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You amaze me Karen Russell! The camera in a public bathroom, love it!


Of course it's's Tiffany Blue!!! Have you ever received a gift in a blue tiffany box that wasn't magic???

teresa b


Maggie H.

That is the same blue that was in my grandparent's bathroom from forever ago! I just had great thoughts of spending the weekends there when I was a kid, and my brother and I having our Sylvester the Cat tooth-brush holders adhered on to that "Magic Blue" tile. Thanks for making me think of them! I guess maybe that is what makes it magical to me.


LOL - love the color and that's a cute picture of you and Annie. I also hate public restrooms! ICK! xoxoxo


The two of you are just gorgeous and I am so happy you and Josh Downs are simpatico again and always.


You've got a gorgeous smile on your face for someone who is holding their breath. :)

Kirsten J

just so you know...I get it...


I think your blue eyes are quite magical too!! Gorgeous!!!!


thats my favourite colour too! I never had a name for it! it reminds me of the ocean viewed from my favourite sunny spot on a perfect cloudless day. It is magic for sure, I always feel free, like I could fly when I see that colour! :)

Kristal Jones

Glad to know that I am not the only one who takes pics in public bathroom mirrors. :)

That blue is fabulous!!

Donna Boucher

Great shot!!!
We just returned from a trip to California.
The ocean was the most beautiful shades of blue down by Big Sur.

You would love it!


I love that shot! Annie is a mini you! I can't believe you took you camera out in the germ infested bathroom.

Patty Hetrick

I love Magic Blue!! If you do find a paint swatch that matches, please share!! I'm going to be redoing my scrap room/office this summer and I think Magic Blue is the perfect color for the walls!

Jennifer Camplin

Sweet mother & daughter pix!


That is EXACTLY how I flush too! I am convinced I'd be covered in yuckiness if I didn't flush that way. I love the photo too. Gorgeous!


I've been scouring paint colors looking for a fresh shade of blue to paint my current "blue hydrangea" bedroom.
Wanting something with a little teal in it....
check out Benjamin Moore "Spring Rain" I LOVE it and when I do their on-line color picker, it is what comes up when you eye dropper the Magic Blue tile in your photo....


Great shot!! I hope Crayola is!


Love blue too!!!

Glad I'm not the only OCD germ freak. I was like that even before taking microbiology. My mom taught me to squat before I was out of diapers...ha.


I am with you on the foot on the flusher and running out. UGH! Great photo though.

Karen Travers

Love that blue, a tiffany blue. :)


now I know what to call that shade of blue...that's a perfect name and it is a favorite of mine as well!


You are stunning!
Annie too. Both of you are gorgeous!
Thanks for the fun post!

Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita

you both really are too cute! how is it you look younger all the time??


great photo...and your eyes match the blue of the bathroom :)


I just painted my sons room a shade of blue close to it. It was Lowes Valspar "Adrift". On the card it looked like a hint of gray but on the walls it is bright blue. Completely LOVE it.
Annie looks so sweet in this picture as always. I thought we were suppose to use our foot on those flushers!


Yep learned to flush with the foot when I was a wee little girl, passed that on to my boys when they were wee little ones too. My aunt was tickled pink when she took my little one to the bathroom and watched him flush with his foot. She said she knew he learned that from me. Now I didnt start holding my breath and rushing out of the stall until I was much older. I love that theres a quite a few of us foot flushing, breath holding runners LOL. Actually they did a study on this and its so true about the germs from the toilet floating in the air. They actually tested items in the home after the toilet was flushed and sure enough bacteria was FOUND.

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

*Love* that color of happy it has a name :)

Oh, and as for the germs out of the toilet, that was CONFIRMED on Mythbusters. Those germs that only occur in bathroom settings end up on every surface in a bathroom (public or private). So flush and run, my dear...flush and run. ;)


I ♥ Magic Blue! It's the color of the walls in my scrapbook room.
And that's exactly how I exit a bathroom stall, with my pant legs rolled up so they don't drag the floor.


what a sweet photo, i didn't even notice the hand dryer until you said it was a bathroom! i avoid public restrooms as much as humanly possible, i'm with you on the germ thing :) susan

Jacque Green

You do look stunning....even in a bathroom.....and btw, what lens is on that camera of yours. I'm shopping, again!

icons library

It agree, a remarkable piece


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