Ah, loved the story, like reading a good book, made me laugh, made me cry (I'd never heard that song!) and made me feel good, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to here about the commercial!

Kelli Galligan

Now I have to go get a tissue. Oh, and I LOVE that song. Makes me cry every time.


I'm wiping tears Karen! It's like you wrote the words straight out of my heart! Especially about loving someone so deeply and the stresses of life...I totally get this!!
The next time you make a trip up to PDX you should stop in Aurora and check out all the antique stores in town. Take the Donald/Aurora exit right off of I-5. Great little village filled with shops!
My hubby enjoys antique shopping to a point.....he calls it Junkin'. He collects old metal signs, vintage auto memorabilia, old tools.....guy stuff!!
Have you ever watched the show 'American Pickers' on the history channel?? Awesome show about two guys who travel the country searching for antiques & hidden treasures in peoples old barns. They sometimes refer to it as Mantiquing! It's a super great show!!

Jennifer S.

Karen, You have such a way with words AND photos! So sweet!!! (and I ahd the same house too!! I still have just the rocking horse from it!)


Oh Karen - I watched that video and got chills. I'm sure that was such a difficult time for you. I went through a divorce too, and moved back to my home town to "lick my wounds." My theme song was "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World. Helped me keep my head up sometimes. I am SOOOOO happy for you that you and Josh Downs found each other. I am still waiting for my Josh Downs. Perhaps I need to fly more?! I do have my sweet daughter, though - she is 8 and she keeps me smiling! :) But I want an Annie too...

Annie D

I so wish I would have met you when you were in St. Helens :) I never got a chance to take a class at Small Town Memories...oh how I miss Pat and her store.


LOVE Sellwood!!! especially the Goodwill outlet. Bob and I make special trips to Portland just to hit the bins.

Susan L

i so want that dress ... and i will NEVER bake cookies in it. thanks for another great story ... you are always so real and i love it.

Kristal Jones

Oh, I love this post. And absolutely love antiqueing. Your storytelling ability is such a gift!!


Sounds like a wonderful weekend...and a wonderful way to reconnect again. :)


Sounds like a fantastic weekend!

Look forward to hearing the Dodge story.


Glad that you two had a great weekend! I can totally relate to the everyday stresses.

deAnne Wakefield

Woo hoo for Jaeger Bombs baby!!!! They make anything and anybody funny!


I bet you count your blessings every day. I know I do, because my man is alot like Josh Downs in that he's easy going and just wants to do whatever makes me happy! How blessed are we!


What a wonderful story. That Josh Downs is a keeper! What do you have on the end of your camera?


Looks like you both had a WONDERFUL and much deserved weekend getaway and you, like me, are very lucky to have the man you have in your life. I too have a man like Josh Downs who doesn't care what we do as long as it makes me happy but ironically, we both enjoy a lot of the same things, which is nice. And... we are heading out for a weekend getaway this very weekend ourselves and I can hardly wait! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Karen - they are great as always! And as much as I love seeing your kids - it's nice to see just you and Josh Downs in them together for a change. Steven and I don't have a lot of those either and I hope to change that this weekend. Big hugs! :o)

Melissa Mann

love reading this. my husband and I need to do this. seriously need to do this...


What a great weekend! The pictures are awesome!

Libbi M.

love this story... love these photos... wish you would share how you took that 4th photo of you and josh. whenever i hold out my canon 50d at arms length and try and shoot, pics always come out blurry (insert tears here).

Carrie P

Thanks for sticking with your man just as God intended! Yes it is work, and we have to get out to get time together and work things through.

Thanks for the reminder!

Wendy Goodman

That song makes me cry and your story is so inspirational. You should be proud of what an amazing job you've done to rebuild your life. What a dream come true to find such an amazing man.


I am usually a lurker, but had to comment today. This post made me smile and even brough a bit of tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing such sweet moments with us :). You have such a beautiful family.


I love when you tell stories about your life. I couldn't have written the part about how life comes between you and your husband as i have been feeling that way too. Luckily we had our 10 year anniversary the other night and went out to dinner and totally reconnected. And i remembered why i fell in love with him in the first place.


I LOVE IT !!! I lived in St Helens in grade school and on a trip down memory lane a few years ago went to that scrapbook store... I feel lucky to actually know you and have hugged you... You inspire me..

Laura (back 2 davis)
GP Oregon


What a great post, Karen. And I LOVE that song. Makes me tear up every time I hear it. Glad you guys reconnected. Reminds me, I need to reconnect with my hubby...

Anne G

I am totally blurry eyed from the tears. I don't know you, and yet your post is so vulnerable and real that I could imagine us being besties. ;) You should be so proud of where you've come, who who've come here with, and the little lives you are molding into caring, loving souls. Thanks for sharing your life, you are an inspiration. Thank you.


I love that song. I love magnolia trees (we have on in our front yard & it's huge!) I love antique stores. And I love this post. :)


I've been singing that same song for the past two days and missing the 'homes' that have made me me... Lovely post...

Jacque Green

Ok, that totally made me cry! And, when I tried to tell my sweet girl about it.....I couldn't get through it without crying, again! Thanks for your honesty in posting! I'm never sad that I checked in with you!


Hey Karen,

I still have my original F.P. house, and the school house that was in the background and the garage that had the crank up car lift. My dad saved them for me and when I was expecting our first daughter 12 years ago he drove them out from CA to OH. They are the kids basement toys and it's making me feel ancient to see them in an antique shop...cute post!

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